2CW Hot Action On A Cold December Night 12/16/2011

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Hot Action On A Cold December Night
From: Syracuse, NY

Opening Contest: Alex Colon vs. Cheech: In a rather hilarious moment, Colon comes out to nothing of a reaction for his debut with the company. Colon has the early advantage sending Cheech to the floor with a dropkick and follows up with a suicide dive. Colon attempts a slingshot senton from the apron but Cheech got his knees up to gain control. Cheech hits the slingshot senton that Colon failed at hitting. Cheech locks in a modified Sharpshooter but doesn’t get a submission. Cheech misses a spear and hits the ring post. Colon hits a top rope knee strike but can’t keep Cheech down long enough. Cheech fights back with a seated dropkick for a two count. They begin to slap each other until Colon delivers a kick to the face. Colon nearly wins following a seated lariat. Alex leaps off the middle rope to spike Cheech with a DDT for a near fall. Alex hits a top rope leg drop for only a near fall. Cheech hits a pump handle overhead suplex and drops Colon face first across his knee for the win. (**. A fine opener as they worked a fast pace and Colon had some fine offense. The crowd was rather dead for it probably due to not knowing who Alex Colon was. There didn’t seem to be much interest in the match.)

Second Contest: Steve Mckenzie & Loca Vida vs Kage & Sean Carr vs. Dewey & The Beast: The finish of the match saw Vida hit a top rope splash on Dewey for a near fall. Steve hit a splash as well. Carr comes off the top to hit a splash on Beast and we get a double pin fall finish as both CK and the Electric Dream Machine got the win. I didn’t enjoy this.

Third Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Kevin Steen: Early on, they attempt shoulder tackles but neither man goes down. Steen pokes Brown in the eyes and goes for a suicide dive but Brown delivers a kick and Steen crashes to the floor. Steen puts a fans hat on Brown and delivers a right hand. Steen sends Brown into the guard railing rib first. Brown rams Steen shoulder first into the railing and looks to get a count-out victory. Steen hits a somersault leg drop back in the ring for a near fall. Steen hits a middle rope moonsault but Brown kicks out at two. Brown dropkicks Steen off the top to the floor. Slyck misses a baseball slide dropkick and Steen hammers away on him briefly. Slyck drops Steen throat first across the top rope to regain control.

Steen counters a Rock Bottom with a Codebreaker. Steen backdrops Slyck to the apron and hits an elevated DDT over the middle rope to the canvas. Steen follows up with a cannonball splash in the corner but Slyck kicks out at two. Slyck hits a back suplex turned into a neck breaker for a two count. Steen plants Slyck with a power bomb for a near fall and locks in the Sharpshooter. Brown is in the middle of the ring and gives the fans the finger because he doesn’t give up but instead reaches the ropes. Brown blocks the Package Piledriver and rolls Steen up with his feet on the ropes but the referee saw that. Steen gets a near fall with a rollup but Slyck hits a leaping leg lariat and goes up top to hit a missile dropkick and a sit out spine buster. Brown has the Texas Cloverleaf on Steen, but Kevin reaches the ropes to break the hold. Steen rolls Brown up from out of the corner and puts his feet on the ropes to get the victory. (***. It was a good match with the fans responding to both men very well. It’s clear just how much better these guys are in comparison to the guys involved in the first two matches. Slyck performed pretty well with one of the most popular independent wrestlers this decade.) After the match, Slyck demands that the fans tell the referee that Steen lied, but they have no desire to do that.

Fourth Contest: Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan: This is the first time these two have ever squared off. Sami opened the match with a vicious chop but didn’t follow up on the advantage. Edwards drops Sami with a chop but also doesn’t follow up. Sami hits a quick elbow drop and continues to chop Eddie. Eddie puts Sami in a tree of woe and delivers a dropkick to Sami twice to knock Callihan to the floor. Callihan gets met with a big boot off the apron and hits the railing chest first. Eddie chops Sami on the floor who tries to block the chops but a fan holds Sami and Eddie delivers another one. Sami misses a chop and hits the ring post. Edwards misses a chop as well and hits the post hard. Callihan charges Edwards and sends Eddie over the railing into the front row. Sami kicks Edwards on the apron followed by a springboard kick off the apron and a suicide dive! Sami traps Eddie in the ring delivers several stiff forearm shots to the back of his head. Sami chops Edwards into the corner and head butts Eddie. Sami delivers a big boot and a Death Valley Driver before hitting his slingshot splash for a two count.

