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SMW TV 4/3/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Haysi, VA

1.) The Rock N’ Roll Express defeated The Avenger & Mike Sampson
2.) SMW Beat The Champ Television Champion Bobby Eaton defeated Jimmy Golden to retain the title
3.) Brian Lee & Tim Horner defeated Kevin Sullivan & The Nightstalker

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The next few weeks of television were taped prior to the Bluegrass Brawl, so the television stuff is behind what has happened.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed by Bob Caudle about the chain match. Wright insults the South calling them hillbillies. They are both wearing New York Yankees gear. Wright says he has bronchitis that the New York doctors are taking care for him. Wright had 513 chain matches and only lost one chain match due to a fan throwing a liquor bottle into the ring hitting him. White Boy talks about beating up gangs in New York and tells Tracy Smothers to take a look at the chain and thinks that Smothers doesn’t have the guts to tie himself to the chain for their match.

3.) The Avenger is being played by Chris Candido. The character is a masked wrestler as to probably protect his identity since he will be in SMW under his real name soon.

4.) Rock N’ Roll Express is interviewed regarding their street fight at Bluegrass Brawl. Gibson puts themselves over saying they are tough because they are four time champions. Morton says there is only room for one tag team in SMW and it is them.

5.) Down & Dirty this week is with the number one contender, Tracy Smothers. Smothers is going to stick the chain up Dirty White Boy’s butt sideways. Smothers is pissed that White Boy burned his Confederate flag. Smothers is going to be the next Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Champion.

6.) Tim Horner is interviewed about almost winning $5,000 last week. Horner knows that he can beat Bobby Eaton but Jim Cornette screwed him over. Horner challenges Eaton to a match as they both put up $5,000. That will happen somewhere in SMW.

7.) Golden takes Eaton over with an arm drag but doesn’t continue with the advantage as Eaton gets some advice from Cornette. Eaton avoids a leapfrog attempt from Golden and again goes to Cornette. Golden scoop slams Eaton to continue his offensive attack. Eaton gets out of a headlock with an eye rake and begins to hammer away on Golden. Golden instead takes Eaton over with an arm drag to counter a hip toss. Eaton attacks Golden from behind with a double axe handle as Cornette provided a distraction. Eaton distracts the referee to allow Cornette to hit Golden in the throat with his tennis racket. Robert Fuller comes out to ringside to chase after Cornette and be backup for Golden. Eaton heads to the top rope and looks for the leg drop but Golden moves out of the way. Eaton regains control with a clothesline for a two count. Golden decks Eaton with a clothesline of his own and begins to hammer away on the champ.

Golden dropkicks Eaton but isn’t able to get a three count as Cornette put Eaton’s boot on the bottom rope. Golden puts an abdominal stretch on Eaton but Cornette enters to whack Golden over the back with a tennis racket and Eaton gets the victory. After the match, Robert Fuller enters the ring and attacks Eaton hitting a double backdrop on Eaton. The Heavenly Bodies enter the ring and attack Fuller and Golden. Dutch Mantel enters the ring as well and attacks Tom Pritchard! The heels end up leaving the ring. (**. It was a fine little match for what it was, but it never got into that high gear. The Stud Stable is getting over as good guys.)

8.) Robert Fuller says that the Heavenly Bodies aren’t going to have a picnic in their three team street fights coming up. Fuller says they are going hard on everyone in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

9.) Jim Cornette, Bobby Eaton and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed. Cornette says that the Stud Stable is ready to sit at home and watch football while drinking beer. Cornette has come to the conclusion on the Rock N’ Roll Express that they could do whatever they wanted to them and they will not go away. They are going to embarrass Morton and Gibson out of the company. Cornette says the Beat the Champ TV challenger will be picked a week ahead for now on. They pick a new challenger for next week and the challenger for next week is going to be Tom Pritchard! Cornette freaks out and is going to tear up his injunction. Pritchard says he doesn’t mind having the match and Eaton shoves him. Cornette tries to convince Tom that he doesn’t want the match, but Pritchard is more interested in winning the money. The slow build to tension between the guys is going very well, I think.

10.) Kevin Sullivan and his therapy session are aired again. Sullivan is on the couch having grapes fed to him by a woman we can’t see, but I’d assume it is Nancy Sullivan. Kevin has felt unwelcome in SMW and he is going to take his frustrations out on Brian Lee. He says the grapes of wrath will fall on Lee’s head.

11.) All four men start brawling on the floor until Lee brings Sullivan into the ring and hammers away on Kevin with right hands. Nightstalker works on Horner dropping Tim over the top rope throat first. Nightstalker drives Horner down with a side slam. Lee and Sullivan are brawling on the outside some more. Lee and Nightstalker are the legal men as the match finally has some order to it. Nightstalker back elbows Lee and sends Lee face first into the corner followed by several stomps. Nightstalker scoop slams Lee and Sullivan hits a double stomp and tosses Lee over the top to the floor. Nightstalker grabs Lee on the floor and sends Brian into the ring post shoulder first. Lee continues to be worked over by the heels until he drops Nightstalker with a clothesline, but his offense is short lived. Nightstalker scoop slams Lee and follows up with an elbow drop. Sullivan tags back into the match but is rammed head first into the corner. Sullivan big boots Lee in the corner and locks in a bear hug. Nightstalker enters to distract the referee who doesn’t see Horner get the tag.

Nightstalker easily hits a power bomb on Lee. Lee is sent into the ropes and is met with a clothesline for a near fall. Lee ducks a clothesline and drops Nightstalker with a leaping clothesline. Sullivan gets the tag and Horner finally gets the hot tag. Horner cleans house with right hands and all four men are brawling now. Horner hammers away on Nightstalker in the corner. Horner comes off the top to hit a cross body but the referee is out of position. A mystery man misses a top rope splash and hits Nightstalker on accident. Horner covers and pins Nightstalker. The mystery man is Tazmaniac, by the way. (**. Another decent tag match as the feud continues to drag along. The apparent split between Sullivan and Nightstalker is likely taking place if you recall what happened at Bluegrass Brawl.)

12.) Kevn Sullivan, Nightstalker and Tazmaniac are interviewed to close the show. Sullivan says that if the soliders can’t follow the generals orders then something has to happen. Kevin says he buries his mistakes in the ocean. Sullivan tells Nightstalker to stop making mistakes. Nightstalker says he will follow Sullivan loyally and blames the Tazmaniac for the mistakes.

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode of SMW this week as the feature matches weren’t all that bad. We’ll get some highlights from Bluegrass Brawl, so it looks like the TV stuff will be up to date next week.

Thanks for reading.

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