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WCW Saturday Night 4/10/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW Television Champion Paul Orndorff defeated Joey Maggs
2.) Cactus Jack defeated Shanghai Pierce
3.) Maxx Payne defeated Ronnie Hagen
4.) Rick Rude defeated Dale Diamond
5.) Chris Benoit & Bobby Eaton defeated Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn
6.) 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated The Wrecking Crew

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) To get underneath Orndorff’s skin Maggs is wearing a Paula t-shirt. Obviously, that didn’t help Joey’s attempt to upset the champ. Orndorff goes to the announcers during the match to say that he is sick and tired of the chants of Paula. He assures us that Dustin Rhodes is going to pay for this.

2.) Tony Schiavone talks to Cactus Jack after his match. Schiavone notes that the fans have been cheering him here in 1993 and Cactus says the fans like his story. He competes with injuries that should keep him sidelined for six months. He is going to write a new chapter in teh book and talks about Big Van Vader and how close he was to winning the WCW World Championship. Jack knows he can win the belt and challenges Vader to a match next week on this show! Now, that’s the biggest match on this program thus far this year!

3.) Arn Anderson is interviewed by Schiavone as well. Anderson will be wrestling Erik Watts on the Main Event tomorrow night to settle their issues to move on. Anderson goes on to talk about Barry Windham winning the NWA World Championship. He felt good for Windham when Flair went to celebrate with Barry. Arn notes that Windham snubs the Horsemen whenever he gets the chance but he won’t get the chance to snub him at Slamboree. He knows Windham better than anyone else and he will get the NWA World Championship, something he hasn’t had the chance to wrestle for before.

4.) This is the first time Bobby Eaton and Chris Benoit have teamed up. They won their first match together after Eaton hit Zenk with a top rope leg drop to allow Benoit to get the win.

5.) Tony Schiavone talks to WCW World Champion Vader and Harley Race. Vader calls Cactus Jack a fool and idiot. Vader has no fear and feels no pain. He wants Jack to ask Sting and others who the man is. He tells Jack to show up next week and get embarrassed. So, he accepts the challenge.

6.) Scorpio and Bagwell get the win over the Wrecking Crew after Rage accidentally hit Fury with a forearm and Scorpio got the pin with a 450 splash. You didn’t miss much of a match between these two teams.

7.) Tony Schiavone interviews Bagwell and Scorpio. Bagwell says they are heading right to the top and they put over the Cole Twins. Barry Windham comes over and cuts a promo on Arn Anderson. Anderson is right behind him and Arn punches him. They are in the ring with Anderson hammering away on the champ! Windham bails to the floor to get away to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
Well, another subpar showing from WCW but they had a good ending to the show with the Windham/Anderson brief brawl. It looks like this is the last week where there isn’t a strong feature match, so hopefully the show is more enjoyable moving forward.

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