Colling’s Corner: Volume Two


Quick reaction to what happened on RAW on 1/5, and a dream match happening that may be happening five years too late.

Last night’s edition of RAW was one of the first episodes that I was able to watch in full due to my work schedule. Hands down one of the worst episodes of wrestling television I’ve ever sat through.

Don’t get me wrong there were some entertaining aspects. I like that Bad News Barrett is the WWE Intercontinental Champion, but that belt has been changing hands way too often. Dolph Ziggler’s supposed rise up the card just hasn’t happened and I’m convinced that Ziggler will not be the main event guy that so many want to see happen.

While I think that the Ascension could be a top tag team in the WWE due to the lack of actual tag teams, that promo may have effectively killed them off. To make fun of tag teams like LOD and Demolition and do so with horrible microphone skills, it’s never a good idea.

Have you lost interest in Dean Ambrose?
Have you lost interest in Dean Ambrose?

Over the summer Dean Ambrose was the most entertaining and interesting character that the WWE had to offer. All that momentum and interest is gone as he seems to lose the big matches just like he did on RAW. Yeah, the matches have all been stipulation matches, it seems, but Ambrose is falling down the ranks and his segments are no long must-see for me.

Now, they fired Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan. The final segment which saw that happened was actually entertaining and I thought Triple H did a good job of being sarcastic and just an overall prick. John Cena’s reactions enhanced the segment because he knew what he had done and the long-term effects sunk in. For as bad as the show was, the final segment was entertaining and makes me interested to see the fallout next week.

The major announcement from the show was that Seth Rollins has been added to the Royal Rumble match involving WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar and John Cena. I’m not sure why that needed to happen. Perhaps the WWE officials didn’t want Cena or Lesnar to be the guy to take the pin fall, so they insert Rollins to eat the pin. For me, there is far more interest in a Cena/Lesnar III than there is a triple threat. Sometimes you just don’t need to mess with something that isn’t broken.

In other news, Impact Wrestling has announced several guys and gals have re-signed with the company. American Wolves, Jessie, Mr. Anderson, Madison Rayne and Eric Young are the most recent performers to sign the dotted line. I’d be far more intrigued to see NEW people come into the company.

I’ll checking out the debut on Destination America as I actually found it on my cable. So, I’m going into it with high expectations.

Interest in a Hennigan/Sabu match?
Interest in a Hennigan/Sabu match?

Lastly, I noticed an interesting matchup taking place for Northeast independent company Pro Wrestling Syndicate. They are promoting a match between John Hennigan and Sabu to take place on January 31st. Had this match happened five years ago I’d be tempted to head to Rahway, New Jersey to witness it. However, Sabu is just beaten up way too much and any kind of classic match between the two is just unrealistic. I’m sure the people going to see the show will be entertained just at the thought of the two in the ring, but I just don’t see a memorable match once it happens.

What was your reaction to RAW? Are you tuning into Impact tomorrow night? Would you buy into a Hennigan/Sabu match in 2015? Leave your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading.

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