WWF RAW 11/6/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Brandon, Manitoba

1.) The British Bulldog defeated Marty Jannetty
2.) Henry Godwinn defeated Terry Richards
3.) Kama defeated Tony Roy
4.) Jerry Lawler & Isaac Yankem defeated Bret Hart & Hakushi by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bulldog runs over Jannetty with a shoulder block to showoff his strength advantage. Marty avoids a leapfrog and pokes Marty in the eyes. Jannetty nails Bulldog with a kick to the side of the head but can’t get a three count on the cover attempt. Bulldog press slams Jannetty and drops him across the top rope throat first. Clarence Mason reveals that at the December In Your House pay per view the British Bulldog will get a championship match. Bulldog continues his offense with a delayed vertical suplex. Marty nearly pins Bulldog with a crucifix rollup but Bulldog comes back with a huge clothesline to turn Jannetty inside out.

They collide in the middle of the ring but Bulldog recovers first to continue his control of the match. Bulldog tosses Marty to the floor. Jannetty sunset flips into the ring but Bulldog cuts Marty off with a strike to the neck. Jannetty misses a splash in the corner and gets stuck in the tree of woe. Bulldog stomps away on Marty several times. Jannetty hits a flipping ace crusher from off the middle rope. Marty follows up with a back elbow strike and a face buster. Jannetty heads to the top rope but Bulldog avoids a fist drop but not a DDT! Marty misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post. Bulldog plants Marty with a running power slam to win the match. (**. A decent match with Jannetty showing some good energy and playing the underdog role rather well. A good win for Bulldog as Jannetty still had some mid card creditability at this point.)

2.) Jim Cornette and the British Bulldog talk with Dox Hendrix. Cornette says that Gorilla Monsoon was forced to do the right thing at the In Your House pay per view in December. Their goal is to get the WWF World Championship around Bulldog’s waist.

3.) Footage from Superstars where Bam-Bam Bigelow challenged Goldust to a match anywhere at any place. They will meet at Survivor Series.

4.) Terry Richards would be better known as Rhino of ECW fame. Henry easily wins the match but afterward is attacked by Hunter Hearst Helmsley from behind. Hunter hit the Pedigree on the floor and put white gloves on. Hunter grabs the slop bucket and dumps the slop right on Henry’s head!

5.) Paul Bearer is with the Undertaker at the graveyard to hype up Survivor Series. Undertaker says that no royal will survive the wrath of the Undertaker. There will be no royal who survives the Survivor Series. They will all rest in peace.

6.) Bret and Yankem start the main event. Yankem works over Hart with a series of strikes in the corner. Hart avoids a splash in the corner and begins to work over the left shoulder. Bret bites his way out of a bear hug and tags in Hakushi. Hakushi comes off the top to hit a head butt. Hakushi hits a handspring back elbow in the corner and continues to strike Yankem in the corner. Hart pummels Yankem while the referee was distracted and Hakushi hits a bronco buster in the corner. Bret atomic drops Yankem and drives his head into Yankem’s midsection. Hitman hits a cross body but only gets a near fall. Hart nearly pins Yankem with a sunset flip from the apron. Hakushi comes back in and attempts the handspring back elbow but Yankem stops him with a clothesline to the back of the head. Hakushi sends Yankem to the floor with a springboard dropkick. Yankem catches Hakushi on a cross body attempt to the floor and rams him back first into the ring post!

Hakushi is being double teamed and Lawler takes the time to taunt Bret. Lawler spikes Hakushi with a piledriver! Lawler spikes Hakushi with a second piledriver! Yankem gets a few cheap shots in with the referee distracted. Yankem controls Hakushi with a bear hug until Hakushi fights his way out of the hold. Hakushi blocks a big boot and leg sweeps Yankem. Hakushi dropkicks Yankem a couple of times but Yankem gets a Boston Crab. Bret Hart enters to club Yankem to break the hold. Lawler enters and heads to the top but Hakushi delivers a strike to his throat. Hitman gets the tag to bulldog Yankem and hammers away on Lawler. Lawler and Yankem are sent into each other. Hart follows up with a side Russian leg sweep and hits a forearm drop from the middle rope.

Hart goes for the Sharpshooter but here comes Lawler only for Hakushi to strike Lawler to the floor. Yankem is giving up as Lawler grabs a chair. Barry Horowitz enters to save Hart and scares Lawler away with the chair, but the referee sees Horowitz with the chair to cause a cheap DQ. (*1/2. I didn’t really enjoy the match at all. The cheap finishes are really not helping the feature matches. Why not have Hakushi take the fall if you’re trying to get the heels some heat?)

Final Thoughts:
A lackluster program this week for the WWF, I thought. The only positive was the energy that Jannetty provided in the opener, but aside from that this was a boring show.

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