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SMW TV 9/5/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Newland, NC

1.) Tim Horner defeated Robbie Eagle
2.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Fantastics in a no disqualification match to win the titles
3.) The Stud Stable defeated Brad & Bart Batten

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy joined commentary for the match involving Tim Horner. White Boy continued to rip on Horner saying he isn’t a worthy challenger and isn’t a top ten challenger for his championship. After the match, Horner talks with Bob Caudle. Horner wants to make sure his name is in the hat to be a challenger for White Boy’s title. They really need to stop having him do promos after a match as he is really winded. Horner reminds us that he is not saying he can beat White Boy, but wants a shot at him.

2.) We get pre-tape comments from the Heavenly Bodies and Fantastics. Stan Lance and Tom Pritchard assure Jim Cornette that his mothers $20,000 will be safe. The Fantastics respond saying they are going to make the Bodies wait for a title shot. Uh, okay. We get the contract signing from last week where the match was signed.

3.) Lane and Bobby kick off the title match trading right hands. Bobby decks Lane over the top to the floor and punches Pritchard off the apron. All four men are on the floor brawling as it didn’t take long for the brawling to take place. Lane is bleeding from the mouth as he gets worked over by Jackie and Bobby. Pritchard tags in but is met with a hip toss from Jackie. Jackie sends Pritchard over the top to the floor and Bobby whacks Pritchard over the head with a tag title. Bobby hits Lane with a metal pipe as well. Jackie gets a near fall with a gut wrench suplex on Pritchard. Jackie gets another two count following top rope sunset flip on Pritchard. Bobby gets another two count following a spinning heel kick but gets worked over in the corner by Lane and Pritchard.

Bobby gets rammed groin first into the ring post by Pritchard to give the challengers control of the contest. Lane yanks Bobby down to the canvas by his hair. Bobby hits a bulldog on Pritchard and Jackie gets a two count. Lane hits Jackie with a chain and Pritchard chokes Jackie. The referee prevents Bobby from using a chair in a no disqualification match. Jackie has been choked the chain for several moments now. Lane drops a sandbag across the back of Jackie on the floor. Bobby sends Pritchard into the ring post while Lane continues to work over Jackie in the ring. Bobby gets the hot tag and cleans house on the challengers. All four are going at it was Jackie and Pritchard go to the floor. Bobby is using the spinning toe hold on Lane. Lane knocks Bobby into Jackie sending Jackie off the apron onto Pritchard and the referee. Lane nails Bobby with a chain and nearly wins as a second referee enters the ring. Bobby puts another sleeper hold on Lane but the referee is knocked down again. Jim Cornette sprays something onto a cloth and smothers Bobby with it to knock him out. It appears to have been ether. Lane covers Bobby and gets the three count. (***. It was a good match but the finish was rather anti-climatic and the fans didn’t seem to particularly enjoy the way it ended. The reign for the Fantastics lasted all of two days as this was taped just after the super card Fire on the Mountain. Heavenly Bodies are more suited to be tag champs, anyway.)

4.) Down & Dirty this week is with the new SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. Cornette says the people need to be thanking him and be grateful for what just happened. Jim says he saw some blood coming from Bobby’s head and used his cloth to wipe the blood off. What a ridiculous excuse by Cornette. Stan Lane claims that the Fantastics are drunks and they are done with them. They are looking forward to wrestling the Rock N’ Roll Express. Cornette dumps the $20,000 over him and laughs as he enjoys the victory. Cornette is great at his heel role.

5.) Bob Caudle is with Paul Orndorff for an interview. Orndorff asks why didn’t Garvin step in the ring with him if he claims to be the man he says he is. Paul says he has everything that it takes to be the man. Orndorff is confident that he will never suffer a piledriver.

6.) We see footage of the Texas Death Match in Knoxville between Brian Lee and Dirty White Boy. The mystery man attacked Lee with knee drops until Tim Horner and another man send the mystery man out of the ring. Dirty White Boy hit Lee with a chair and eventually won the match.

7.) Bob Armstrong is talking to Brian Lee with Bob Caudle. Armstrong got a letter from someone who said a follower got his hands on Brian Lee. The person said that pro wrestling turned its back on him and Armstrong wronged him. The person said they will look for Armstrong and he shouldn’t seek him. Brian Lee doesn’t know what to do as the bounty is bothering him in his regular life, as well.

Final Thoughts:
Another solid TV show from SMW as the tag title match was much better than what they gave at Fire on the Mountain. The angle involving Brian Lee now being about some kind of leader sending his follower to attack him is much more interesting and the suspense of finding out who the man is has me curious as to where that will go. Tim Horner is not a good threat to Dirty White Boy, but it fills TV time, so no harm done, really.

Thanks for reading.

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