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SMW TV 4/10/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Haysi, VA

1.) SMW Beat The Champ Television Champion Bobby Eaton fought Tom Pritchard to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The majority of the program is highlights from the Bluegrass Brawl that happened last week on April 2nd.

2.) Cornette is talking to both Eaton and Pritchard before the match trying to go over some rules so that his men don’t hurt each other. They shake hands but neither man wanted to let go of the handshake. Pritchard shoves Eaton after he was taken down to the mat in the opening minute of the match. Eaton is taken down to the canvas and complains of handful of tights. Pritchard kicks Eaton away as neither man is getting a substantial amount of offense. Tom hammers away on Eaton in the midsection but backs away as Cornette is having a tantrum on the outside. Cornette enters the ring after they both go to the canvas to trade right hands but we go to commercial. So much for that match.

3.) Jim Cornette, the Heavenly Bodies and Bobby Eaton are interviewed to end the show. Pritchard still wants a piece of Eaton while Stan Lane is trying to calm down Tom. Pritchard wants $1,000 from Eaton, but Cornette offers to give him the money. We see comments from Bob Armstrong talking about the Freebird rule. Armstrong says that Cornette was trying to get a tax relief to save money. Armstrong announces that Lane and Pritchard will be the only person to defend the SMW Tag Team Championships. Armstrong also says that he may have some major news for Bobby Eaton next week. Cornette is mad at Bob Armstrong for having his guys wrestle each other. Cornette reminds us that they are going to embarrass the Rock N’ Roll Express out of the company since beating them up isn’t getting that done.

Final Thoughts:
For the original footage, the show isn’t very good as the segment wasn’t all that interesting between Pritchard and Eaton. They showed highlights of the big matches from Bluegrass Brawl so it’s largely a highlight show to get people caught up on the program.

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