TNA Slammiversary 2015


Slammiversary XIII features a non-sanctioned match between Magnus and James Storm. Davey Richards and Austin Aries compete in singles action. The main event is the return of the King of the Mountain match as Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway, Eric Young, Bobby Roode and the returning Jeff Jarrett all do battle to win the TNA King of the Mountain Championship

Total Non-Stop Action presents Slammiversary XIII
: 6/28/2015
From: Orlando, FL

Opening Contest: TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. DJ Z in an elimination match: Manik dropkicks Z and hammers away on Uno to open the match. Manik is dropkicked by both opponents. Z takes Manik over with a hurricanrana. Uno dropkicks Z to the floor but is tripped by Manik from the floor. Uno dropkicks Manik to the floor but is stopped by Z with a shoulder. Manik drops Z face first across the apron and Uno takes them out with a corkscrew dive! Z is dropped off the middle rope and Manik shoves Uno off the top rope. Manik hits a back breaker on Uno for a near fall. Manik drops Z with a springboard dropkick to the floor. Manik counters a DDT attempt by driving his knee into Z’s head. Manik hits Uno with a spinning back elbow for a near fall. Manik continues to work over Uno with a snap suplex and a back suplex. Z dropkicks Manik to finally get some momentum and follows up with a springboard back elbow.

Z dropkicks Manik and arm drags Uno. Z isn’t able to hit his DDT fem the apron but drops Manik with a double knee strike. Z sends Manik over the top onto Uno on the floor. Z takes both men out with a somersault dive to the floor. Uno knocks Z off the middle rope and does the same to Manik. Z crotches Uno on the top rope and hooks Uno up with a reverse neck breaker but Manik takes Z down with a power bomb to finish off that Tower of Doom spot! Manik covers Z but only gets a near fall. Z hits a top rope hurricanrana on Manik and a moonsault on Uno for a near fall. Uno drops Z in the corner and follows up with a running dropkick. Uno hits a split legged twisting senton to eliminate Z.

Manik misses a springboard dropkick as Uno moved out of the way. Uno gets a near fall following a kick to the head. Uno misses a top rope leg drop. Manik heads to the top rope but misses a frog splash as Uno got his knees up and nearly rolls Manik up for a victory. Manik drives his knees into Uno’s chest and heads to the top to hit the frog splash but can’t get a three count on the cover. Uno sends Manik into the corner with a German suplex followed by a split legged corkscrew splash for the win. (***. A fine opener here, but I was most impressed by DJ Z who appears to have improved quite a bit since the last time I watched a match of his in 2012. This was the expected fast pace contest with several high spots that displayed the workers well.)

Manink diving onto DJ Z and Tigre Uno.
Manink diving onto DJ Z and Tigre Uno.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash seemingly says goodbye to the fans before bringing in Robbie E. Robbie says that the fans know him to be wild and crazy. However, tonight the chicken dance Robbie is gone because Jessie Godderz put a chair around his throat and sent him into a ring post. Robbie says that Godderz has and will always be known as his bitch.

Jessie Godderz cuts a promo before the next match telling everyone to look at him as he is clearly obsessed with his body. He was stuck with Robbie for awhile and says that Robbie has no idea what it takes to be a man. Jessie says that he did Robbie a favor for allowing him to hangout with him. Here comes Robbie to get the match going.

Second Contest: Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz: Jessie goes to the floor but is sent face first into the apron. Robbie pummels Jessie on the floor before sending his former bro into the ring. Robbie stomps on Jessie and hits a spear in the corner. Robbie comes off the ropes to drop Jessie with a clothesline and leg drop for a near fall. Jessie stops Robbie with a knee lift but is backdropped over the top to the floor. Robbie takes Jessie out with a slingshot cross body. Godderz sends Robbie into the ring steps and hits a power slam on the floor. Godderz stomps away on Robbie as he rolled into the ring. Jessie sends Robbie into the corner back first and taunts the fans afterward. Godderz hits a standing dropkick and poses for the fans. Jessie continues his control with a back breaker but Robbie kicks out at two. Robbie gets out of a bear hug and hits a middle rope clothesline. They trade right hands until Robbie knocks Jessie down several times with clotheslines and spikes Jessie with a DDT for a near fall.

