SMW TV 11/28/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Bluff City, TN

1.) Tim Horner defeated Paul Lee
2.) Dixie Dynamite defeated Jeff Daniels
3.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Reno Riggins & Robbie Eagle
4.) Ron Garvin defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Caudle interviews SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright to talk about the lumberjack match with Tim Horner. Wright says he has been worried about the match for a week now. Wright says that Horner has paid off his friends. Wright tells White Boy that he still has people on their side and will come up with something. White Boy says he has a mission to get Ron Wright out of the wheelchair and he will see Horner in Knoxville.

2.) Brian Lee gives us another update saying he is healing but isn’t 100%. Sullivan bruised his liver and spleen. Lee assures us that the next time he gets his hands on Sullivan it will not be a pretty sight.

3.) Bob Armstrong comes out and hypes up the Kevin Sullivan vs. Mongolian Stomper match taking place at Thanksgiving Thunder. Armstrong wants Sullivan to bring his followers along and Armstrong is looking forward to Sullivan getting what he has coming to him.

4.) A paid advertisement by Kevin Sullivan who says they are still here and they are the real deal. Sullivan says that Armstrong has shaken hands with the enemy and Armstrong is the enemy. Kevin heard a rumor that Brian Lee is getting out of his sick bed and maybe somehow give an inspiration to the Stomper. Kevin says that in a near death experience you always see the light. Sullivan tells Lee and Stomper to not get in anymore near death experiences.

5.) Bob Caudle is with Tracy Smothers for an interview. Smothers doesn’t want to sound corny but thanks everyone in SMW for making him feel at home. He is happy to be back in the South. The best things in life are free. He reminds us that he is country. Smothers puts over the attractive ladies he has seen in the Smoky Mountain area. Tracy wants a shot at the SMW Heavyweight Championship sometime in the future.

6.) Down & Dirty this week has Danny Davis as the special guest. Danny Davis talks about how Paul Orndorff nearly ended his career after a piledriver. Dutch asks how long Davis is going to sell the neck injury. Davis says just a few weeks ago he started to get feeling back in his fingers and will stop wearing it when his doctors tell him he is fine. Davis tells Dutch that he will be at Thanksgiving Thunder. Paul Orndorff comes out and is met with some great heel reaction. Orndorff confronts Davis asking Danny if he knows who he is dealing with. Davis asks Orndorff if he is any conscience or feeling but doesn’t think he does. Orndorff shoves Davis and tells him to deal with it. Orndorff drops Davis with a right hand but turns his back. Danny takes off his neck brace and chokes Orndroff with it! Orndorff rams Davis into the corner and stomps away on Davis. Paul drops a few forearm drops on Davis and taunts the fans. Davis is begging off at this point and Orndorff is going for the piledriver! Ronnie Garvin comes in and makes the save to prevent another piledriver! Orndorff rolls to the floor and heads to the backstage area.

7.) Bob Caudle interviews Jim Cornette and SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies. Caudle talks about the most dangerous match being a barbed wire cage match in Knoxville. Cornette hypes it up and says he isn’t going anywhere without Killer Kyle by his side. Cornette wants Pritchard to remember to rub the Express’s face into the barbed wire a few times. Pritchard says that there will be blood and it will be theirs on the barbed wire. Stan Lane says that the Express is going to think they died when they are done with them. He can’t wait to get them inside the barbed wire cage. When they get done with the Express they are going to look like a jigsaw puzzle.

8.) Garvin takes White Boy down to the canvas with a side headlock to get a near fall early on in the contest. Tim Horner has joined commentary. Garvin drops White Boy with a right hand and stomps White Boy in the midsection a few times. Garvin attempts a Boston Crab but White Boy is too close to the ropes. The champ bails to the floor and gets some advice from Ron Wright. Garvin chops White Boy in the corner and the champ drops in the corner. Garvin no sells a strike and drops White Boy with another overhand strike. White Boy works over Garvin with an elbow strike but Garvin comes fighting back with a right hand and chokes the champ in the corner. White Boy continues to be knocked all over the ring but stops Garvin with a few strikes to the midsection. Garvin knocks White Boy into the corner with a head butt and kicks him in the groin. Garvin and White Boy collide in the middle of the ring. Ron Wright tries to give White Boy a pair of brass knuckles but Horner prevents that from happening. Garvin knocks White Boy out with a right hand and nearly wins but Paul Orndorff is at ringside and tossed a chain into the ring. The match is over as the referee thinks that White Boy was hit with it. However, a second referee comes out and tells the referee what actually happened. (*. This is what I’ve grown to expect from Ron Garvin.)

9.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed and gives the match to Ron Garvin but doesn’t get the title. Armstrong is excited to see Kevin Sullivan get what is coming to him. Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden come over and tell Armstrong that they have a surprise for him. Fuller says they are the finest tag team to step foot in the wrestling ring. They have beaten the top tag teams but they haven’t wrestled the Heavenly Bodies. Armstrong will give them a tag title match against the Heavenly Bodies and he will let them know next week.

Final Thoughts:
An average episode at best this week as they did a good enough job in hyping up the Thanksgiving Thunder events. It just came across repetitive for the most part.

Thanks for reading.

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