Eddie kicks Sami on the top rope to stop Sami and goes for the backpack stunner but Sami shoves Edwards away and connects with a running kick in the corner. Sami follows up with a running boot scrape. Sami attempts a third one but is met with a super kick and a clothesline. They begin to trade chops while kneeling but get to standing stance to continue the trading of chops. Edwards gets a near fall following a shining wizard. Eddie gets out of a German suplex and hits a middle rope Codebreaker. Edwards gets a near win with a back suplex slam for a two count. Sami attempts a sunset flip power bomb but Edwards blocks it but Sami kicks the back of Eddie’s knee to hit a running power bomb for a two count. Sami has a leg lock on Eddie, but Edwards reaches the bottom rope. Sami heads to the top rope but misses a splash as he took too long to hit the move. Edwards comes off the top to deliver a double stomp but Sami quickly comes back with a side suplex. Sami runs into another super kick but big boots Eddie only to be met with another one. Edwards goes for the single leg Boston Crab but Sami puts the Stretch Muffler on Eddie! Eddie breaks the hold but Sami kicks Eddie on the knee. Sami locks in the Stretch Muffler right in the middle of the ring. Eddie counters and locks in the single leg Boston Crab. Sami can’t get to the ropes and Edwards gets the submission. (***1/2. That was a really fun hard hitting match. The final sequence having them trade submission moves was entertaining, as well. I’d say this is the match of the night thus far. A well worked match between two guys we should be hearing a lot from over the course of the decade or more.)

Fifth Contest: The Blue World Order vs. First Class: Nova and Springate start off the match with Springate complaining of a hair pull. Nova shoulder tackles Springate and scoop slams Graham as I guess tags aren’t needed for this one. Pun enters but is hip tossed by Richards and Nova. The Blue World Order do their pose and First Class isn’t happy on the floor. Graham decks Richards and taunts the fans but doesn’t follow up on the advantage. Kevin continues his offense with a shoulder block and continues to taunt the fans. Richards comes back with a few shoulder blocks to knock Graham to the floor. Pun gets tagged in and he wants a piece of the Blue Meanie. Meanie backs Pun into the corner and tickles him before delivering a few jabs. Meanie drops Pun with an eye poke and does his now Five Knuckle Shuffle. Richards gets tagged back into the match and works over Pun’s arm. Springate cheap shots Richards from the apron with a knee shot to the back. Graham enters with a double axe handle from the middle rope and hits a scoop slam.

Richards is getting worked in the corner by the heels for a few moments now. Graham tags back in and drops an elbow on Richards for a near fall. Graham blocks a suplex attempt and sends Richards to his corner and Pun tags in. Pun hits a double under hook suplex on Richards for a near fall. Pun and Graham perform a double team with Pun slamming Graham onto Stevie for a two count. Richards fights back on Springate with a few chops but misses a dropkick attempt. Pun enters and uses his size advantage to scoop slam Richards and keep control as Springate tags in. Richards takes Springate over with a snap suplex. Nova gets the hot tag as Graham enters as well. Nova runs over Graham with a clothesline and hammers away on Pun. Nova big boots Graham and tags in Meanie who hits a big splash but only gets a two count. All six men are going at it at this point Richards/Springate and Pun/Nova on the floor. Meanie splashes Graham in the corner and hits a slam. Meanie signals for a top rope moonsault but gets dropped throat first across the top and Graham rolls Meanie up for the win. (*. Well, at least First Class got the victory here, but that match was rather slow and never got going. I’d like to see Richards compete in singles matches in 2CW as he was the only member of the BWO that could still work at this point. Graham gets another victory over an ECW alumni, as well.) After the match, The BWO saves face by attacking First Class. They also cheap shot the referee for his poor refereeing.

