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SMW TV 8/29/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Newland, North Carolina

1.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Fantastics defeated Paul Lee & Mike Sampson
2.) Killer Kyle defeated Tommy Angel
3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Danny Davis to retain the title
4.) The Rock N’ Roll Express fought The Stud Stable to a double disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dutch Mantel lets us know that this week we will see the contract signing between the Heavenly Bodies and SMW Tag Team Champions the Fantastics on Down & Dirty.

2.) Ron Garvin is interviewed by Bob Caudle about how Garvin is trying to get out of wrestling after having a great career. Garvin again talks about being the tag partner for Brian Lee and thanks the fans for cheering for him. Garvin says he has beaten the best in wrestling and is pissed that Orndorff wants to cripple him with a piledriver. Garvin doesn’t back down from anyone. Garvin promises to piledriver Orndorff and he will not get up. Paul Orndorff comes over but several officials are out there to keep them apart.

3.) Brian Lee and Bob Armstrong are interviewed by Bob Caudle to talk about the mystery man attacking Lee over the past several weeks. Armstrong keeps finding the bounty posters and doesn’t know where they are coming from. Lee tears up the poster and he is going to do the same to every wrestler that gets in his way.

4.) Killer Kyle continues to attack Tommy Angel after their match until Dixie Dynamite runs into the ring with a steel chair and whacks Kyle over the back and head but Kyle doesn’t even move. Cornette escorts Kyle out of the ring and they walk to the backstage area.

5.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed to talk about White Boy choosing an opponent from a hat. Wright says they are going to choose an opponent and they use Dutch Mantel’s hat. Wright shakes up the hat and White Boy picks a paper that has the name of Danny Davis on it. Davis will be getting a title shot later tonight.

6.) Down & Dirty with the SMW Tag Team Champions the Fantastics and the challengers the Heavenly Bodies takes place next. Jim Cornette is putting up $20,000 in order to get a rematch for the tag team titles. Bob Armstrong will only accept cash from Cornette but not any form of check. Cornette wants a no disqualification match so the referee can’t end the match. The Fantastics talk to Armstrong real quick. Armstrong notes that the tennis racket always gets involved. Cornette won’t be able to use the tennis racket in the match next week. Cornette is pissed about the tennis racket and signs the contract for the rematch.

7.) Davis gets a head scissors on White Boy on the canvas but that doesn’t last long. White Boy works over Davis in the corner with a few strikes. Davis hits a middle rope cross body and takes White Boy down with an arm drag. They do a test of strength with White Boy getting the advantage. Danny gets out of the hold with a monkey flip and dropkicks White Boy. Davis nearly wins with a sunset flip but only gets a near fall. Davis gets another two count with an inside cradle. Davis decks White Boy with a right hand and hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Davis knocks White Boy into the corner where White Boy gets a pair of brass knuckles and decks Davis to win the match. (*. That was a quick match and I don’t think anyone bought Davis as a threat at all.) After the match, Tim Horner enters the ring to check on Davis and keep White Boy away.

8.) All four men start brawling in the main event with Gibson scoop slamming Golden a few times. Morton is working over Fuller in the corner and sends him into a Gibson right hand. Golden and Gibson start off the match with Gibson hitting a hip toss a few times on both Godlen and Fuller. Morton sends Fuller butt first into Golden who is sitting in the corner. The fans really enjoyed that spot. Morton and Gibson try numerous pin attempts on Golden but they get only two counts. Fuller decks Morton with a right hand from the apron. Fuller enters and takes Morton over with a gut wrench suplex for a near fall. The Stud Stable hammer away on Morton with Golden hitting a knee lift. Golden maintains control with a bear hug and prevents Morton from tagging out to Gibson as the referee was out of position. Fuller enters and cheap shots Morton a few times to keep control of the contest. Fuller sends Morton over the top to the wooden basketball court. Fuller slams Morton to the canvas with a modified spine buster. Morton boots Fuller in the corner and is free to make the tag. Gibson gets the tag and cleans house on the heels hitting an atomic drop on Golden. Gibson and Morton are working over the Stud Stable. Morton shoves the referee down and Golden does the same. The referee calls for the bell and disqualifies both teams. After the match, Gibson sends Golden head first into the ring post. (**. There was some good action during the match with both teams working hard. SMW sure has a good tag team division.)

9.) Bob Caudle talks with the Rock N’ Roll Express to end the program. Gibson says that it will be one day in hell that the Stud Stable beats them. Ricky Morton says they have the biggest heart to make up for their lack of size. Morton says they are here to stay.

Final Thoughts:
SMW continues a strong run with their TV show as the main events are becoming stronger and stronger the more shows we have. They are trying hard to get Brian Lee over but just isn’t connecting all that much for me personally. The Heavenly Bodies/Fantastics feud is starting to feel played out just because of how much focus has been put on it. Regardless, it was an eventful show and I enjoyed the progression.

Thanks for reading.

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