ECW Hardcore TV 4/11/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Eddie Guerrero defeated ECW Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio to win the title
2.) ECW World Champion Shane Douglas defeated Sandman to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tod Gordon announces that Sabu has refused to perform at ECW Three Way Dance. Sabu has been suspended indefinitely as he rather compete in Japan instead of competing for ECW and its fans.

2.) Cactus Jack cuts a promo about his feud with Terry Funk. Jack says a trick for staying awake for a long car ride is to sing like you are Bob Dillion. He begins to sing like him and says he isn’t the greatest Guns and Roses fan after asking some production guys their favorite song. Cactus says once you get a top spot you don’t let that go. Cactus isn’t leaving ECW but rather he is going to out sing Terry Funk on April 15th. Jack put over Funk as being more of a role model than he ever would be. Funk burned him really bad with a flaming branding iron. Jack asked his mom to tell him the story about the guy who got a flaming branding iron to the head. Jack says that he will be coming after Funk at his home, the ECW Arena.

3.) Terry Funk cuts a promo with his branding iron and says that he is 95% sure that if you take a sobbing fool and make them into a whore is all you are going to get is a degenerate chile. Funk says that is Cactus Jack’s family summed up. Terry wants to make Cactus as angry and furious as he possibly can to make Jack a formidable opponent for himself. Funk says that Jack doesn’t have any wrestling ability. Funk doesn’t believe Jack can walk in his footsteps and he talks about having a family, which is his life. He has something to live for while Cactus doesn’t have that. Funk ends the segment laughing because Jack is all his.

4.) Woman seemingly turned on Sandman by tossing a cane to Shane Douglas to allow a low blow and rollup. After the match, Douglas brought Woman into the ring and they embraced followed by a kiss. Douglas dumps cigarettes onto Sandman, who eventually recovers and smokes a cigarette while clearly upset with the lose.

5.) Sandman cut a promo saying that Woman encouraged him to beat his wife on television. Sandman says wrath is coming for Woman and it’s going to be even worse for her. Sandman promises a beating for Douglas, as well. Sandman is going to win the ECW World Championship and then beat Woman like the bitch she is.

6.) ECW World Champion Shane Douglas and Woman cut a promo. Douglas is happy to be champion with Woman by his side. Douglas says that Sandman simply became the latest casualty to his cause. Douglas is addicted to the gold and doesn’t plan on giving up the belt easily. Douglas believes he deserves the ECW World Championship because he earned it by kicking Sandman’s ass. Douglas is going to shut Sandman’s mouth once and for all on April 15th. Sandman says that he is the lion and Sandman is the prey in his jungle. Woman isn’t afraid of Sandman and claims to be the reason that Sandman became successful and says that Sandman is nothing without him. Woman continues to be the power.

Final Thoughts:
A strong show as it featured two of the top matches from the 4/8 super card event. Douglas and Sandman are able to make their feud interesting with their promos and angle development, but the matches aren’t all that spectacular. Eddie Guerrero competing in ECW marks the beginning of a six month run with the company that is going to be fun viewing experience. Sabu being off of ECW television is a blow, but not a major one due to ECW having a lot of star power for a regional independent wrestling company.

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