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SMW TV 2/6/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Newton, North Carolina

1.) Reno Riggins defeated Robbie Eagle
2.) Killer Kyle defeated Johnny Kid
3.) Brian Lee defeated the Dark Secret
4.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tracy Smothers defeated Shawn Powers
5.) Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated Bart & Brad Batten

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dutch Mantel has a sign to start the show that said “Cornette, our friendship is over!” Dutch says he isn’t going to Down & Dirty this week because he doesn’t want to interview Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies.

2.) Ron Wright comes out with Robbie Eagle saying that Eagle is his new protege since Reno Riggins embarrassed him a few weeks ago. Wright has given Eagle five minutes of training, which should be enough to win against Riggins.

3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy comes out to confront Riggins following his victory. White Boy calls Riggins the dumbest person for declining Ron Wright’s offer. White Boy slaps Riggins and the referee holds Riggins back as he is livid about that happening. DWB escorts Wright to the backstage area. Reno goes over to Bob Caudle for an interview. Riggins says that White Boy just slapped a man and he is going to fight Dirty White Boy next week!

4.) Bob Armstrong called into the show regarding the tag team title change that happened last week. Armstrong is in Japan and can’t make a comment until he sees the footage. He does say that if Tom Pritchard uses his loaded boot again he will be fined $5,000.

5.) Kevin Sullivan and the Nightstalker are interviewed about Sullivan’s upcoming first blood match with Brian Lee on February 19th. Sullivan says that Bob Armstrong is the mental one for making such a match. Kevin says he could hardly breath following the announcement. He had a dream that he was in the tree of woe while hearing the death wagon starting to roll. He said that Brian Lee was in the wagon that was full of dead bodies. Sullivan freaks out again until Nightstalker puts a cloth over his eyes to calm him down. Nightstalker chimes in and says they do whatever they want whenever they want to do it.

6.) Rock N’ Roll Express come out for an interview about what happened last week. Ricky Morton says they don’t care who they have to wrestle in order to get their titles back. They aren’t here to play, they are here to stay.

7.) Bob Caudle is in the ring to interview Jim Cornette, Bobby Eaton and the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies. Cornette rips on Dutch Mantel for not interviewing them. Cornette says that they regained their rightful place in SMW thanks to Bobby Eaton. Stan Lane thanks the Lord for bringing Bobby Eaton back to them. Tom Pritchard welcomes Eaton to the group, as well. Cornette hypes up six man tag matches against the Stud Stable. Cornette says that the Heavenly Bodies are a corporation and says any member of the corporation can defend the tag titles. It’s essentially the Freebird rule. Cornette says that when they take prisoners they aren’t going to let them go but rather they are going to squeeze and never let go. Lane says it is bad what the women will do to get their attention.

8.) Kevin Sullivan and the Nightstalker come to the ring after Brian Lee’s match. Lee is cornered in the ring but Tim Horner tosses a 2×4 for Lee who charges but the heels bail to the floor. Lee and Horner are interviewed. Horner tells Lee that he is going to stand by Lee and he will have his back as long as they are friends. Horner is going to make sure that Brian has a fair match with Sullivan in Knoxville. Lee is going to bust Sullivan’s head wide open on February 19th in Knoxville.

9.) Bob Caudle interviews Tracy Smothers following his easy victory. Smothers says he can do a lot with $1,000 such as getting a new riding lawn mower. Tracy promises to throw a party if he wins the $5,000 bonus. Smothers tells Dirty White Boy that he is hot on his tail and is gunning for the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Smothers is supportive of Reno Riggins for declining to join Wright and White Boy. Smothers promises to mess White Boy up the next time they square off.

10.) The Stud Stable is interviewed to end the program. Golden puts over the Fuller leg lock as a hold that nobody has ever gotten out of. Robert Fuller calls out the Rock N’ Roll Express to meet them in the ring at any time. They are still determined to have the SMW Tag Team Championships. Golden says it doesn’t matter who has them, they are going to be the champions.

Final Thoughts:
Not much really taking place on the program this week as it didn’t have a feature bout or anything. A lot of the segments were just angle advancements with promos to hype up bigger shows that aren’t televised. Thus, it’ a skippable show since nothing memorable happened.

Thanks for reading.

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