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UPDATED! WWE & TNA PPVs 2006 – 2015

A bunch of reviews have been added. TNA and WWE pay per views from 2008 to present day to officially have all their monthly pay per views here on the site!

NWA-TNA Destination X 2006
NWA-TNA Hard Justice 2006
NWA-TNA Genesis 2006
NWA-TNA Turning Point 2006

NWA-TNA Final Resolution 2007
TNA Hard Justice 2007
NWA-TNA Destination X 2007
TNA Turning Point 2007

TNA Against All Odds 2008
TNA Hard Justice 2008

TNA Destination X 2010
TNA Turning Point 2010
TNA Final Resolution 2010

TNA Genesis 2011
TNA Turning Point 2011

TNA Bound For Glory 2012
TNA Turning Point 2012
TNA Final Resolution 2012

TNA Genesis 2013
TNA Lockdown 2013
TNA Slammiversary XI 2013
TNA Bound For Glory 2013

TNA Lockdown 2014
TNA Slammiversary XII 2014
TNA Bound For Glory 2014

WWE No Way Out 2012
WWE Night Of Champions 2012
WWE Hell In A Cell 2012
WWE Survivor Series 2012
WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2012

WWE Royal Rumble 2013
WWE Elimination Chamber 2013
WWE WrestleMania XXIX
WWE Extreme Rules 2013
WWE Payback 2013
WWE Money In The Bank 2013
WWE SummerSlam 2013
WWE Night of Champions 2013
WWE Battleground 2013
WWE Hell In A Cell 2013
WWE Survivor Series 2013
WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2013

WWE Royal Rumble 2014
WWE WrestleMania XXX
WWE Extreme Rules 2014
WWE Payback 2014
WWE Money In The Bank 2014
WWE Battleground 2014
WWE SummerSlam 2014
WWE Night of Champions 2014
WWE Hell In A Cell 2014
WWE Survivor Series 2014
WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2014

WWE Royal Rumble 2015
WWE Fastlane 2015
WWE WrestleMania XXI
WWE Extreme Rules 2015
WWE Payback 2015
WWE Elimination Chamber 2015
WWE Money In The Bank 2015

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34-year-old currently living in Syracuse, New York. Long-time fan of the New York Mets, Chicago Bulls, and Minnesota Vikings. An avid fan of professional wrestling and write reviews/articles on the product. Usually focusing on old-school wrestling.

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