SMW TV 8/15/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Newland, North Carolina

1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Dixie Dynamite to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Caudle says we are going to talk about Fire on the Mountain, which Dutch Mantel tells us that Brian Lee is no longer the SMW Heavyweight Champion due to losing the title to the Dirty White Boy. Dutch will have a special guest on Down & Dirty this week.

2.) The new SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright make their way out to talk about his title victory. Wright claims to not know the mystery man that attacked Brian Lee at the event. Wright says he was having a heart attack and forgot his pills so he was telling the referee what was happening. Dirty White Boy says all he knows is that he won the title and he is going to be a fighting champion. Bob Armstrong heads over says that he will strip Dirty White Boy of the championship if he finds out if they were involved in the attack of Brian Lee.

3.) Tim Horner comes out to be interviewed by Bob Caudle. Horner heard that Dirty White Boy is going to be a fighting champion and wants a shot at the championship. Horner wants a shot at the champion and notes he is from this part of the country and thinks he can be a champion that the people are proud of. Horner isn’t saying he can beat DWB, but he wants a shot. Way to show confidence, Horner.

4.) Down & Dirty this week has the special guest of Killer Kyle and Jim Cornette. Jim talks about Kyle not speaking and how people are asking why he doesn’t speak. Cornette says it’s because the people here aren’t worth talking to. Cornette says he and Kyle have the same interests and goals. Jim has agreed to be the manager of Killer Kyle. Apparently, Kyle will be having a boxing match with Dixie Dynamite soon. Cornette puts over Kyle’s fist and power. A jobber enters with a piece of wood and Kyle breaks the wood with a right hand. Cornette says he and Kyle will be seeing a lot of each other moving forward.

5.) Bob Caudle is with Paul Orndorff for an interview. Orndorff says he doesn’t need any fans cheering for him because he has enough money already. He says that Ron Garvin is going down one way or another. Orndorff rips on Bob Armstrong unaware that Armstrong is behind him. Armstrong asks Paul if he knew anything about the mystery man attacking Brian Lee. Orndorff claims to have never seen the person before. Armstrong threatens Orndorff saying the price may be steep if he had anything to do with the attack. Orndorff thinks he has enough money to get out of anything.

6.) Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson come out to talk to Bob Caudle. They talk about taking care of business against the Stud Stable. Morton says they are here to stay. They make it clear that the war between the two teams isn’t done.

7.) White Boy chops Dixie in the corner but doesn’t follow up with the advantage. Dixie fights back with a series of chops, backdrop and dropkicks White Boy to the floor. Dixie dropkicks White Boy again into the corner and taunts Ron Wright at ringside. White Boy shoulder blocks Dixie but Dixie comes back with a hip toss and another dropkick to send the champion to the floor. White Boy sends Dixie to the floor and Killer Kyle hits Dixie with a slapjack behind the referee’s back. Dixie avoids an elbow drop and attempts a scoop slam but his knee gives out and White Boy gets the three count. (*. That was a rather basic match and continues the feud between Dixie and Kyle.)

8.) Dixie Dynamite talks with Bob Caudle to talk about what just happened to him. Dixie says that everyone has seen what Kyle has done to him in recent weeks. Dynamite is still standing despite the attacks. Dixie is still as fast as can be, I guess.

Final Thoughts:
A good post show from their biggest show of the year as the promos advanced the top feuds. The TV show has been entertaining over the past several months.

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