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WWF House Show 11/25/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: New York, NY

Opening Contest: Skip, Isaac Yankem DDS & Kama vs. Barry Horowitz, Hakushi & Fatu: Obviously this match involves six guys that are completely lost in the shuffle with no sense of direction making the match random to have take place. Hakushi and Skip start the match with Hakushi getting a near fall following a kick to the chest. Hakushi punches Yankem off the apron and catapults Skip over top onto Isaac on the floor! Skip shoves Yankem and tags him into the match to have him try his luck. Yankem quickly uses his size advantage to work over Hakushi in the corner. Yankem misses a splash in the corner and is arm dragged by Hakushi, who tags in Fatu to work over Yankem briefly. Fatu no sells having his head rammed into the turnbuckle and hammers away on the evil dentist. Horowitz tags in, but tags out to Hakushi who head butts Yankem’s groin. Fatu and Skip are going at it with Skip hitting a DDT but Fatu no sells it. Fatu delivers a head butt to Skip’s groin area and Horowitz chases Skip from the ring.

Barry is stopped by Yankem with a tilt a whirl back breaker. Kama enters the match and scoop slams Barry followed by an elbow drop. Kama works over Barry in the corner with a few strikes and sends him hard into the corner. Barry is triple teamed in the corner as the referee is distracted. Skip works over Horowitz with a few strikes in the corner but Barry coms back with a clothesline and knee lift. Skip misses a splash on the middle rope but slams Barry with a gut wrench suplex. Yankem tags in and drops an elbow followed by a back breaker. Yankem scoop slams Horowitz and Skip leaps off the top but is met with a big boot. Kama and Fatu get tagged into the match with Fatu working over Kama hitting a leaping shoulder block. Fatu clotheslines Kama and super kicks both Skip and Yankem but is stopped by a clothesline from Kama. Kama misses a middle rope leg drop. Kama is kicked by Fatu to allow Horowitz to pin Kama in MSG! (**. Some fine action here and the crowd was shockingly into the entire match with Barry getting a good reaction from the MSG crowd. It may have been a random match, but it worked rather well.)

Second Contest: Bob Holly vs. Goldust: This is the MSG debut for Goldust. Goldust backs Holly into a corner but doesn’t do anything with the advantage. Goldust slaps Holly and bails to the floor to avoid any payback. Holly does slap Goldust and they go to the floor where Holly continues to strike Goldust before returning to the ring. Goldust gets the upper hand by stomping on Holly’s midsection and works over Bob in the corner. Holly fights back with a few right hands and looks for a backslide which gets a near fall. The fans are chanting “Dusty Rhodes” which makes it clear they know who Goldust is. Goldust tosses Holly to the floor and follows after him. Goldust rams Holly face first into the ring steps and taunts the fans by rubbing his chest. Holly hits a cross body but only gets a near fall. Holly backdrops Goldust, which looked dangerous due to how Goldust took the bump, and continues to work over Goldust with right hands in the corner. Holly clotheslines Goldust for a near fall. Holly misses a splash in the corner and Goldust hits a running bulldog for the victory. (**. Aside from a few botched spots, it was a decent match. Goldust got some good heat from the crowd and Holly worked well in putting the new talent over. No harm, no foul.)

Third Contest: 1-2-3 Kid vs. Marty Jannetty: Marty gets the quick advantage with a snap power slam and a snap suplex. Kid runs into a big boot and Jannetty hits a flipping neck breaker off the middle rope. Marty misses a splash in the corner and Kid drops him with a spin kick. Kid sends Marty into the ropes and hits a second spin kick. Kid keeps Marty on the canvas with a sleeper hold but that doesn’t last too long. Kid switches to beating Jannetty down with overhand strikes. Marty gets a second wind and hits a face buster. Marty decks Kid with a clothesline. Marty kicks Kid in the head but only gets a near fall. Jannetty backdrops Kid but is tripped by DiBiase on the floor. Kid hits a high knee from behind and pins Jannetty. (*. Seriously? That could have been a million times better and a show stealing match if they allowed these two guys to work like we all know they could at the time.) After the match, Jannetty sends Kid over the top to the floor with a clothesline. Ted DiBiase tries to distract Marty for Sid to enter and Sid plants Jannetty with a power bomb.

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon vs. Psycho Sid: Sid opens up kicking Razor in the ribs but misses a clotheslines. Ramon punches Sid to the floor and follows him. Ramon continues to punch Sid before returning to the ring where Sid regains control but is stopped with a drop toe hold. Ramon works over the shoulder but Sid drops Ramon with a short arm clothesline. Sid punches Razor on the canvas. Sid gets a running head start to kick Ramon in the ribs and drops Ramon with a big boot. Ted DiBiase cheap shots Ramon from the outside and Sid locks in a bear hug but isn’t getting a submission. Razor fights out and hits a back suplex for a near fall. Sid regains control punching Ramon’s lower back area several times. Razor battles back and goes for the Razors Edge but is backdropped over the top to the floor! DiBiase calls for someone from the backstage area while the referee gets distracted. 1-2-3 Kid comes down, I think, and sends Ramon into the ring post to give Sid a count-out victory. (*1/4. Well, that didn’t go too long at all but it was okay for what it was.) After the match, Ramon hits a middle rope bulldog to lay out Sid and signals for the Razors Edge. Ramon picks Sid up but Kid comes back in and drops his former friend with a spinning heel kick. Kid and Sid double team Ramon for several moments. Sid sets Ramon up and hits a power bomb! Ramon is left laid out to end the segment.

