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Would You Go To This Show? Volume Thirteen


By the fall of 1991, the Ultimate Warrior had left the WWF in a controversial fashion and Sid Justice had made his debut for the company after having been in WCW for a few years. In Springfield, MA Sid replaced Warrior in the main event six man tag attraction. Would the replacement and rest of the card entice you to attend the show?


Opening Contest: Ricky Steamboat vs. IRS
This doesn’t appear to be an awful choice to kickoff the show as IRS is a new character for the company and was getting a decent crowd reaction. Steamboat was still in top form in the ring that would last until his retirement in 1994 due to injury. I’d pay to see Steamboat and this is a decent enough of a match that I would want to see.

Second Contest: Jim Duggan vs. The Berzerker
Duggan has always been widely popular and Berzerker has been the complete opposite. I’m trying to think of a way that I would want to possibly see this, but nothing is coming to my mind. I’m bored just typing about it, frankly.

The Warlord
The Warlord

Third Contest: The Warlord vs. Virgil
I don’t know why, but when I was younger I was a fan of the underdog Virgil. Of course, as I got older and his over exposure in WCW, I realized that he wasn’t all that great in the ring. However, in 1991 he seemed to be a decent worker. Warlord is a monster and had a good look despite his lack of in-ring skill. I could see this being an entertaining extended squash for Warlord. It doesn’t appear to really hurt the show all that much.

Fourth Contest: The Bushwhackers vs. The Beverly Brothers
Nope. I don’t have any interest in seeing the Bushwhackers live as the act never connected with me. I dread reviewing their match and I try to keep that limited as much as possible. The Beverly Brothers were an average tag team, at best. I’d pass on wanting to see this contest.

Fifth Contest: Mario Mancini vs. Skinner
I honestly had no idea who the hell Mario Mancini was off the top of my head. Upon a search, he was just an enhancement talent. Originally, The Texas Tornado was to be competing against Skinner. That would have been far more interesting.

DiBiase and Hart have squared off prior to this show.
DiBiase and Hart have squared off prior to this show.

Sixth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart vs. Ted DiBiase
Easily the most interesting match on the show. Two great wrestlers and DiBiase would shine as a heel while putting over the new champion. They’ve had a television match previously on Saturday Night’s Main Event, I believe and it was a good encounter. I’m a fan of both men and interest in seeing those two live would be very, very high.

Main Event: Sid Justice & WWF World Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom vs. The Undertaker & The Nasty Boys
It’s a rather loaded main event with Sid and Taker squaring off along with a rematch from SummerSlam between LOD and the Nasty Boys. Similar to my opinion on Virgil, when I was a kid I was a fan or at least interested in Sid Justice. I know he has negative reputation but he was usually entertaining in some way. LOD was at the top of their popularity in the WWF while the Undertaker had a big presence. I’d probably most want to see Taker and Justice square off in the ring and I’m sure the Nasty Boys would get a beating from the champs that would be fun to watch, as well. Seems like a worthwhile main event to me.

Honestly, before I started to write this I didn’t think the show was all that appealing. However, after thinking about the matches, aside from three of them, it’s not a bad lineup. Hart/DiBiase, the main event and to a lesser extent Steamboat/IRS could all have entertaining qualities to them. Hart/DiBiase is the main appeal to me but the main event would be a good way to close the night out. Would I go to this show? Yeah, I would, but not spend too much on it. Spend some money on the cheap seats and enjoy the show with the bad stuff either being a bathroom/food break or hopefully kept short.

Would you go to this show? What matches would be of most interest to you? Leave your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading.

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