SMW TV 9/19/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Pikeville, KY

1.) Ben Jordan & Rick Newsome defeated Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden by disqualification
2.) Tim Horner defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion the Dirty White Boy in a non-title match
3.) Brian Lee defeated Mike Sampson
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated The Rock N’ Roll Express to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Fuller and Golden brought another stretcher to the ring as they are in a no nonsense kind of mood considering what happened to them last week. Fuller shoved the referee while having an arm lock on a jobber and is disqualified for doing so. They dump Newsome off a stretcher and taunt the fans.

2.) Bob Caudle talks with Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller who are confident that they will destroy the Rock N’ Roll Express. They don’t care about winning but are more focused on hurting everyone. They are going to prove that they are the number one tag team in the world.

3.) We see footage of a match between Paul Orndorff and Ron Garvin from a live event. Orndorff attacked Garvin and ripped Garvin’s trademark towel up to choke Garvin with it. Orndorff tied the towel to the top rope and brutally pummeled Garvin as Ron couldn’t defend himself. Garvin thinks that Orndorff went too far and says that Orndorff robbed a fan of his towel. Garvin tells Orndorff that he made a terrible mistake and Orndorff will find out in the future.

4.) Bob Caudle has Paul Orndorff for an interview. Orndorff tells Caudle that doesn’t have anything to do with the $10,000 bounty and says next week he is wrestling Brian Lee and will take him out then. Orndorff is sick and tired of Ron Garvin. Orndorff doesn’t get the big deal about the towel that Garvin uses and is going to shove it down his throat.

5.) We hear pre-tape comments from Horner and White Boy. Horner says he has nothing to prove and will get a title shot. Ron Wright says that Horner will never get a title shot because he just isn’t good enough.

6.) Horner takes White Boy down with an arm drag and the champ goes to the corner so that Horner can’t follow up with the momentum. White Boy got a few shots in on Horner but Horner quickly takes the champ down with an arm drag and White Boy bails to the floor. White Boy returns to the ring and gets frustrated with Horner. Horner dropkicks White Boy as the fans are behind Horner in this match. Horner avoids the turnbuckle and decks White Boy to the floor. Ron Wright tries to motivate White Boy to get his head into the game. White Boy press slams Horner gut first to the canvas to get some momentum in his favor. Horner is laying on the mat as the champ just casually walks on him. Horner is able to get a rollup and pins White Boy to earn a title shot! Ron Wright has fallen out of his wheelchair! (*. Nothing really of a match as it was just a way to continue the feud and make Horner a serious threat for the actual title match.)

7.) Down & Dirty with Jim Cornette and Killer Kyle is next. Cornette has the bounty poster and says that he is going to make $10,000 because Killer Kyle is going to take out Brian Lee. Cornette talks about the match with the Fantastics that will see him handcuffed to Bob Armstrong at ringside. Cornette hypes up Kyle as being a badass to take on Brian Lee. Cornette says that they are going to silence the critics when the Heavenly Bodies retain the titles over the Rock N’ Roll Express.

8.) Bob Caudle is with Bob Armstrong who says that there is extra security for Brian Lee’s match so the stalker isn’t getting involved. Apparently, the stalker got involved in a recent match and was bailed out in three hours but we don’t know who bailed him out.

9.) Brian Lee wins his match in less than thirty-seconds but is attacked by the mystery man (The Mongolian Mauler), yet again. Several enhancement talents try to make the save but they are all taken out by the mystery man. The man leaves the ring as Bob Armstrong enters the ring along with other wrestlers to end the segment.

10.) Gibson and Lane kick off the main event with neither man getting a clear cut advantage at first. Lane hammers away on Gibson after being knocked to the apron. Lane works over Gibson with kicks but Gibson hits a kick to the side of Lane’s head. Morton and Gibson hip toss the champs and dropkicks Pritchard to the floor. Morton and Pritchard are the legal guys now with Tom getting the advantage after a knee lift to the midsection. Morton monkey flips Pritchard and takes the champs over with arm drags. Pritchard gets knocked around by the RNR. Gibson takes Pritchard over with an arm drag and Morton returns to control the arm of Tom. The challengers continue to work over Pritchard and his left arm. Morton is sent to the floor where he gets worked over by the heels as Gibson is distracting the referee. Morton is sent into the ring post shoulder first. Gibson tries to get the fans behind Morton but his partner can’t make the tag.

Morton gets a near fall on Lane with a sunset flip but Pritchard gets involved only for Morton to take both men down and tags in Gibson. Gibson cleans house but is tripped by Killer Kyle as Pritchard gets a near fall. The referee tosses Killer Kyle from ringside as Lane clotheslines Gibson. Gibson hits a cross body on Lane and all four men go at it. A double dropkick on Pritchard but Cornette gets on the apron only to be knocked off. Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden pull down the top rope to cause Gibson to crash to the floor. Gibson is pinned by Pritchard as the Heavenly Bodies retain the titles. (**. A decent main event as the involvement of the Stud Stable again continues their feud with the RNR. It’s a big win for the Heavenly Bodies as the RNR were clearly the top baby face tag team that SMW had to offer. We’ll be seeing a lot more of these two teams wrestling.)

11.) Bob Caudle is with Bob Armstrong for an interview to end the show. Armstrong says he is fining the Stud Stable for their involvement in the main event. He also says that the Rock N’ Roll Express will be getting a rematch with the Heavenly Bodies. Jim Cornette is protesting Ricky Morton hitting him and wants Morton suspended from the promotion. Armstrong doesn’t care and says that the Express will get another shot and Armstrong reminds Cornette that the Fantastics have signed on for two more matches against the champs. Cornette says that he will NOT be giving the Rock N’ Roll Express a title shot and will go to court over the matter.

Final Thoughts:
I feel like a broken record as I continue to say that SMW is putting on good shows, but they are. Ever since they got through the first three months of developing their talent and champions it has been great storyline progression every week with some decent wrestling action taking place this week in the main event. I’m really enjoying what I’ve been seeing.

Thanks for reading.

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