Fifth Contest: Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Henry Godwin in a slop match: There was some kind of disturbance in the crowd prior to the match and a lot of fans had their attention on that with Hunter also checking out the situation. Hunter taunts Henry by motioning that he didn’t want to touch the smelly hog farmer. Hunter stalls some more going to the apron complaining about Henry’s body odor much to the fans amusement. Henry clotheslines Hunter on the apron and pulls him back into the ring. Godwin drops Hunter face first to the canvas and controls Helmsley with a headlock. Henry drives Helmsley down to the mat with a wheelbarrow front slam but misses a running attack and crashes to the floor. Hunter works over Henry with a strike on the apron and taunts the crowd. Henry battles back with a right hand on the floor and soon delivers a running clothesline. Henry ties Hunter up in the ropes and works over his rival with a choke and rubs his ass on his chest.

Hunter gets out of the ropes while Henry played to the fans and goes on the attack before Henry could get his hands on his slop bucket. Hunter works over Henry with several strikes in the corner. Hunter hits a swinging neck breaker but doesn’t quickly followup but rather taunts the crowd again before delivering a knee drop for a two count. Hunter connects with a high knee lift for another two count. Hunter controls Henry with a sleeper hold and puts his feet on the ropes until the referee sees what is going on. Hunter attempts a backslide but isn’t having much luck with it. Henry flips Hunter over but Helmsley drops Godwin with a neck breaker. Helmsley climbs to the top rope and hits a forearm drop for a near fall. Henry rams Helmsley back first into the corner to get out of a sleeper hold. Godwin catches Helmsley leaping off the middle rope and rams him into the corner a second time. Henry hits an atomic drop and Helmsley hits the corner face first. Helmsley flips in the corner and Henry goes to press slam him over the top to the floor but the referee stops that from happening so Godwin settles for slamming Helmsley in the ring. Godwin goes for the Slop Drop but Helmsley held onto the ropes. Hunter rolls Godwin up and grabs the ropes for leverage with the referee out of position to get the cheap victory. (**1/2. Not a bad match, actually. It was enjoyable and they kept a good pace for most of the bout. I was actually surprised by how entertaining this was.) After the match, Helmsley puts some gloves on since he gets to slop Henry, but instead gets clotheslined over the top to the floor. Henry has the bucket and goes after Helmsley on the floor who is begging off now. Helmsley falls down on the floor and gets slop dropped on him to make the fans happy.

Dean Douglas comes out and insults the fans for needing an education. Douglas is out with injury and can’t compete tonight. So, Isaac Yankem is pulling double duty and will take Dean’s place in his singles match.

Sixth Contest: Savio Vega vs. Isaac Yankem DDS: Vega has the early control with a couple of dropkicks but is sent chest first into the corner by Yankem. Vega comes out of the corner to hit a clothesline and regain the advantage. Yankem stops Savio with an atomic drop and big boot. Vega tries to comeback but is stopped with a back elbow shot. Savio nearly wins with a rollup but is stopped with a clothesline. Savio gets a second wind with a series of clotheslines and strikes. Yankem comes off the ropes and is met with a backdrop. Yankem counters a second backdrop by ramming Vega face first into the canvas. Vega nails Isaac with a spinning heel kick for the win. (*. A boring match that didn’t get much reaction from the crowd. Vega does appear to be over, at least.)

Seventh Contest: Diesel vs. Davey Boy Smith: Diesel works over Smith in the corner with a series of knee lifts as he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Smith attempts a cross body but is caught and slammed to the canvas. Diesel clotheslines Smith over the top to the floor and plays to the crowd. Smith is able to get Diesel down and wraps his leg around the ring post a couple of times. Smith focuses his attack on the left knee of Big Daddy Cool. Smith goes for a running power slam but Diesel gets out of it and elbows Smith. Diesel plants Smith with a side slam but can’t follow up quickly. Diesel works over Smith as Smith is stuck in the ropes. Diesel drops Smith face first across an exposed turnbuckle and that gets a disqualification. (NR. Well, the match was going fine and was entertaining but it was clearly not designed to be much of anything. Diesel is getting a great reception from the crowd as he has found the persona that would go and make him a boat load of money in the wrestling business.) After the match, Diesel continues to attack Smith sending him back first into the exposed turnbuckle. The fans asked for it and Diesel drops Smith with the Jackknife.

