ECW on TNN 6/16/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Pittsburgh, PA

1.) Kid Kash defeated EZ Money
2.) ECW World Champion Justin Credible defeated Jerry Lynn to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Cyrus comes out to cut off Joel Gertner during his usual opening. He says he has tried to help Gertner in the past. He says that nobody cares about Gertner here, but the fans begin to chant his name to prove otherwise. Cyrus thinks Joel is a ratings killer visually. Gertner comes back saying that Cyrus has tried to get over at his expense and is sick of his bullshit. Cyrus threatens to kick Gertner’s ass. Joel rips on Cyrus saying he use to suck a fat kid’s dick in high school. Cyrus asks how it feels that Joel’s opening stuff will be cut but a slap to the face will be on TV. Joel tells Cyrus that nobody wants to see him here in ECW. Cyrus wants Joel to apologize to him and the network. Gertner apologizes that Cyrus spat on him and he has to take a blood test now. Gertner says he is going to kick Cyrus’s ass right now and gets ready to do so but Rhino comes in and GORES Gertner and allows Cyrus to attack. Joey Styles isn’t liking that and wants a piece of Cyrus. Steve Corino and Jack Victory come out with Corino holding Styles until Tommy Dreamer comes out and makes the save. However, Rhino and Justin Credible grab Dreamer but Credible whacks Rhino with a kendo stick! Scotty Anton is now in the ring to help beat up the good guys. Rob Van Dam runs down and makes the save taking out of the heels and having a standoff with Scotty Anton. RVD sends Anton to the floor with a step over heel kick. RVD leaps off the top to take Rhino and Victory out with a dive to close out of the segment.

2.) Kash arm drags Money to start the match and kicks Money away on a full nelson attempt. This is EZ Money’s debut with the company, so says Joey Styles. Kash dropkicks Money to the floor and takes him out with a somersault dive from the top to the floor! Money counters a sunset flip and sits down for a two count. Chris Hamrick hits a top rope leg drop with the referee distracted. Money plants Kash with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Money catches Kash on a moonsault attempts and tosses Kash face first to the canvas for a near win. Kash gets a near fall after a springboard sunset flip. They begin to trade a series of near falls until Money delivers a super kick. Kash hits a double springboard hurricanrana and follows up with a few chops. Kash gets the win after the Money Maker! (**. These two are capable of much better action than this. Kash seemed rather tamed in comparison to what he has offered in the past.) After the match, Kash gets attacked by Hamrick and Money until New Jack comes out for the save to do his usual routine.

3.) James Mitchell, Mikey Whipwreck and Balls Mahoney talk about doing whatever they want and just general randomness. They give the indication that a female was giving Whipwreck a blow job and everyone starts laughing.

4.) Backstage, Rhino and Justin Credible have to be held apart from each other.

5.) Credible starts the main event working over Lynn with a few strikes. Lynn comes off the ropes with a head scissors and clotheslines Credible to the floor where the brawl continues. Credible get sent into the guard railing and into the crowd. Credible sends Lynn into the doors and the champ is bleeding from the forehead. Lynn sends Credible into a trash can and digs into the cut on the champ. Credible low blows Lynn to gain control back in the ring. Credible slams Lynn face first onto a chair. Credible knee lifts a chair into Lynn’s face in the corner. Justin nearly wins with a power bomb out of the corner. Lynn breaks a sleeper hold with a jaw breaker but Credible hits a side slam. Lynn with an elbow and a dropkick to the corner before sending the champ to the floor. Lynn takes Credible out with a cross body over the top. Lynn gets a table set up on the floor and works over Justin in the corner. Lynn stops Credible on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana off the top sending Credible to the floor through the table!

Lynn goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Lynn sets a table up in the corner and goes back over to Credible. Credible super kicks Lynn but only gets a near fall. Credible hits Francine on the apron but Lynn get sent into the ropes and whacked by a kendo stick from Francine. Lynn DDT’s Credible onto the chair for a near fall. Lynn goes after Francine after being tripped. Credible hits Lynn with the championship but only gets a two count. Jazz comes out and attacks Francine. Jazz hits a face buster on Credible but Lynn only gets a near fall. Here comes the Network stable but Credible hits the That’s Incredible for a two count. Referee bump in the corner as Lynn hits the cradle piledriver. Credible low blows Lynn and Rhino GORES Lynn through the table in the corner! Credible covers and gets the win. TNN seriously aired an ad for Arena Football and put the finish in a small screen. (**1/2. It’s a fine match between two guys that have been feuding forever now. The run-ins in ECW could be compared to what WCW does with their main events. Credible going over clean doesn’t hurt Lynn at all.)

Final Thoughts:
Nothing overly great about the show though the opening was nicely done and got the crowd into the angle. Cyrus is just really great as a heel. Both matches were disappointing but may have been restricted because of the television time.

Thanks for reading.

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