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SMW TV 2/13/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Newton, North Carolina

1.) Reno Riggins defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy by reverse decision in a non-title match
2.) Bart Batten defeated Kevin Sullivan by disqualification
3.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Dark Secret & Robbie Eagle
4.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tracy Smothers defeated Paul Orndorff

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright cut a promo on Reno Riggins. White Boy says that Reno Riggins made a mistake embarrassing Ron Wright several weeks ago and is going to show him why he is the SMW Heavyweight Champion.

2.) Riggins gets a few strikes in on White Boy in the early moments of the contest before hitting a top rope cross body for a near fall. White Boy stops Riggins with a side slam and drives Riggins down with a choke slam but pulls Reno up at two on the cover. White Boy continues to work over Riggins with kicks to the midsection and strikes. White Boy hammers away on Riggins with right hands in the corner. The referee asks Riggins if he wants to give up, but Reno refuses. White Boy continues to hammer away until Tracy Smothers comes out and tosses the white towel into the ring to end the match. White Boy continues to beat on Reno delivering a low blow. Smothers enters the ring and confront the champion. The referee reverses the decision awarding the match to Riggins. White Boy leaves the ring without any physical contact with Smothers. (*1/2. It was more of an angle than a match, but it was mildly entertaining. Riggins could be promoted as an underdog who doesn’t give up. I want to see Smothers/White Boy in singles action as that would probably be a fun match to watch.)

3.) Bob Caudle chats with the Nightstalker and Kevin Sullivan. Nightstalker says that Brian Lee has one friend in Tim Horner. Nightstalker is going to beat the crap out of Tim Horner and wants them to bring it on. Sullivan tells us that he is ready for war. He is ready to face Armstrong’s army of rats. He is ready to do battle in first blood with Brian Lee.

4.) Nightstalker and Sullivan waste no time attacking Bart Batten and Sullivan uses the spike several times. There is a big red X censoring the scene as Bart is busted wide open. Brian Lee enters the ring and cleans house hammering away on Nightstalker. Lee clotheslines Nightstalker over the top to the floor as Sullivan bailed to the floor. Lee tries to help Bart to the floor but is choked from behind by Nightstalker with a cloth and chokes Brian out in the ring. Tim Horner runs down to make the save for Lee with a barbell!

5.) Down & Dirty this week is with the Stud Stable to promote the feuds with the Heavenly Bodies and the Rock N’ Roll Express. We see footage from WCW Saturday Night where the Heavenly Bodies and Bobby Eaton attacked the Rock N’ Roll Express. Dutch is sitting down with Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller. Golden wants to know what is going on and feels like they are being overlooked. Golden wants to know when they get some acknowledgment. Fuller says that when you have the belts you are a star. Fuller says they are going to get the attention of the Heavenly Bodies and they are going to get the tag titles.

6.) Bob Caudle is with Tim Horner and Brian Lee. Horner says he is going to be there for Brian Lee so he can get first blood. Lee says he hasn’t been able to sleep because he is looking forward to the first blood match on February 19th. Lee is going to take out any lack of sleep out on Sullivan.

7.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed after their victory. Morton says that they have been through a lot over the years. The only thing that is on their mind is to win the SMW Tag Team Championships. Morton says that anytime the Heavenly Bodies want to put the titles on the line they will be there. Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are in the ring to call out the Rock N’ Roll Express for a fight. Morton and Gibson leave and have a brawl with the Heavenly Bodies despite being out numbered three to two. Morton is dropped throat first across the top rope and Gibson is scoop slammed. Morton and Gibson are laid out int he ring as Cornette enters and uses his tennis racket on the duo. Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden enter with steel chairs and whack the Heavenly Bodies over the head with them. Eaton is hit three times with the chair. The Bodies leave the ring and they use the chairs on the Rock N’ Roll Express! Morton and Gibson are laid out in the ring to end the segment.

8.) Tracy Smothers was scheduled to wrestle Paul Lee, but Dirty White Boy comes to the ring with Paul Orndorff telling us that Paul Lee has come down with the flu and Paul Orndorff will be taking his place for the match. Smothers comes out and knows that White Boy and Orndorff did something to Paul Lee. Smothers has all the respect for Orndorff and is ready to take him on.

9.) Orndorff pulls Smothers down by the hair but Smothers quickly comes back with a hip toss and Paul backs off to stall the momentum. Orndorff works over Smothers with right hands to drop the champion and drops Tracy throat first across the top rope. Tracy is over the middle rope when Orndorff jumps onto his back. Orndorff gets a near fall following a back elbow and drives Smothers face first into the canvas. White Boy gets a cheap shot in while the referee was distracted. Orndorff continues his offense with a clothesline and a forearm drop for a near fall. Orndorff runs into a big boot in the corner and Smothers hammers away on the challenger. White Boy gets on the apron to cause a distraction and Orndorff delivers a running knee strike. Orndorff goes for the piledriver but the referee prevents that from happening and Smothers backdrops Orndorff! Orndorff is sent into White Boy knocking him off the apron and Tracy rolls Orndorff up for the victory! (*1/2. Not a great match but it at least featured two major guys. The idea was to protect Orndorff as he is a top heel and the victory helps Smothers a lot. Smothers is being booked pretty well as he is probably the best in-ring worker the company has at this point.) After the match, Orndorff isn’t happy with what happened so he spikes Smothers with a piledriver.

10.) Bob Caudle is with Tracy Smothers for an interview. Smothers says he wasn’t prepared for Orndorff and says that victory was the biggest victory of his career. Tracy can’t believe what happened to the referee and hopes he is okay. Dirty White Boy comes over to confront Smothers. White Boy tells Smothers there is no way that Smothers will get the $5,000 bonus. White Boy assures Smothers he will never get a shot at his championship. Tracy wants a piece of White Boy right now. Smothers tells White Boy he is going to kick his ass and take the title. DWB tells Smothers that we will see about that. White Boy leaves as Smothers continues to hype up his possible $5,000 bonus.

Final Thoughts:
A good episode as the main segment involving the tag team scene was done nicely. I like that the Stud Stable isn’t identified as heels or faces but rather as a team that is beating up anyone and everybody. The feud between Smothers and White Boy was advanced well on the episode, too.

Thanks for reading.

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