ECW Hardcore TV 2/7/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) The Pitbulls & Jason The Terrible defeated The Young Dragons & Hack Myers
2.) Chris Benoit defeated Al Snow

Angle Developments:
1.) The matches this week were aired from the ECW supercard, Double Tables. The matches have already been reviewed and can be located at the Double Tables review. I’ll cover the interviews and whatnot provided on this broadcast, though.

2.) Jason Knight introduces that he is managing the Pitbulls now and also brings out Jason the Terrible, a wrestler who wears a hockey mask.

3.) Chris Benoit provides some thoughts on Sabu. Benoit says that the last two times they wrestled they have means for hospital rides. The background focuses on Benoit’s hands. Benoit hears people saying that he can’t get the job done. The only reason that Sabu is back is because he wants Sabu back. On any given night, Benoit could take Sabu out forever. Benoit says the day will come where both Sabu and Taz will learn what pain is all about. Crippler says after the lesson pain there will be humility. Benoit is confident that he and Dean Malenko will be the new ECW World Tag Team Champions.

Final Thoughts:
Considering the matches were from a previous show that I actually reviewed, I’ll just say the Benoit/Snow is a good match to put on television. However, that opener was really, really bad.

Thanks for reading.

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