Prior to the next match, Marcos lets us know that his resolution this year is to be the baddest wrestler in the world today. He also wants to be the buffest man in wrestling. He channels his inner Rick Rude by calling the fans sweat hogs. He issues an open challenge. Matt Taven accepts the challenge and has an attractive manager with him. Marcos challengers her to a pushup contest and tips her over to win and celebrates.

Sixth Contest: Muscle Marcos vs. Matt Taven: Well, this could be our comedy match of the night as they start off doing an arm wrestling match on the back of the referee. Marcos attacks from behind to get the cheap advantage. Taven hits an impressive springboard moonsault from off the top for a two count. Taven continues his offense with a dropkick and Marcos bails to the floor. Marcos drops Taven with a neck breaker for a near fall. Marcos dropkicks the knee of Taven and hits a head scissors for a near fall. Taven chops away on Marcos but is backed into a corner after an eye rake. Marcos avoids a splash in the corner and hits a head scissors out of the corner. Marcos gets a near fall with a crucifix pin attempt. Taven knocks Marcos down with a kick to the back of his head and gets a second wind. Taven drops Marcos with a spinning heel kick but runs into a back elbow. Marcos charges but Taven hits a backdrop. Taven goes for a vertical suplex but is poked in the eyes. Marcos tries to use the shake weight but the manager for Taven takes it away. Taven with a swinging neck breaker and a top rope frog splash to win the match. (*. This felt like filler mostly to me. Taven is a good talent but from what I’ve watched thus far in 2CW, he continues to be saddled with a performer that is inferior to him in the ring. If Taven was working guys like Slyck, Eddie, Freddie or others, I think we’d be in for a real treat.)

Jack Trades comes out to make an announcement and recalls being introduced to 2CW while standing in line at a WWE event. Trades says he is resigning from his position after Living on the Edge in April. His real name is Kevin Parker and he will sit in the audience to continue to watch the shows. It’s a passionate speech, but his retirement lasted less than a month and didn’t miss a show in his position.

Seventh Contest: 2CW Tag Team Champions The Olsen Twins vs. Jason Axe & Portia Perez: Axe and Colin kick off the title match with Colin taking Axe down with a headlock but Axe does the same and we have a standoff. Axe wants a piece of Jimmy and he gets the tag. They trade slaps and forearm strikes. Jimmy gets the better of the exchange as he hits a dropkick but Axe backdrops Jimmy to counter a power bomb attempt. Portia gets the tag as does Colin. Colin says he doesn’t want to hurt a girl. They decide to have a thumb war with Colin pinning her thumb and the referee making the count. Colin celebrates the victory while Portia pouts in the corner. Portia cheap shots Colin and attempts a shoulder block with no success. Colin trips Portia as she ran the ropes but she attempts a hip toss with no luck. Instead, Colin decides to dance with her and drops her to attack a charging Axe. Portia works over Colin in the corner as Axe got a cheap shot in. Portia chokes Colin over the middle rope as the referee was distracted by Axe. Axe kicks Colin on the back of the head and Portia hit a tornado DDT for a near fall.

