SMW TV 11/14/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Bluff City, TN

1.) Paul Orndorff defeated Reno Riggins
2.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Paul Lee & Jeff Daniels
3.) Tracy Smothers defeated Robbie Eagle
4.) Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated The Fantastics in a number one contenders match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Danny Davis comes over to start the show and asks the fans to stay tuned to the show as he has a surprise for Paul Orndorff. Davis was wearing a neck brace.

2.) Bob Caudle interviews Paul Orndorff who is sick and tired of hearing people call him Paula. Orndorff wants his $15,000 robe. He says everyone is going to pay the price until he gets his robe back. Caudle informs Orndorff that he will be wrestling Ron Garvin and Danny Davis in a handicap match to Thanksgiving Thunder because Orndorff said that he could beat the both of them at once. Orndorff says he didn’t sign anything and is in a state of shock.

3.) Bob Caudle interviews Tim Horner about his upcoming match with SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy which will be a lumberjack match. Horner finally has White Boy where he wants him and says he can’t wait to have eight guys around the ring to toss White Boy back into the ring. Horner says there is going to be a lot of thunder and lighting at Thanksgiving Thunder.

4.) Bob Caudle is with Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies for an interview. They talk about the Four Faces of Fear matches with the Express. Lane puts over their looks and are thankful for that and being the tag team champions. Lane says they are going to put the Express away for good. Pritchard talks about being able to send Ricky and Robert into barbed wire and end their careers.

5.) Down & Dirty has Bob Armstrong as the special guest. They are going to be showing the attack on Brian Lee. Dutch says they got some complaints about the violence and thus the footage has been edited. They put a big black dot over Brian’s face due to his extreme blood loss. Dutch is back with Bob Armstrong and says that he has done some research. Apparently, the reason that Kevin Sullivan had a grudge was because he wanted to be part of SMW at the beginning but wasn’t allowed to. Armstrong has banned Sullivan from television but will allow Sullivan to compete at the live events. Bob knows of a bad guy just like Sullivan and says that would be the Mongolian Stomper. Armstrong is confident that the Stomper is going to take care of Kevin Sullivan.

6.) A paid advertisement from Kevin Sullivan is aired. Sullivan and his cronies are somewhere in a park with a fire and the tombstone for Brian Lee. Sullivan sits down in front of the fire and says that the busted body of Brian Lee belongs to Bob Armstrong. Sullivan says that all he wanted was a chance to compete in Smoky Mountain but was told he was too violent. Sullivan says it was allegations and never proven that he was too violent. Sullivan isn’t for kids and says this is the face of a person who was sent into exile and told to never to return. Kevin says he and the people that follow him are what is wrong with society while Brian Lee is someone people can look up to. Kevin says that in SMW it is all real. Sullivan says that Armstrong has made a mistake yet again. Sullivan says that the Mongolian Stomper was at one time a warrior and knew the taste of blood. Kevin is going to show the people that the Stomper is no longer a warrior but just an errand boy for Bob Armstrong. Sullivan believes that he and his followers will sit at the top of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

7.) Jim Cornette freaks out upon hearing that next week he will be teaming with the Heavenly Bodies to wrestle the Rock N’ Roll Express and Ron Garvin. It’s part of the dream match series. Garvin replaces Bob Armstrong who felt it would be a conflict of interest to compete in the contest.

8.) Fuller and Jackie kick off the main event. Fuller gets shoved to the canvas by Jackie and complains about it to the referee. Fuller knee lifts Jackie and hits a scoop slam but misses an elbow drop and bails to the floor to regroup. Golden enters the match but Jackie takes him down with a few arm drags. Golden is shoulder blocked and sent to the canvas with a scoop slam by Jackie. Jackie knocks Golden down with a high knee lift and tags in Bobby but Golden begs off in the corner for a moment. Jimmy sends Bobby into the referee and the referee rolls to the floor holding his knee. All four men are in the ring brawling at this point. Dutch Mantel leaves the commentary table to be the referee for the match, I guess. Dutch stopped Fuller and stops Golden and both men get decked. Dutch gets order restored as the Fantastics double team Fuller. Jackie nails Fuller with a dropkick and follows up with a scoop slam. The Fantastics hit a double team senton out of the corner but all four men begin to brawl again. Dutch pulls Golden out of the way as Jackie attempted a top rope cross body and Dutch does a fast count on Jackie to give Fuller and Golden the win. (*1/4. Well, that wasn’t much of a match but it was a swerve by Mantel to seemingly align himself with Fuller and Golden. That trio would seemingly work very well together. The Fantastics have lost a lot of steam since the end of their feud with the Heavenly Bodies.)

9.) To end the show the Rock N’ Roll Express and Ron Garvin hype up the six man tag next week. They look forward to getting their hands on Jim Cornette.

Final Thoughts:
I’m liking the Kevin Sullivan involvement in the company thus far. The issue between Orndorff and Garvin just isn’t interesting to me at this point and I feel like that Paul Orndorff could be doing much more than what he is doing right now. I’d say it’s an average episode for SMW TV.

Thanks for reading.

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