Eighth Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions The Smoking Gunns vs. Owen Hart & Yokozuna: Owen and Bart kick off the title match trading right hands until Bart delivers a shoulder block, hip toss and a dropkick. Billy tags in and comes off the middle rope with a double axe handle. Owen rakes Billy’s eyes and tags in Yoko causing Billy to quickly back away. Yoko displays his power advantage by casually shoving Billy to the canvas. Yoko misses a clothesline but hits a Samoan Drop. Billy is stomped to the outside where Owen gets a cheap shot in before rolling Billy back into the ring. Yoko controls Billy with a nerve hold as the fans get behind Billy. Yoko stops Billy with a back elbow shot and tags in Owen to head butt Billy. Owen works over Billy in the corner with several shots but Billy gets a near fall following a cross body off the middle rope. Owen stops Billy with a back breaker for a two count. Owen delivers a kick to the side of Billy’s head for a two count. Billy rolls Owen up but can’t get a three count. Yoko gets the tag and they double team Billy briefly. Yoko misses an elbow drop.

Billy tries to hit a leg drop but misses. Yoko misses a big splash and both mean are down on the canvas. Bart gets the tag and drops Owen with a clothesline followed by a backdrop. Bart cleans house punching Yoko and clotheslining Owen again followed by a back suplex/neck breaker combo on Owen. Yoko is knocked to the floor as Billy rolls Owen up for the win. (*1/2. Well, that wasn’t all that great and was a quick encounter. That was kind of a bummer because the fans seemed genuinely interested in seeing these two teams compete.)

Main Event: WWF World Champion Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker: Hart avoids Taker in the corner and opens up with right hands but Taker isn’t hurt at all. Taker sends Hart into the corner and begins to choke Bret as the fans are clearly more behind Taker at this point it appears. Taker lifts Hart up by his throat and drops the champ down to the canvas. Taker works over Hart with strikes in the corner. Bret tries to fight back with punches to the midsection but is stopped by a throat thrust. Taker scoop slam the champ and drops an elbow. Bret avoids a third elbow drop attempt and goes on the attack with right hands. Hart comes off the ropes but runs into a big boot. Taker takes Hart down to the canvas by choking him. Bret tries to work on the arm of Taker but is knocked down with a short arm clothesline. Taker walks the top rope and comes across the left shoulder of the Hitman. Taker runs into a big boot in the corner and Hart hits a middle rope clothesline but Taker doesn’t fall down.

Hart clotheslines Taker over the top to the floor and hits a slingshot cross body to finally knock Taker off his feet. Taker catches Hart coming off the apron and rams the champ back first into the ring post. Hart counters another ring post shot by sending Taker shoulder first into the post. Hart sends Taker shoulder first into the ring steps by countering an irish whip. Back in the ring, Hart begins to focus his attack on the left knee of the challenger. Hart comes down across the leg of Taker as he tries to weaken the limb for the Sharpshooter. Bret locks in a figure four in the middle of the ring. Taker turns over onto his stomach but Bret reaches the ropes rather quickly to break the hold. Hart stomps away on the left knee and wraps Taker’s knee around the ring post a few times. Bret continues to work over the knee but Taker fights back with a clothesline. Bret gets out of the tombstone but is punched off the apron to the floor.

Taker is dropped throat first across the top rope and Hart plants Taker with a DDT. Bret follows up with a bulldog but Taker sits up. Hart takes Taker down to the mat again with a side Russian leg sweep but Taker again sits up. Hart drives Taker to the mat with a back breaker and goes to the middle rope to hit a forearm drop. Hart goes for the Sharpshooter but Taker grabs Bret by the throat to get out of the hold. They collide in the middle of the ring with a double clothesline. Taker ducks a clothesline and plants Hart with a choke slam dropping the champ close to the ropes. Taker has the cover but Bret gets his foot on the bottom rope. Taker signals for the end and sends Hart hard chest first into the corner. Taker has the tombstone but here comes Diesel to run in and cause a disqualification by knee lifting Taker to the floor. Diesel attacks Hart and makes the motion that he should be the champion. Diesel goes for the power bomb but Taker returns to the ring and has a confrontation with Big Daddy Cool, which the crowd is eating up. The ring fills up with heels as Yokozuna manages to take Taker down with a belly to belly suplex! Taker sits up and Yokozuna is scared to death and bails the ring. Diesel stands tall in the ring as the fans boo the former WWF World Champion. Bret Hart enters the ring and clotheslines Diesel over the top and takes him out with a suicide dive! Bret returns to the ring and taunts Diesel by holding the championship as Diesel is held back on the floor by several officials. (***. An enjoyable main event that saw Hart play the heel role for a little while due to the overwhelming baby face reaction that Taker was receiving. It seems like the NY crowd was sick of Bret’s character by this time as he was getting booed even after the Diesel interaction. The whole thing made for an interesting viewing experience. They got plenty of time to put together a match and they delivered a satisfying bout.)

Final Thoughts:
While the show is a loaded one for 1995 WWF, only the main event really sticks out as anything worthwhile. There were a few other average matches on the show, but it was largely a show that had top names on it that didn’t deliver in the ring. Thus, I have to give the overall show a thumbs down.

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