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SMW TV 9/26/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Pikeville, KY

1.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Robbie Eagle & Mike Sampson
2.) Killer Kyle defeated Newton Steffey
3.) Brian Lee defeated Paul Orndorff in a $10,000 bounty match by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Caudle chats with the Rock N’ Roll Express after their quick victory. Caudle believes they would be the SMW Tag Team Champions if it weren’t for the Stud Stable. Gibson says it will be a cold day in hell for them to get rid of the Express. Morton reminds us they have been to the top four times previously and they will be the tag champions once again. “Rock N’ Roll is not here to play, we are here to stay.”

2.) Bob Armstrong comes out to talk to Bob Caudle regarding the stalker issue involving Brian Lee. Armstrong says he has learned nothing new. We see new footage of Brian Lee getting attacked during a six man tag recently and it’s a new wrestler. The wrestler doesn’t have a name and he hit a power bomb on Lee. Bob Armstrong reads another letter from the stalker who says he has many followers and has given him a contract for Lee to sign. By the time Armstrong will find out it will be too late. Armstrong says the first stalker goes by the Mongolian Mauler and he will be competing in singles action soon against Brian Lee.

3.) Bob Caudle interviews the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies, Jim Cornette and Killer Kyle. Lane says that people are sick and perverted knowing that he could suffer brain damage due to loud noise and the fans keep making noise. Pritchard chimes in and says he wants all the women to keep their hands off of him. Cornette addresses the news that the Rock N’ Roll Express will be getting another shot at the tag titles. Cornette says their one shot is all their going to be getting.

4.) Down & Dirty is next with special guests being Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden who have a stretcher in the ring with them. Fuller denies any involvement in the tag title match last week by saying that Robert Gibson was clumsy and fell over the ropes nearly hitting them. They say that drugs and alcohol will do them no good when they take a ride on the stretcher.

5.) Bob Caudle is with Ron Wright who is complaining about the pain that Tim Horner has put him through. Wright denies having promised a title shot to Tim Horner and continues to talk about his hip surgery and open heart surgery. Horner comes over and wants a contract to sign a title match with Dirty White Boy. Wright is calling Horner is a liar. Dirty White Boy comes from behind whacks Horner across the back with a steel chair! White Boy continues to attack Horner and puts handcuffs on Horner to attack a helpless man. White Boy puts a noose around Horner’s neck and literally drags Horner briefly before picking him up and brings him to the ring. White Boy is hanging Horner over the top rope! Horner is completely out of it and bleeding from the mouth. A few enhancement talents come out to make the save but they are taken care of. Finally, the Rock N’ Roll Express rundown to the ring along with Dixie Dynamite and Danny Davis to make the save. Horner looks to be in serious rough shape. This whole segment may have been poor taste, but it REALLY got my interest in this feud now as Horner should be out for blood.

6.) Bob Caudle is with Bob Armstrong who is not happy with what just happened. Armstrong says he will be giving Tim Horner as many matches as he wants until he gets the title from Dirty White Boy.

7.) Orndorff goes right after Lee for calling him Paula. Lee blocks being sent into the corner and rams Orndorff face first into the turnbuckles a few times and drops Lee with a right hand. Lee scoop slams Orndorff and drops Paul with a right hand sending him to the floor. Lee knocks Orndorff off the apron with a right hand as Orndorff was stalling quite a bit early on in the contest. Lee wrenches on Orndorff’s arm and hammers away on the shoulder area of Orndorff. Lee knocks Orndorff off his feet with a shoulder block and gets a hammerlock on Paul after being stopped with a drop toe hold. Orndorff misses an elbow drop and Lee works over the arm of Paul. Orndorff sends Lee to the floor and brings Lee back into the ring from the apron with a suplex. Paul works over Lee with a series of boots against the ropes as the fans try to get behind Lee.

Lee tries to fight back with right hands but Orndorff drops him with a clothesline. Orndorff heads to the top rope and attempts a knee drop but Lee gets his knees up and hammers away on Mr. Wonderful. Lee plants Orndorff with a scoop slam and heads to the top but misses an elbow drop. Orndorff grabs the ring bell and looks to hit the piledrive on the bell! Lee counters it and backdrops Orndorff. Lee hammers away on Orndorff as another bell has gone off. The referee disqualified Orndorff for bringing the bell into the ring. (*1/4. That wasn’t good, at all.)

8.) Bob Caudle chats with Brian Lee about the match and how he didn’t want to win by disqualification. Lee warns everyone to come and get it as he will give $10,000 butt kickings.

Final Thoughts:
Stan Lane is an underrated heel and I’ve been really enjoying his work with Tom Pritchard, too. The Heavenly Bodies in the WWF is nowhere near as great and entertaining as they have been in SMW. The DWB/Horner segment was nicely done and gave me a reason to actually want to see the match between them. For the time, it was gruesome, but awesome at the same time. The episode was largely about the stalker storyline with Lee and the match with Orndorff was lackluster because Orndorff isn’t the culprit and any kind of heat just wasn’t there for the match. Still, a productive episode for SMW television.

Thanks for reading.

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