ECW Hardcore TV 4/18/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Pitbulls defeated Johnny Hotbody & Tony Stetson
2.) Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer
3.) The Sandman defeated ECW World Champion Shane Douglas to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) ECW Television Champion Eddie Guerrero cut a promo saying that he is a second generation wrestler and knows what wrestling is all about. Eddie says he is ready for all challengers and he is going to stay on top.

2.) The alliance of Douglas and Woman proved to be short-lived as it was all just a setup to allow Sandman to win the championship, just a week later. Douglas had Sandman in a chicken wing submission but Woman hit Douglas over the leg with a kendo stick and Sandman landed on top to get the victory. Following the loss, Douglas went to the floor and got a WWF Monday Night RAW t-shirt and told the fans to kiss his ass as he was jumping to the WWF, a company he had ripped on for the entire time he had been with ECW.

3.) Backstage, Joey Styles interviewed ECW World Champion Sandman who was met by Terry Funk who put over Sandman and then asked when he would get a title shot. Ron Simmons comes over and puts over Sandman. Simmons asks about a title shot as well. Woman tells both men to call her to set up a date. Sandman says that wrestling is dead now that he is champion. Woman asks who has the power now?

4.) Joey Styles reveals that Sandman will have his first title defense on May 5th in Florida against Cactus Jack. A press conference will be aired next week regarding the match, apparently.

Final Thoughts:
Dreamer/Raven is your usual good brawling match between the two hardcore icons. The title win by Sandman marks an end of an era as Douglas had dominated ECW for just over a year and is now off to WWF. Obviously, this isn’t the last of Douglas in an ECW ring, though. Remember, the matches in Philadelphia are matches that happen on super card events and have been reviewed already.

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