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SMW TV 12/19/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Clairfield, TN

1.) Paul Orndorff defeated Reno Riggins
2.) Daniel Little Bear defeated The Nightstalker by disqualification
3.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Paul Lee & Dark Secret
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Rock N’ Roll Express vs The Heavenly Bodies continued as the show went off the air.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) I seem to remember that Dutch Mantel had join the Stud Stable and would have to leave the commentary team. Well, so much for that, I guess.

2.) Coming soon to SMW will be a new championship called Beat The Champ Television Championship. The rules consist of a blind drawing to determine four contestants. Winner of the elimination match will win $1,000. The champion will defend each week against a random challenger and each victory will earn him $1,000. After five straight victories, the champion will retire the belt and a new champion will be crowned.

3.) Bob Caudle is with SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy, Ron Wright and Paul Orndorff for an interview regarding Christmas Chaos. Ron Wright wants the SMW Heavyweight Championship back from Tim Horner. White Boy wants his belt back and calls Tim Horner a thief for taking his belt. Bob Armstrong comes over to talk to the heels. Armstrong says he can’t find the belt and asked Horner who said he doesn’t know where it is either. Bob says in the tag match he will be putting the SMW Heavyweight Championship on the line in the tag match! Armstrong says the belt will only be on the line for the first thirty minutes. Dirty White Boy is livid about that announcement. Orndorff is pissed about it too because he wants his robe. They want the title and robe back!

4.) We get a personality profile on Tracy Smothers which plays up his Southern background, of course.

5.) Bob Caudle is joined by Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden. Fuller is going to try and maintain calm about getting a tag team title match but nothing has happened. Golden says they have beaten everyone they need to beat to get a title shot. Golden thinks they are afraid to give them title shot. Dutch is going to continue to look into the matter for the Stud Stable.

6.) Brian Lee shared some comments at a park or his home. Lee has been out for six weeks and says he has been counting down the days to get back in the ring against Kevin Sullivan. Lee believes he is fine despite the doctors saying he isn’t. Lee is going to tear Kevin Sullivan apart at Christmas Chaos!

7.) Bob Armstrong joins Bob Caudle for an interview about Brian Lee coming soon too early. Armstrong believes that Lee is coming back too early and that is the reason SMW can’t be responsible for the outcome of the match. Thus, the match is unsanctioned.

8.) Interesting note, The Nightstalker used the same theme music that Taz would use for his ECW run. Kevin Sullivan gets involved in the match and beats on the jobber as the match ends in a disqualification. After the match, Nightstalker drives the jobber down to the canvas with a power bomb. A couple of referees try to end the beating but that doesn’t work well at all.

9.) Bob Caudle interviews Kevin Sullivan and the Nightstalker who has the tombstone. Nightstalker speaks and says they like to make examples out of people. He loves what he has learned from Kevin Sullivan. Kevin says that Bob Armstrong should be responsible for what happens to Brian Lee. Sullivan says the Stomper should talk to someone about why he hates his father and everyone else. Sullivan makes little sense and walks off with Nightstalker.

10.) Down & Dirty this week has Tim Horner as the special guest. Mantel asks Horner where the championship belt is but Horner doesn’t know where the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Horner says he did walk out with the belt but doesn’t know where it is. Mantel isn’t believing what Horner is telling him. Horner thinks he won the SMW Heavyweight Championship but he still doesn’t know where the championship is. Horner is calling himself the champion despite not knowing where the championship is. Horner says that Ron Garvin is in the woods hunting. Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff come into the ring and they want the title and robe. Mantel tells them that Garvin isn’t here and they attempt tp attack Horner but Tim crawls around the ring and manages to escape without getting a beating.

11.) Bob Caudle interviews the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. Stan Lane is putting over Cornette for his training in recent weeks. Cornette is going to be training until the Christmas Chaos and says he is on Twinkies for his diet. He is stocking up on carbs. Cornette tries to rip a phone book and settles for ripping one page out! They put over ICOPRO during the promo.

12.) Bob Caudle interviews the SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express following the victory. Morton thinks Cornette is looking like a fool for suggesting he is in shape. Jim Cornette gets in the ring and taunts the Express to get in the ring. Naturally, they take the bait.

13.) Ricky Morton enters the ring but the Heavenly Bodies come in from behind and attack Gibson on the floor. Cornette hits Morton with his tennis racket and stomps away on him. Cornette hit Morton with a cocoa can in his racket. Gibson is worked over on the floor briefly.

14.) Bob Caudle talks to the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette where they continue to put over Cornette and his training. Morton and Gibson come over and send the Heavenly Bodies into the ring to continue their attack on them. Lane and Pritchard are sent into each other as the champs continue to work over the Bodies. Morton backdrops Pritchard and tags in Gibson as this is apparently a match. Gibson delivers a high knee lift and a scoop slam on Tom for a two count. Morton tags in and double teams Tom briefly. Morton knocks Lane off the apron and atomic drops Tom into a right hand from Gibson. Gibson has an abdominal stretch on Tom as Lane gets knocked to the apron again. Morton misses a dropkick attempt as Tom holds onto the ropes. The show goes off the air with these two teams battling. (NR. Since it wasn’t a complete match I’m not going to rate it.)

Final Thoughts:
Should be interesting to see a new championship being brought into the company and having it defended on the show every week should make for a stronger program. The show this week wasn’t spectacular but it hyped the feuds for Christmas Chaos rather well. The feuds are starting to get a little old as most of the current feuds have been going on for three+ months at this point. I’ll say it was an average episode, though.

Thanks for reading.

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