SMW TV 11/7/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Haysi, VA

1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Mike Sampson
2.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Paul Lee & Robbie Eagle
3.) Jackie Fulton fought Bobby Fulton to a no contest
4.) Brian Lee fought The Master to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tonight is the night when we will finally see the Master live and in person. The dream match this week is Bobby Fulton taking on his brother and tag team partner Jackie Fulton.

2.) Backstage, Dutch Mantel is waiting for the Master to arrive to the building. There is a van outside the building and apparently the Master is inside the van. His associates are around the van preventing anyone from seeing inside the van. Of course, this is Dutch telling us that as the camera cords “aren’t long enough.”

3.) During his match, Dirty White Boy continually calls out Tim Horner as he beats on the jobber. Horner comes in from behind and pretends to be the jobber. White Boy gets hit a few times and bails to the floor. White Boy rolls Ron Wright in the way and Horner spins the wheel chair around causing Wright to become dizzy and freaks out over it.

4.) Bob Caudle chats with Tim Horner. Horner has another surprise and talks about how Dirty White Boy has been running from him. During the Thanksgiving Thunder Tour, Horner will be wrestling White Boy in a lumberjack match! Horner says that White Boy is going to be paying his dues!

5.) We get some more words from Danny Davis who is sitting on his couch with a neck brace. Davis kind of liked the Paula joke while Orndorff clearly doesn’t. Davis has done a lot of thinking over the past several weeks about whether or not he should retire. However, he can not be intimidated over what Paul did to him. Danny knows that he isn’t ready to return to the ring but he isn’t a quitter and he isn’t going to start now. If he has to he will buy himself a ringside ticket he will be at ringside every time Orndorff wrestles Ron Garvin. His cat comes into the picture to get some attention and it was kind of amusing.

6.) Bob Caudle is with Paul Orndorff for comments we just heard. Orndorff doesn’t care about Davis or Garvin. He says he can beat both of those “midgets”. Orndorff continues to look at the wrong camera when he cuts a promo.

7.) Bob Caudle interviews the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette regarding an announcement. Cornette says that the Rock N’ Roll Express are anxious to get the Heavenly Bodies out of the company. Jim says that the Express have gone to Bob Armstrong in order to get the champs out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. So, at Thanksgiving Thunder November 26-29 there will be matches called the Four Faces of Fear. Texas Death Match, Falls Count Anywhere, Barbed Wire Cage Match and a Street Fight will be taking place between the teams. Cornette says nobody can go through that without getting hurt for good.

8.) Down & Dirty this week has Tracy Smothers as the special guest. Mantel says that Smoky Mountain is the toughest company going today and asks Smothers how is he going to deal with the tough competition. Tracy knows there is tough competition and is ready to climb the ladder and wants a shot at the SMW Heavyweight Championship someday. Tracy says there is plenty of pretty southern girls in the Smoky Mountain area. Smothers knows that Mantel has been talking about how tough he is and Tracy suggests that Mantel put his gear on and give Smothers his first test. Mantel says he might just do that.

9.) Bob Caudle is with the Rock N’ Roll Express for an interview. Morton says that Jim Cornette didn’t mention that the matches are the toughest matches in the world, which is what Cornette did in fact say. Morton says they could get to Jim Cornette and not lose the matches because it’s no disqualification in every instance. Morton says that Jim’s day is coming. Gibson didn’t say a word.

10.) Early on the Fantastics have a mat based wrestling focus with neither man getting any significant offense. Jackie dropkicks Bobby into the corner but doesn’t follow up on it. Jackie gets a near fall with a sunset flip but Bobby comes back with a near fall as they are trading some rollups. The Stud Stable is on commentary and they insult the Fantastics. Bobby has a modified bow and arrow on Jackie but that didn’t last long. The referee gets knocked down on a crucifix attempt and they collide. That makes it a perfect time for the Stud Stable to get involved. Golden holds Bobby and allows Fuller to nail Bobby with a right hand. Jackie realizes it and is pissed about the Stud Stable getting involved. Jackie takes them out with a slingshot cross body to the floor! The match is thrown out as they brawl on the floor. (DUD. It came across like these two didn’t want to wrestle and it was booked with very little action being provided. It was rather obvious this was used to setup the feud with the Stud Stable.)

11.) Bob Armstrong says that next week the Fantastics will be wrestling the Stud Stable. Bobby Fulton says the Stud Stable better be ready for a fight.

12.) Here we go this is the moment we have been waiting for three months. A man comes down wearing a robe and slowly enters the ring with some rather creepy sounding music. The Master keeps his head down so we can’t see who it is. Brian Lee is already in the ring and is wanting to get his hands on the Master. Lee goes to the Master and gets a fireball to the face! The Master undresses and it is Kevin Sullivan! Sullivan has a spike and hits Lee with it several times. Sullivan knocks the referee to the floor as Lee is busted wide open. Lee is put in the tree of woe and worked over by the heels. Sullivan delivers a few running knee strikes and delivers more spike shots to destroy Lee some more. Nightstalker prevents enhancement talent from getting into the ring. A cameraman tries to get in the ring but gets knocked off with a spike shot. Bob Caudle, the commentator, goes to the ring as Lee is bleeding quite a bit. Caudle is trying to reason with the Master and his crew but isn’t have much luck. The Fantastics enter the ring but they are taken care of as well. The entire locker room empties to make the save.

13.) The crowd is silent as a bloodied Brian Lee is put on a stretcher. Caudle is talking with Dutch Mantel about what just happened. Bob Armstrong says this was a mistake on his part to allow Brian Lee to be damaged. Armstrong calls Kevin Sullivan a son of a bitch and bans Sullivan from Smoky Mountain Wrestling for life.

Final Thoughts:
The final segment makes this show very memorable as it’s probably the most violent attack in SMW history even worse than the hanging of Tim Horner by Dirty White Boy several weeks ago. The crowd was stunned silent due to the attack and it makes Kevin Sullivan look like the most vicious guy to come into the company. I enjoyed the segment a lot and a feud between Lee and Sullivan is surely going to be a bloody one moving forward.

Thanks for reading.

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