Godderz attempts a power bomb and hits it in the corner. They both go down following a double clothesline. Jessie cuts Robbie off with a big clothesline. Jessie plants Robbie with a power bomb but can’t put Robbie away. Jessie locks in a Boston Crab but Robbie reaches the bottom rope. Robbie gets the win following a reverse DDT as he countered a suplex attempt. (**. They worked hard, but I was rather bored with the match and the finish didn’t seem suitable for the match.)

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Matt Hardy who talks about the main event. Hardy is looking forward to adding the King of the Mountain Championship to his list of titles held. Matt is going to win the match, so he says.

Matt Morgan issues a challenge to Bram to make their match a street fight. Bram accepts.

Third Contest: Matt Morgan vs. Bram in a street fight: They trade right hands with Morgan getting the better of the exchange. Morgan shoulder blocks and clotheslines Bram. Morgan drops Bram face first across the top turnbuckle. Morgan jumps on Bram over the top and rolls over to the floor. Morgan leg drops Bram on the apron. Morgan kicks Bram head first into the guard railing. Bram goes under the ring trying to get away from Morgan but instead has a metal turnbuckle and whacks Morgan a couple of times with the object. Bram tosses a trash can into the ring and hits Matt over the head with a cooking sheet. Bram nails Matt with a trash can on the floor and taunts him. Bram uses a trash can lid to nail Morgan over the head.

Bram uses a chair to choke Morgan on the outside. Morgan clotheslines Bram and hits a side slam in the ring. Morgan attempts a choke slam but Bram gets out of that with elbow shots. Morgan bicycle kicks a trash can into Bram’s face. Bram drops Morgan throat first across the top rope and is under the ring looking for another weapon but can’t find the weapon. Morgan blocks a chair shot and choke slams Bram onto a chair for a near fall! Bram low blows Matt and plants Morgan over a chair with the DDT for the win. (*1/4. Well, that was train wreck of a match. It seemed like they got lost towards the end. There has to be better use of Bram. I could live without seeing Morgan again.)

Backstage, Ethan Carter and Tyrus are interviewed. Carter feels and looks like a champion. He says the entire world will see him become the champion this Wednesday. Tyrus tells Carter to focus on Kurt Angle and he will take care of tonight. Carter says changes start tonight with Borash and his toupee. Tyrus yanks on his hair, but it’s real so it doesn’t come off.

Fourth Contest: Davey Richards vs. Austin Aries: The winner chooses the stipulation for match five in their best of five series. Richards clubs Aries across the back as the start of the contest is a rather slow one. They counter several go-behinds with Davey getting a near fall on a rollup and Aries bails to the floor. Aries knee lifts Richards and leg sweeps Davey down before missing an elbow drop. Aries bails to the floor again to regroup. Aries comes back in and works over Richards with several strikes up agains the ropes. Davey ducks a clothesline to dropkick Aries to the floor. Davey big boots Aries off the apron but Aries runs away to the aisle way. Richards follows and they brawl briefly on the floor with Richards sending Austin into the ring steps. Davey hammers away on Aries while standing on a chair on the outside. Richards heads to the top but is crotched by Aries who knocks Davey off to the floor. Aries leaps off the top to deliver an axe handle shot.

Aries rolls Richards into the ring and hits a slingshot senton followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Aries works over Davey in the corner with shoulder rams and snap mares Davey to hit a middle rope forearm shot to the back for a near fall. Aries gets a near fall following a springboard back elbow and plays to the crowd. Aries kicks Davey several times in the chest and Richards fights back with a few of his own. Aries blocks a kick but is sent over the top to the floor. Davey takes Aries out with a suicide dive! Davey is on the top as he hits a missile dropkick and is fired up. Davey kicks Austin a few times in the chest but only manages a near fall as Aries is looking to tag out to Bobby Roode, who isn’t there because it’s not a tag match!

