ECW on TNN 6/23/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Danbury, CT

1.) Chilly Willy defeated Tony Mamaluke
2.) Steve Corino defeated Tajiri w/ Jerry Lynn as the special referee

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bill Alfonso and Rob Van Dam kick off the show about the company heading to the West Coast for the time. RVD puts himself over saying he puts on the best matches and thinks LA will be calling him the Whole Fucking Show.

2.) We see a clip of New Jack diving off the balcony to put someone through a table. Fans go nuts for that every time.

3.) New Jack decides to share his thoughts with a promo about ECW coming to LA. They are going to put LA on the map. ECW is where it has all started and they aren’t going to have to settle for impostors (XPW). He feels sorry for whoever signs a contract to wrestle him in the ring.

4.) Cyrus is demanding the show go dark tonight because he wants to showoff some better Network programming. Cyrus gets to look at everyone’s contract and it stated that every TV show there must be two announcers and Joel Gertner isn’t back from last weeks attack. Cyrus says that unless Styles can find a partner to do the show then the show is off. Cyrus counts down but here comes Joel Gertner to run into the ring and scares off Cyrus. I was kind of hoping for surprise name instead. Cyrus meets with Francine not he entrance ramp and says that since Cyrus took care of Justin Credible last week, Francine needs to go and beat up Joel Gertner. She goes to the ring happy to seemingly do just that and Gertner looks fine with the prospect of getting his ass kicked. Francine rips on Joey for being a Catholic and going to church but yet he stares at her chest instead of her eyes. Francine wants Styles to punch her with his wife in the audience. Tommy Dreamer makes his way down to the ring because he is a man who would hit a woman. Francine wants Dreamer to calm down but that doesn’t seem likely to happen. Francine says that Credible isn’t in the building due to a family emergency and she is all alone. She decides to suggest that she would open her mouth for Dreamer if he opened his for her. Dreamer gets the microphone and a slap but doesn’t say anything. Jazz comes out and hits a face buster on Francine! Jazz grabs the microphone and says that Francine is a nothing more than a douche bag.

5.) Mamaluke works over Willy with a stomp and right hand before hitting a nice springboard tornado DDT for a near fall. Willy drops Tony gut first down to the canvas and hammers away on Mamaluke. Chilly gets a quick win with a sit out slam. After the match, Little Guido attacks Chilly with the Kiss of Death and tries to dislocate the elbow of Chilly. Here comes Balls Mahoney who makes the save for Chilly. Balls gets stopped with a low blow and a dropkick as he was kneeling down by Guido. Big Sal hits a middle rope diving head butt to Mahoney’s ribs. Mikey Whipwreck runs down with a 2×4 on fire with barbed wire wrapped around it! (DUD. The match was basically just a squash match.)

6.) Backstage, Simon Diamond is pissed about his group of freaks messing everything up. He enters the locker room and they see Electra with the new Dangerous Alliance. CW Anderson doesn’t like being told he is a freak. Johnny Swinger and Simon Diamond leave the room.

7.) Backstage, Cyrus is with Scotty Anton to talk about the pay per view Heatwave in LA. They say everyone in LA has the clap. Cyrus is confident that RVD will get the clap at Heatwave. Anton was annoyed that he was the best friend of RVD in ECW and now he is with the Network. Anton is going to make RVD tap with the Clapper.

8.) Cyrus comes out before the main event to let us know that there will be a special referee for the Corino/Tajiri match. Eventually, Jerry Lynn is brought out as the special referee. This was after Cyrus attacked the referee for standing up for himself.

9.) Corino complains to Lynn that Tajiri used the tights when Corino was the guy in control. Tajiri takes Corino over with a snap mare and they have a standoff. Corino takes Tajiri over with a power slam. ECW did make a joke about the small screen fiasco that happened last week. Apparently that only happened on the East Coast broadcast. Back to the match, Tajiri hits a neck breaker and a standing moonsault for a two count. Tajiri nails Corino with a kick to the face and a spinning heel kick. Tajiri dumps Corino to the floor and handsprings a chair into Corino’s head knocking Steve off the apron to the floor! Tajiri goes to the floor and uses the chair on Corino who probably busted open and he sure is. Tajiri sets the chair up on the floor by the railing and sends Corino head first into the chair. They get back into the ring where Tajiri shows off the bloody Corino.

Tajiri puts Corino in the tree of woe and steps on Steve’s groin. A chair is placed in front of Corino, and Tajiri baseball slides the chair into Corino’s face! Tajiri has a table in the ring and sets it up in the corner. Tajiri delivers a few stiff kicks in the corner. Corino fights back with a suplex through the table for a two count. Corino whacks Tajiri with a chair as he attempted a backhand spring elbow. Corino follows up with a heel kick and believes he will finish off Tajiri. Corino drops a biotic elbow but Tajiri kicks out at two. Tajiri kicks out of a fisherman suplex. Tajiri grabs Corino by the groin and pummels Corino with kicks. Corino avoids the green mist and Lynn gets the mist to the face. Tajiri has the octopus locked in and Corino gives up but Lynn isn’t there to hear it. Lynn pops Tajiri and Corino delivers a super kick to give Corino the win. (***. A good match with a finish that teases Lynn’s apparent heel turn though it’s not official at this point. Corino and Tajiri work well with each other just as they did at Hardcore Heaven.)

Final Thoughts:
I liked the show as it promoted Heatwave very well and the main event between Corino/Tajiri was worked well and the tease of Lynn turning heel was advanced.

Thanks for reading.

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