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SMW TV 12/26/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Clairfield, TN

1.) Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated Reno Riggins & Daniel Little Bear
2.) Tracy Smothers defeated The Dark Secret
3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Paul Lee
4.) Dixie Dynamite defeated Kevin Sullivan by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We see footage from last week from the Heavenly Bodies and Rock N’ Roll Express as they had a match that was still going on as the show was going off the air. The Express won the match following a rollup by Gibson on Pritchard. Jim Cornette was not happy with the Stud Stable who had came to ringside but there appears to be some tension between the two teams.

2.) Bob Caudle chats with Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller following their victory. Golden wants to know what Jim Cornette said on commentary. Golden says that the Heavenly Bodies weren’t getting the job done last week and they just tried to help. Robert Fuller says that is the last time they try to help the Heavenly Bodies. He makes it clear that they want a tag team title match with the Rock N’ Roll Express.

3.) Bob Caudle chats with Tracy Smothers following his victory. Smothers is full of energy and he is climbing the ladder to championship gold. Smothers wants a piece of the winner take all SMW Beat the Champ elimination match. Tracy is here to stay and not to play. That’s Ricky Morton’s line man!

4.) Bob Armstrong tells us that Tim Horner doesn’t know where the SMW Heavyweight Championship. We see a video of Tim Horner with a young kid named JT. The child has the SMW Heavyweight Championship on his lap. Horner tries to compare his issues with a kid that has cancer and had surgery who almost lost his life. Tim gets emotional while talking about the child. Horner says that JT wanted him to win the title and Horner says he became the champion and made the kids dream come true. Horner says that there is stuff more important than winning awards and that JT means more to him than anything else in the world. Horner says it doesn’t matter if he brings the title back because in his heart he is the champion and that is what matters.

5.) Bob Caudle chats with SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy, Ron Wright and Paul Orndorff for another interview about Christmas Chaos. White Boy says he has been robbed of his championship and calls Horner a thief. White Boy says that if Horner was any kind of man he would come out with his championship and hand over his belt back to him. White Boy calls Horner a gutless human. Ron Wright claims that his heart is acting up again due to what has happened involving Horner. Orndorff chimes in and says that Horner and Garvin are two cowards. They are going to take care of business at Christmas Chaos.

6.) Sullivan quickly dumps Dynamite to the floor but Dixie sends Kevin into the ring post and avoids an attack by Nightstalker. Sullivan again sends Dixie to the floor and Nightstalker is sent into the ring post again shoulder first. Dixie dropkicks Sullivan to send Kevin to the floor. Sullivan works over Dixie with strikes in the corner only to send him to the floor yet again. Dixie is sent into the ring post and Sullivan crotches Dynamite over the guard railing. Kevin squeezes Dixie’s armpit in an odd moment of the match. Nightstalker continues to get involved every time Dynamite is sent to the floor. Sullivan backdrops Dynamite and delivers a double stomp. Dixie ducks a clothesline and super kicks Kevin to the floor where Dixie kicks Nightstalker as well. Nightstalker comes from behind and the referee calls for the bell as Sullivan is choking Dixie with a coat hanger. They drag Dixie to the backstage area but the camera doesn’t follow them.

7.) Bob Caudle interviews Kevin Sullivan and the Nightstalker to end the program. Nightstalker tells Bob Armstrong that he is mistaken if he thinks that he can stop them no matter who he brings in to confront them. Bob Armstrong comes over and tells Sullivan that he will find someone who will take Sullivan out of the company. Kevin loves the heat and taunts Armstrong to hit him. Bob is furious as Sullivan continues to taunt Armstrong for what happened to Brian Lee. Armstrong assures Sullivan that he will be out of here. Sullivan is thrilled that Armstrong has lost his composure. Kevin says that they live and breath in the hottest place on earth as the show ends.

8.) SMW TV returns on 1/9/1993 as the next show is a Year in Review special.

Final Thoughts:
Another week that didn’t feature much of anything going on. It seems like the company cooled off as the year was coming to an end. Hopefully the show picks up again in early 1993.

Thanks for reading.

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