Richards superkicks Aries and nearly wins with a German suplex. Austin goes to the apron looking for a tag again but is trying to recover on the apron. Aries rakes Davey’s eyes and rolls in to clap Davey’s head. Aries takes Davey out with a suicide dive of his own. Aries connects with a top rope dropkick to send Richards into the corner. Aries looks for a running dropkick in the corner but Davey blocked it. Aries plants Richards with a back suplex and locks in the Last Chancery but Richards reaches the bottom rope to break the hold. Davey counters the brain buster with a knee to the head and follows up with a forearm shot but Aries hits a running dropkick! Richards drops Aries with an inverted slam for a two count! They are clubbing it on their knees with Richards winning the battle following a kick to the chest and a running yakuza kick in the corner. Richards hits an overhead suplex and goes to the top to hit the double stomp but Aries kicks out a two! Bobby Roode makes his way down to ringside and gets on the apron but Eddie Edwards is out and yanks Roode down. Aries rolls Richards up and gets the cheap victory. (***1/2. That was a pretty damn good match with a cheap finish. Richards and Aries worked very well and the fans were into it completely. It would have gotten an extra half star had there been a better finish.) After the match, Aries announces that the final match will be a bra and panties match… he is just kidding. It will be a 30-minute Ironman match on Wednesday.

Davey Richards hitting the suicide dive on Austin Aries.
Davey Richards hitting the suicide dive on Austin Aries.

Aries tried to get a submission with the Last Chancery.
Aries tried to get a submission with the Last Chancery.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Eric Young who says he is ready for the main event. He is ready to hold the title because he has held every single title TNA has had to offer. Young isn’t worried or scared of anybody but suggests that Jarrett be worried.

Fifth Contest: Awesome Kong & Brooke vs. The Dollhouse: This is a handicap match and it will get the quick treatment. Brooke hits a tope rope face buster on Jade to win the match for her team.

Backstage, Magnus talks about the anniversary for TNA and says that tonight he and James Storm shine bright on pay per view for the last time. Magnus says the company has been his home for six years and is proud of his time in the company. Magnus recalls Storm going after his son and Mickie. Magnus doesn’t hate Storm, but instead loves his family. He tells us the devil can’t stop him tonight because he is already inside.

Sixth Contest: Magnus vs. James Storm in a non-sanctioned match: They start brawling on the floor as the bell rings with Magnus working over Storm with right hands and hitting Storm with a drink to the face. Magnus sends Storm face first into the ring post a couple of times. Storm pokes Magnus in the eyes and taunts the fans as he gets control but is sent into the railing back first. They are in the crowd working their way towards the backstage area as Magnus has a table set up with concessions. Storm counters a power bomb attempt with a backdrop to send Magnus through the table. Magnus sends James face first into the railing but Storm quickly comes back with a side Russian leg sweep into the railing. Storm has a beer bottle and spits at Josh Matthews for saying he is going too far. Magnus is up and they enter the ring with Magnus dropping Storm with a clothesline. Magnus slides a table into the ring but is met with a low blow from Storm.

Magnus drops Storm and catapults James face first into the bottom of the table! Storm hits Magnus with an object that isn’t seen very well as they are brawling again towards the backstage area. There is a guy saying that they are near high voltage stuff. Magnus misses a big boot and hits the electric box. They are making their way bad towards the ring as Magnus misses a springboard axe handle from off the ring steps. Storm gets a near fall in the ring. Storm sets up a table and looks for the Eye of the Storm but Magnus counters and power bombs Storm through the table! Magnus nails Storm with a baseball slide on the floor but Storm stops Magnus with a knee and plants Magnus with an elevated DDT. Storm grabs another table from under the ring. Storm sends Magnus into the ring post and places Magnus on the table. Storm gets in a confrontation with the referee which allows Magnus to recover and send Storm into the ring post.

Storm is laying across the table on the outside as Magnus enters the ring and climbs to the top rope. Magnus leaps off the top but misses an elbow drop and crashes through the table! Storm covers Magnus in the ring but can’t get a three count! Storm gets a bag of powder but Magnus tosses it into Storm’s face and the referee. Magnus side slams Storm but the referee is blinded and can’t count the cover. Storm gets up to nail Magnus with the Last Call for a near fall. Storm has his cowbell but misses a shot and Magnus side slams Storm for a two count. Storm whacks Magnus with the cowbell followed by two Last Call super kicks but Magnus won’t stay down on the cover. Storm goes under the ring and slides a piece of guard railing into the ring. Storm also slides two chairs into the ring. Storm lays the guard railing across two chairs and kicks Magnus onto the railing. Magnus stops James on the top and hits a superplex onto the guard railing! Magnus has the cover but Storm kicks out at two. Magnus and Storm both grab beer bottles unbeknownst to each other. They proceed to whack each other with beer bottles and Storm lands on top to win the match. (****. I really enjoyed this match as they kept the brawling to a entertaining pace and the spots here made sense considering the storyline. Had the match started with a traditional wrestling start I would have been annoyed but this was a fight from the beginning. A really fun match between these two.)

