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SMW TV 9/12/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Pikeville, KY

1.) Paul Orndorff defeated Ben Jordan
2.) Tim Horner defeated Joe Cazana
3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Newton Steffey
4.) Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis defeated Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dutch Mantel says that Brian Lee will be on Down & Dirty and apparently Lee has gotten another letter from the mystery man.

2.) Bob Caudle talks with Paul Orndorff following his squash victory. Orndorff puts over his body and mind claiming that everyone is jealous of him thus the accusations that he put the bounty on Brian Lee. Orndorff is going to piledrive Ron Garvin and Brian Lee when it’s all said and done.

3.) The Fantastics recorded pre-tape comments saying that they got cheated by the Heavenly Bodies last week. Bobby Fulton says that his hatred for Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies will last forever. They have proven they can win the titles before and they will do it again. Bobby says that Jim Cornette will be handcuffed to Bob Armstrong at ringside as they will win the tag titles.

4.) Bob Caudle is with the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. Stan Lane says that he needs to wear protective headgear because of the Fantastics. Lane claims he could suffer brain damage if the fans continue to make loud noise. Tom Pritchard really sounds like Roddy Piper as he cuts a promo about how they will not associate themselves with the woman of the South. Cornette isn’t use to being handcuffed while he is sure that Bob Armstrong has been arrested several times in his life. Cornette notes that his tag teams have had violent feuds with the Rock N’ Roll Express over the years. Cornette announces that next week the Heavenly Bodies will defend the tag titles against the Rock N’ Roll Express. It will be their one and only shot at the tag titles.

5.) Bob Caudle chats with Tim Horner following his victory, but SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright come over to get involved. Horner says he has been calling White Boy but hasn’t been getting an answer. Horner wants to know if his name is in the hat to get a title shot. They say that everyone has their name in the hat to end the segment with nothing really happening.

6.) Down & Dirty hosted by Dutch Mantel with special guests Brian Lee and Bob Armstrong is next up. They are still concerned about the bounty posters for Brian Lee. The mystery man has written another letter and Armstrong is here to read the letter for the fans. Armstrong read the letter saying that nobody can stop his man from doing what he wants. Lee will be the first person to suffer pain but not the last. Armstrong can’t think of anyone from his past that would do this. Bob wants a confrontation with the mystery man to settle the issues. If the person is currently involved in SMW, then they will be banned forever. Lee tells Mantel that he can sleep at night and says that nervous is an understatement. Lee says he is going to get tougher starting today and is going to rip everyone up that gets in his face.

7.) Bob Caudle is with SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright to talk about a new challenger for the title this week. They pick a name out of the hat and White Boy gets a little nervous but seems to name a jobber instead of the actual name. The guy comes running down to the ring and looks like a geek.

8.) Tim Horner runs down to the ring and says that White Boy picked his name and calls the champ a coward for avoiding him. White Boy suggests that Horner leave the ring before he hurts him. Horner slaps White Boy and is ready to go but the referee prevents them from going at it. White Boy tells Horner has crossed the line and it will be a non-title match. So, if Horner beats him then he would get a title match at a later date.

9.) Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller come down to the ring with a stretcher as they are having stretcher matches with the Rock N’ Roll Express on the live event circuit. Fuller and Dynamite kick off the main event with Fuller backing Dynamite into a corner but backs off. They begin to run the ropes several times with neither man making contact. Fuller slams Dynamite to the canvas and poses for the crowd. Dynamite cleans house with some slams and the fans get behind him. Golden tags in and gets worked over by Davis who focuses on the arm. They run the ropes and Davis takes Golden down with a drop toe hold to maintain the advantage. Golden monkey flips Davis but misses an elbow drop on the followup attempt. Fuller knee lifts Davis from the apron and allows Golden to regain control of the bout. Fuller gets a near fall on Danny and hammers away on the smaller opponent. Davis rams Golden head first into the turnbuckle and tags in Dynamite, who hammers away on the heels. All four men are brawling in the ring as Dynamite misses a cross body off the middle rope. Golden tosses Dixie over the top to the floor but here comes Robert Gibson to ringside. Ricky Morton grabs the foot of Golden on a slam attempt from the apron to the ring and holds the boot down to allow Dynamite to get the victory. (*1/2. A predictable outcome once the Rock N’ Roll Express came down to ringside. Stud Stable losing to the team of Davis and Dynamite in this manner doesn’t hurt them considering they didn’t lose cleanly or anything. It just helps advance their issues with the Express. The action wasn’t all that great, though.)

10.) Bob Caudle is with the Stud Stable to close the show and they aren’t happy at all. Apparently, they will be wresting the Rock N’ Roll Express in a barbed wire cage match at a house show. Jimmy Golden is pissed about being tripped and held down. The Stud Stable promotes a stretcher match and the war between the two of them isn’t over with. Robert Fuller says they should be on top of the business in Atlanta and New York as the show goes off the air.

Final Thoughts:
A fine show this week as the segment involving White Boy and Horner did a fine job of making Horner look like a threat as White Boy actually showed concern about facing Horner. The slow reveal of the mystery man who has the bounty on Brian Lee continues to be interesting but hopefully they don’t drag it out too long.

Thanks for reading.

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