SMW TV 12/12/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Clairfield, TN

1.) Dixie Dynamite defeated Dark Secret
2.) Jeff Daniels defeated Kevin Sullivan by disqualification
3.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated Reno Riggins & Daniel Little Bear
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy fought Tim Horner to a No Contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) For those wondering, the 12/5 edition of SMW TV was mainly a look at Thanksgiving Thunder, so I’m not going to cover the same thing twice, essentially. Also, the next three TV shows were actually taped prior to Thanksgiving Thunder.

2.) Bob Caudle reveals that Kevin Sullivan has been reinstated. Remember, just a few weeks ago Sullivan had been banned from television. That didn’t last long at all. Also, we have new SMW Tag Team Champions in the Rock N’ Roll Express. Dutch Mantel is not happy at all about that.

3.) Bob Caudle is with the new SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express. Robert Gibson says that any match with Jim Cornette isn’t a handicap match. They will be wrestling them at the Christmas Chaos event. Morton says that Cornette is always getting involved and now they want him in the ring so they can keep an eye on him. They thank the fans for their support.

4.) Bob Caudle is with Tracy Smothers for an interview who says he is happy to be home and be alive in the state of Tennessee. Smothers wants a shot at the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Tracy says there is a new sheriff in town and it is him.

5.) Bob Armstrong comes into the scene and talks to Bob Caudle and says that Kevin Sullivan is reinstated despite his objections. Sullivan was said to be wrongly denied the right to compete on television. Armstrong would have to show proper documents that Sullivan was treated the same as others who did the same. We see footage from the locker room after the Thanksgiving Thunder and the Mongolian Stomper is freaking out. Stomper attacked Kevin Sullivan in his locker room but Sullivan hit him with his spike a couple of times!

6.) Brian Lee was walking in a field and says that the doctor is going to release him in six weeks. Lee says if Kevin Sullivan is going to be at Christmas Chaos then he is going to be there too. Lee suggests that Sullivan do a better job the next time he gets his hands on him. Bob Armstrong is still with Caudle to talk about Lee teaming with Stomper to take on Kevin Sullivan and The Nightstalker in a unsanctioned match.

7.) Kevin Sullivan literally just beats the crap out of Jeff Daniels using a chair and table with the Nightstalker getting a few shots in as well. Daniels is busted wide open but that doesn’t stop Sullivan from destroying Daniels. Sullivan was eventually disqualified.

8.) Bob Caudle has Kevin Sullivan with him for an interview. Sullivan is thrilled with his actions and tells Bob that he has a lawyer. Sullivan says that Bob Armstrong can’t keep himself and his followers from doing what he wants to do. Sullivan didn’t mean to stab Brian Lee over and over again. Sullivan mocks the fact that Brian Lee has a damaged spleen. Sullivan tells Mongolian Stomper that what he just did was for him. Kevin says he can do whatever he wants because he has great lawyers. Sullivan loves that he can do whatever he wants to do.

9.) Down & Dirty has SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy, Paul Orndorff and Ron Wright as the guests. White Boy and Orndorff will be teaming to take on Ron Garvin and Tim Horner. Ron Wright tells everyone to stop singing Christmas songs so he can get sleeper during the day. White Boy says that Horner has been going after his championship for a long time and says that Horner isn’t going to make it to the Christmas Chaos event. White Boy doesn’t think Horner is man enough to win the title from him. Orndorff is sick and tired of hearing about Ron Garvin and what he has done to him in the past. Paul says he and White Boy are close allies and thinks they are a legend tag team.

10.) Bob Caudle interviewed Tim Horner about Christmas Chaos. Horner says he is going to win the SMW Heavyweight Championship tonight and that the Christmas Chaos show is going to be icing on the cake.

11.) White Boy takes Horner over with an arm drag in the opening moment of the match. Horner gets taken down to the mat but gets out of trouble and backs White Boy into the corner but doesn’t take advantage of the situation. Horner takes the champ over with a side headlock but gets out of trouble and puts a headlock on White Boy. Horner avoids White Boy in the corner and the champ hits the corner shoulder first. White Boy gets a few strikes on Horner but Tim backdrops the champ and sends him to the floor with a dropkick. Horner slaps White Boy and rams him head first into the apron. Horner works over White Boy with a few more strikes. White Boy gets something from Ron Wright and decks Horner with a pair of brass knuckles it looked like.

White Boy scoop slams Horner and delivers a leg drop for a two count. White Boy drops Horner gut first down to the canvas. White Boy lifts Horner up and hits a running power slam for a two count. Horner starts to fight back with a few strikes but is met with a head butt. White Boy sends Horner hard into the corner back first. White Boy misses a jumping head butt and Horner gets a second wind delivering right hands on the champ. Horner sends White Boy into the corner and pummels the champ with right hands. White Boy misses a wild right hand and they collide in the corner. Horner is on top of White Boy but Wright puts his foot on the bottom rope as the referee counts a three. Tim Horner thinks he has won the SMW Heavyweight Championship but the referee realizes what happened. Horner quickly leaves with the championship. The referee is confused and heads to the backstage area to get with Horner. (*1/2. Not a great match as it was not designed to be a blowoff of the feud. The finish wasn’t unnecessary to keep Horner strong. White Boy should get a clean victory here.)

12.) Bob Armstrong is with Jeff Daniels who is going to need fifteen stitches and a concussion. Armstrong says that Horner needs to give the championship back to Dirty White Boy.

Final Thoughts:
The best part of the show was Kevin Sullivan destroying a jobber. Aside from that, this show didn’t accomplish much in my eyes.

Thanks for reading.

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