Magnus hitting the superplex on Storm across the guard railing.
Magnus hitting the superplex on Storm across the guard railing.

Backstage, Drew Galloway is interviewed about the main event. Galloway talks about this being his first pay per view main event and TNA pay per view. Galloway says it is not about MVP and the BDC. He will be the King of the Mountain tonight.

Seventh Contest: Lashley & Mr. Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III & Tyrus: Anderson and Carter kick off the bout with Anderson taking Carter down with an arm drag. Anderson takes Carter down with a fireman’s carry and tags in Lashley. Lashley takes Carter down as well with a go-behind takedown. Lashley works over Carter with several strikes in the corner followed by a spear. Carter counters a vertical suplex and chops Lashley, which doesn’t do much to him. Carter pokes Lashley in the eyes but is dropped with a clothesline. Lashley takes Carter over with a snap suplex but Tyrus choke slams Lashley from the apron! Tyrus tags in and hammers away on Lashley hitting a scoop slam as well. Tyrus has a nerve hold on Lashley to weaken Lashley. Tyrus sends Lashley into the corner and hits a big splash. Carter tags in but misses a splash in the corner. Anderson gets the tag and drops Carter with several strikes and a neck breaker.

Anderson plants Carter with a rolling fireman’s carry for a two count. Tyrus enters but Carter trips Anderson as he had Tyrus on his shoulders. Carter nearly pins Anderson as Lashley breaks up the cover attempt. Tyrus drives his backside into Anderson in the corner and tags in Carter to maintain control of the contest. Anderson tries to tag in Lashley but Tyrus enters to distract the referee. Lashley gets the hot tag anyway and takes Carter over with a couple of belly to belly suplexs. Lashley runs into a back elbow but power slams Carter for a near fall. Lashley looks for the Dominator but Carter gets out of it and hits a TKO! Lashley avoids the One Percenter and plants Carter with a spine buster. Tyrus is hammered away on by both Anderson and Lashley. Tyrus misses a clothesline and is dropped by a double shoulder block. Tyrus blocks a double suplx attempt and takes both Anderson and Lashley over with a suplex. Tyrus decks Anderson over the top to the floor. Lashley ducks a spike attempt and spears Tyrus! Carter quickly hits the One Percenter on Lashley to get the pin fall. (*1/2. A really basic tag match between these four guys. Carter winning makes sense and the victory being clean just establishes him even more. Carter has really found his groove in the company.)

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Jarrett talks about how the wrestling business has been buzzing about why the Global Force Wrestling founders are standing in TNA. Jarrett is going to take one last walk down the aisle and have one last match. Jarrett says if he can get the championship then the relationship will go to a whole new global level.

King of the Mountain rules are simple. You must pin someone or make them submit in order to become eligible to put the championship on the hook. It’s a reverse ladder match. The person who is involved in the fall will then have to spend two minutes in the penalty box.

Main Event: Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy vs. Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Jarrett in a King of the Mountain Match for the vacant TNA King of the Mountain Championship: Hardy and Roode hammer away on each other while Young and Galloway go at it. Jarrett is standing by himself in the ring while the other four brawl on the outside. Roode works over Hardy in the corner and turns his attention to Jarrett but Jarrett hammers away on Roode hitting a backdrop as well. Young goes after Jarrett but is backdropped as well. Jarrett drop toe holds Young and jumps onto Young’s back while he was across the middle rope. Roode rolls Jarrett up from behind and pins Jarrett to become eligible! Jarrett goes to the penalty box for two minutes.

