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ECW on TNN 6/30/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Milwaukee, WI

1.) Little Guido defeated Tajiri
2.) Tommy Dreamer & Jazz defeated ECW World Champion Justin Credible & Francine
3.) Rob Van Dam defeated ECW Television Champion Rhino by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Cyrus and ECW Television Champion Rhino are backstage. There has been a lot of change since Cyrus as arrived that includes Rhino. Rhino chimes in and says he is the big fucking deal and breaths heavy into the camera because that’s how you express intensity.

2.) In the ring, Joey Styles and Joel Gertner already have Little Guido and Tajiri with them for their match. Jerry Lynn cuts Gertner off from finishing off his opening line. Lynn wants to start the show and suggests they just go and call the show. Lynn has everything under control. Lynn admits he made a mistake last week. He was blinded by Tajiri spitting mist and he wants to redeem himself this week by calling the match right down the middle. The referee says he is the appointed referee but Lynn low blows Danny Daniels and hits the cradle piledriver. Yeah, so now it’s just one referee.

3.) Tajiri plants Mamaluke with a brain buster and now it is time for Tajiri/Guido as scheduled. Tajiri takes Guido down and delivers knee drop to gain control of the match but Guido locks in an arm bar right in the middle of the ring but Tajiri doesn’t give in. Guido runs into a big kick in the corner and Tajiri has an arm bar locked in! Guido manages to break the hold by reaching the bottom rope with his boot. Tajiri sends Guido to the floor and sends Guido into the railing before delivering a kick to the chest. Tajiri crotches Guido on the railing and has a chair that he whacks Guido on the head with. Guido gets another chair shot while backed up against the apron. Back in the ring, Guido is dazed and Tajiri bites a cut on Guido’s head. Tajiri continues to deliver several kicks to Guido as we go to commercial.

Tajiri continues to deliver vicious kicks and dropkicks a kneeling Guido. Tajiri counters the Kiss of Death to eventually hit a German suplex for a near fall. Tajiri misses a dropkick and accidentally hits Lynn right in the groin. Big Sal enters and power slam Tajiri and Guido covers to get the win. (**1/2. A fine match and a huge win for Guido who seemingly always lost to guys like Tajiri or Super Crazy. This has to be considered a huge upset even with the interference.)

4.) Backstage, Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso talk about the match with Rhino. RVD says he tells people he will regain the ECW Television Championship whenever he feels like it. He happens to feel like winning the title back tonight!

5.) Backstage, James Mitchell is hanging out when Mikey Whipwreck comes out of a room. Whipwreck says there is a special woman in the room. Mitchell opens the door and it’s Gorgeous George from WCW. Joey Styles had teased a WCW wrestler jumping ship to ECW on the program.

6.) Francine is in the ring telling the fans they should not be disrespecting her as they chant “Slut” towards her. Francine refuses to wrestle against Jazz. Jazz makes her way out to get her hands on Francine. Jazz is confident that she will kick Francine’s ass until Justin Credible comes from behind to attack Jazz. Here comes Tommy Dreamer for the save.

7.) Jazz and Credible start with Jazz hitting a tilt a whirl head scissors and goes for a suplex but Dreamer comes over to help with a double vertical suplex. Credible low blows Dreamer but Jazz kicks Credible right on the chin. Dreamer sends Credible over the railing and they brawl into the crowd. That doesn’t last long as they are back at ringside quickly. Dreamer sends Credible into the railing and pummels the champ with right hands. Dreamer goes to the ring to stand behind Francine who goes for a slam but Credible saves Francine with a super kick on Dreamer. Credible power bombs Dreamer out of the corner for a near fall. Credible focuses his attack on the left knee and Francine tags in to jump on Dreamer’s knee. Dreamer puts the claw on Francine’s groin but Credible saves Francine with a clothesline. Dreamer uses a chair on Credible and slides a table into the ring. Dreamer sets the table up but is sent face first into the table by Credible.

Francine enters and low blows Dreamer and goes to the top rope but Jazz crotches Francine while Dreamer puts Credible in the tree of woe as is Francine. They both have chairs and both Credible and Francine get chairs to the face while upside down. Credible avoids a DDT from Dreamer and goes for the That’s Incredible but Jazz low blows the champ and Dreamer hits the Tommy Hawk for the win. (**. A decent match involving these four wrestlers. Dreamer winning is the normal way of booking a feud if he isn’t going to win at the pay per view.) After the match, Steve Corino attacks Jazz and takes her to the back. Credible whacks Dreamer with a kendo stick several times over the head. Dreamer is busted wide open. Credible has barbed wire and hits the That’s Incredible on the barbed wire! Credible puts Francine over Dreamer and counts the fall but it means nothing, obviously.

8.) RVD starts the match with forearms and a top rope side kick to knock the champ off his feet in the opening thirty seconds of the match. Rhino press slams RVD chest first to the mat and stomps away on the challenger. RVD comes back with a standing hurricanrana but is GORED after a flip from the top but RVD kicks out at two. Rhino takes Van Dam over with a snap suplex to maintain control for the bout. Rhino plants RVD with a spine buster for a near fall. Rhino scoop slams RVD and hits a middle rope diving head butt for a two count. Rhino hits a belly to belly suplex but RVD kicks out at two. RVD stops Rhino with a step over heel kick. Van Dam comes off the ropes with a spinning heel kick and works over Rhino with kicks in the corner. RVD has a chair and dropkicks a chair into Rhino’s face! RVD hits the Rolling Thunder with a chair on Rhino but only gets a two count on a cover.

RVD kicks a chair into Rhino’s face and heads to the top but Anton comes out and shoves RVD off the top to the floor to cause a disqualification. Rhino GORES RVD a second time and is in deep trouble. RVD dropkicks both Anton and Rhino and fights off the Network. Justin Credible whacks RVD with the kendo stick and whacks Van Dam several more times. RVD is put in the tree of woe and Rhino GORES Van Dam a third time. The Sandman decides to make his way out for the save.

Sandman challenges Credible for the title next week. Credible lays the belt down and invites Sandman into the ring. They trade a couple of kendo stick shots with Sandman hitting the White Russian leg sweep and continues to beat on Credible. Sandman stands over Credible with the championship in hand. (**1/2. The match was going fine until the DQ finish to protect both guys. The ending with Credible/Sandman did a good job of getting interest for next weeks main event.)

Final Thoughts:
One of the strongest shows for the program this year as every match involved a top name for the company. A Guido win, a fine mixed tag match and a strong main event that had a lame DQ finish, but also effectively hyped hop next weeks main event. A good all around show for ECW.

Thanks for reading.

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