Axe cuts Colin off with a knee strike to his midsection. Portia continues to choke Colin in the corner for a few moments. Portia punches Jimmy on the apron and double teams Colin with the referee distracted. Colin takes Axe down with a side Russian leg sweep but can’t make the tag to Jimmy. Colin kicks Axe on the back of the head and tags in Jimmy. Jimmy hits a back suplex on Axe and cleans house on the challengers. Jimmy avoids Axe who runs into Portia. Portia yanks Jimmy off the apron and he hits his face on the apron. Axe misses a somersault dive off the apron and hits Perez on accident! Jimmy hits a suicide dive onto Axe and Perez! Colin dives over the top and onto both Axe and Jimmy! Isys Ephex enters the ring and hits a springboard cross body onto everyone on the floor. Portia heads to the top but is caught by the champs and sent back into the ring. Portia super kicks Colin and gets a near fall with a rollup. Colin hits a vertical suplex over the top to the floor sending himself and Axe crashing to the floor! Portia kicks the middle rope on Colin’s groin but Jimmy spikes her with a piledriver! Axe comes up from behind and rolls Jimmy up to win the tag titles. (**. I hate the outcome of the match largely because I’ve never been a fan of Jason Axe. The closing minutes of the match were enjoyable but prior to that the match didn’t have much going on and it kind of dragged on for a bit. Jimmy and Colin were one of the better tag teams in 2CW. Jimmy Olsen needs to return to wrestling.) After the match, Colin grabs a microphone and says that this is it for the Olsen Twins. The fans are not liking the sound of that.

Main Event: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jay Freddie vs. Brodie Lee: Freddie opens the match with a dropkick in the corner and another one to back Lee into the corner. That doesn’t last long as Lee hip tosses Freddie out of the corner and delivers a vicious chop. Freddie takes Lee down with a head scissors and knocks Brodie to the floor. Freddie misses a slingshot dive and Lee takes the champ out with a suicide dive that looked really dangerous. Lee works over Freddie on the floor with several strikes. Lee sends Freddie hard back first into the railing. Lee drops a chair across the back of Freddie. Freddie rams Lee back first into the railing and they trade some strikes. Brodie sends Jay hard into the railing and plays to the crowd. Back in the ring, Lee drops Freddie with a throat thrust. Lee works over Freddie in the corner with chops and dumps Jay to the floor. Lee hits a slingshot senton from the apron back into the ring for a two count. Brodie hits a pump handle overhead suplex for a near fall as Freddie has been dominated thus far.

Freddie gets a few shots on Brodie but they don’t appear to make much of an impact as he runs the ropes and Lee decks him with a right hand. Lee dropkicks Freddie and gets a two count. Lee charges the corner to deliver another chop on the champ. Freddie fights back with a chop of his own and a running yakuza kick. Freddie kicks Lee and hits a leaping head scissors from off the middle rope. Brodie goes to the floor and Jay takes him out with a suicide dive! Lee is holding his knee and appears to hurt his left knee on the dive. Freddie hits a top rope missile dropkick but Lee sets him up for a choke slam only for that to be countered with a rollup for a near fall. Lee avoids a figure four attempt by kicking Freddie to the apron. Jay goes to the top but misses a dive. Lee hits an overhead suplex and a swinging side slam for a near fall. Freddie actually no sold the suplex but the side slam was too much.

Lee misses a splash in the corner and Freddie plants him with a tornado DDT for a one count. Freddie kicks Lee several times and rips his t-shirt off. Lee misses a big boot and Freddie gets a near fall with a German suplex. Lee with a German suplex but Freddie no sells it. Lee quickly hits a big boot but Freddie shows his heart by kicking out at two. Lee signals for the end but Freddie counters a power bomb and rolls Lee up for the win. (**. Alright, that was a really flat finish. The match started off being really explosive but the momentum slowed down quite a bit and Lee dominated 90% of the match I’d say. Freddie winning with a fluke doesn’t do him any favors. Brodie was really popular with the fans and it seemed like they didn’t want to see him lose to Freddie. It did seem a little odd to see the champion get dominated like that, but it may have been an attempt to show Freddie’s heart and pride. However, Brodie winning the title was probably more of what the fans wanted to see here. I can’t say I would have objected to it, either.) After the match, Freddie gets booed after shaking hands with Brodie.

Final Thoughts:
I bought this during their Black Friday deal for 10 bucks and it is worth that price just for the Steen/Slyck and Sami/Eddie matches alone. The main event would have been better had it been a more evenly contested match and now the champion being dominated for a large portion only to get a fluke victory. If 2CW sells the show on DVD still I’d pick it up for the previously mentioned two matches or maybe they’ll release Sami/Eddie on YouTube for free someday.

Thanks for reading.

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