Roode clotheslines Galloway over the top to the floor and grabs a ladder. Roode has the championship but Hardy knocks Roode down to prevent him from using the ladder. Hardy sends Roode back first into the corner but runs into a back elbow. Hardy plants Roode with the Side Effect for a near fall. Galloway nails Hardy with a big boot but Roode plants Galloway with a spine buster. Hardy and Roode hit each other with clotheslines as Jarrett leaves the penalty box. Young sends Jarrett into the box and hits a DDT on the floor. Young covers Jarrett and get a three count. Jarrett goes back to the penalty box.

Young has the championship and makes his way up the ladder but Hardy pushes the ladder over. Hardy rams the ladder into Young and Roode. Galloway hits the Future Shock DDT onto the ladder on Hardy, but he hurt himself too. Roode breaks up the cover to prevent Galloway from being eligible. Roode drops Hardy with a front suplex. Young uses the ladder on Roode and works over Galloway sending him into the ladder back first. Hardy is sent face first into the ladder as well. Jarrett leaves the penalty box and he cleans house with right hands. Young stops Jarrett with a low blow sending Jarrett to the floor. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Roode! Galloway rolls Young up and they both get pin falls. Hardy hits a neck breaker on Galloway as Young and Roode head to the penalty box. While in the penalty box they make a plan to work together.

Hardy and Galloway are on top of the ladder but Jarrett tips the ladder over. Jarrett hits the Stroke on Galloway but Hardy breaks up the cover attempt! Jarrett counters the Twist of Fate with the Stroke but only gets a near fall. Young and Roode leave the box and go to work on Hardy and Galloway hitting a double suplex. Roode scoop slams Jarrett and Young hits a top rope elbow drop. They do the Team Canada pose. Young turns on Roode and looks for the piledriver but Roode gets out of it and clotheslines Young over the top to the floor. Hardy elbows Galloway in the corner and heads to the top but Galloway cuts him off. Drew hits a back suplex while Jarrett hit a power bomb. Roode and Young cover Hardy and Galloway to become eligible. Jarrett is the only man not to be eligible.

Roode, Young and Jarrett begin to trade strikes. Jarrett clotheslines Roode but is knocked down by Young. Eric grabs Jarrett’s guitar but is met with a low blow from Jarrett. Jarrett has the guitar and smashes the guitar over Roode’s head to finally get a three count and is eligible to hang the championship. Hardy and Galloway leave the penalty box. Galloway and Hardy are on the top of the ladder but they fall off and Jarrett rams a second ladder into them to tip the ladder over. Jarrett climbs the ladder with the championship but Young grabs Jarrett and they fall to the apron. Jarrett attempted the Stroke but Young counters and piledrives Jarrett onto a ladder that was laid across the railing and apron!

A sick piledriver by Young on Jarrett onto a ladder.
A sick piledriver by Young on Jarrett onto a ladder.

Hardy hammers away on Young and Roode comes over to get a piece of the action. Galloway is on top of the penalty box and he leaps off to hit a swanton bomb onto everyone!

Galloway takes everyone out with a swanton off the penalty box.
Galloway takes everyone out with a swanton off the penalty box.

Galloway has the championship and begins to climb the ladder. Hardy has rolled back into the ring to stop Drew from hanging the championship. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate off the ladder! Hardy grabs the championship and climbs the ladder but Roode prevents Hardy from winning the match. Roode power bombs Hardy and grabs the championship. Young nails Roode over the back with the ladder and sets a ladder up next to Roode. Young nails Roode with the championship and climbs the ladder. Jarrett stops Young and hits the Stroke from off the ladder. Jarrett grabs the championship and climbs the ladder where he hangs the belt to win the match. (***1/2. Usually the KOTM match is a fun match and this was the case here as well. While the match lacked any real reasoning to happen and was last minute, it was a fun match with plenty of spots that I wouldn’t expect to see, including Jarrett taking a piledriver off the apron onto a ladder. The victory for Jarrett is rather predictable but keeps viewers wondering what will happen next. A good main event to close the anniversary show.)

Final Thoughts:
I give TNA a lot of crap because they are usually pretty bad with their decisions as of late, but the show featured a good opener, Aries/Richards was really good, an excellent Storm/Magnus match and the main event was what the KOTM is all about. The good stuff outweighed the bad here, thus Slammiversary gets a mild recommendation from me.

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