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SMW TV 11/21/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Bluff City, TN

1.) Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated Robbie Eagle & Jeff Daniels
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Reno Riggins
3.) Rock N’ Roll Express & Ron Garvin defeated SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden don’t want to talk with Bob Caudle but rather talk to Dutch Mantel who comes over and insults the Fantastics. Fuller has a proposal and says that Mantel could be the best referee in history of wrestling. Fuller says that Mantel would have to stop being a commentator and they ask Dutch to be part of the Stud Stable! Dutch puts on a jacket and accepts the invitation to be part of the Stud Stable. He is proud and honored to be part of the Stud Stable!

2.) Bob Armstrong lets us know that Brian Lee is recovering but the recovery is going slowly. We see a video of Brian Lee laying in his bed and he is banged up really well. It’s rather funny to see Lee and two posters over his bed. Lee says he never figured he would be hurt to the point that he wouldn’t be able to wrestle. Brian warns Sullivan saying that he will be stretchered out when they meet again. Armstrong hypes up the return of the Mongolian Stomper.

3.) Another paid advertisement by Kevin Sullivan is aired again this week. Sullivan has good luck and says that he has good news that a man like Brian Lee can live without a spleen. Sullivan talks about the Mongolian Stomper who put fear in everyone. Kevin says that at one time the Mongolian Stomper was a scary man and was a warrior. However, at Thanksgiving Thunder he will be another notch added to his neck. Sullivan says his followers believe in him but you can’t believe in Bob Armstrong.

4.) Bob Caudle is with Danny Davis and Ron Garvin. Garvin has ripped off a sleeve of Orndorff’s robe. Danny is excited about the handicap match against Paul Orndorff. Garvin says that Orndorff is going nuts just like he said he would. Garvin announces that he is going to have a raffle with the winner winning the robe.

5.) Tim Horner comes into the ring after Dirty White Boy’s match and knocks White Boy to the floor with a dropkick. A few baby faces are at ringside and roll White Boy into the ring to give an example of the lumberjack match. The crowd is going nuts for this segment as Horner rolls White Boy up and Dixie Dynamite comes in to count a three. Horner proves that he can get a three count on the champion. The crowd enjoyed that way more than I was expecting. Horner is over!

6.) Down & Dirty with the SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette backstage as they are worried about the main event. Cornette thinks this is a con job and says he doesn’t belong in the ring. Cornette thinks the Rock N’ Roll Express is trying to get out of the Four Faces of Fear match. Jim thinks they are going to be okay, though. Cornette thinks they have the advantage because Robert Gibson’s hand isn’t 100% healthy. Either the Express or the Bodies will be getting destroyed at Thanksgiving Thunder, folks. Cornette goes on to describe each of the four matches to promote them and how brutal they are. Cornette will not listen to their begs for mercy and has no compassion for idiots.

7.) Bob Caudle is with Paul Orndorff for an interview about the handicap match that will be going soon. Orndorff doesn’t recall agreeing to wrestle both Davis and Garvin. Orndorff grabs the robe that Davis and Garvin were going to raffle to the fans. Orndorff can wear the robe again once he gets some work on it. Orndorff pulls it out and soon realizes that it’s a dress and he flips out again and stomps on the dress. Garvin and Davis are in the ring enjoying the reaction they got out of Orndorff. Garvin asks if Orndorff has the panties to match the dress. Orndorff runs into the ring but Garvin and Davis leave the ring and Orndorff flips out again before leaving and running to the backstage area.

8.) Cornette sprays something into Morton’s face and he is rolling around on the canvas in pain. Cornette gets on the microphone and says that Morton is blind now and now they will only be able to tell who is around by smell and they both stink. Gibson and Garvin enter to hammer away on the Heavenly Bodies sending the champs to the floor. Pritchard gets worked over with an atomic drop and right hand while Lane is on the outside. Gibson and Pritchard kick off the match legally with Gibson controlling Pritchard with right hands. Garvin enters and rakes the back of Tom and the chest as well. Garvin gives Tom a wedgie before driving his knee into his buttocks. Tom is rammed head first into the top turnbuckle several times and gets a near fall with a rollup. Lane enters and gets control over Garvin with several strikes in the corner. Lane sends Garvin into Pritchard’s knee in the corner and Tom tags back into the match. Tom drops Garvin with several strikes. Garvin is being tripled teamed in the corner while Gibson is distracting the referee on accident.

Tom scoop slams Garvin but misses an elbow drop. Gibson gets the hot tag and he cleans house with right hands before sending the champs into each other. Gibson’s offense doesn’t last too long as Pritchard works over Gibson and tags in Lane. Lane scoop slams Gibson and Cornette tags into the match to stomp away on Gibson. Cornette punches Gibson but they soon don’t work well and Cornette tries to call a truce. Gibson tags in Garvin as Pritchard got tagged in. Garvin cleans house on the Heavenly Bodies with strikes and gets a sleeper hold on Pritchard briefly. Gibson hammers away on Lane and here comes Cornette with a tennis racket to hit Gibson over the back! The referee didn’t see the tennis racket shot but he calls for the bell anyway. Cornette hits Gibson with the racket a second time. Ricky Morton returns with an eye taped up and chases Cornette to the backstage area! (**. A fine main event but it was a bait and switch with the Morton injury angle to put more heat on the feud as if it really needed it at this point. But, since it’s a TV show I don’t mind it too much as it should be about angle progression, really.)

9.) Bob Caudle is with the Rock N’ Roll Express to close the program. Morton is livid about his eye injury. Morton says that the only way Cornette can get out of a match with them is by using his tennis racket. Morton says it is an eye or an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Morton says that they are going to have to kill them. Morton thinks we are looking at the new SMW Tag Team Champions because they aren’t here to play they are here to stay!

Final Thoughts:
They advanced a lot of feuds and gave them some last minute promotion as the company heads into a 4-day stretch of big shows. I thought it was a fine episode and I’m interested to see Horner/DWB when I didn’t care of it at first and the seemingly blowoff of Express/Bodies.

Thanks for reading.

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