SMW Bluegrass Brawl 1993 4/2/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Smoky Mountain Wrestling presents Bluegrass Brawl
From: Pikeville, KY

There was one match not released on the tape. The match was not built up on television, so it’s not that much of a big deal. The one match not taped was Robbie Eagle pinning Rip Rogers.

Opening Contest: The Mongolian Stomper vs. Rob Morgan: Morgan went after Stomper before the bell and got the early advantage until they went to the floor where Stomper sent Morgan into the ring post a few times. Stomper kicks Morgan in the midsection and locks in a cobra clutch to get the quick victory. Stomper didn’t even take off his jacket for the match that’s how quick the match went.

Brian Lee comes out and rolls the dice which gets him a six. He wants the Singapore spike match which will have a box in each corner with the spike being in one of the boxes.

Second Contest: The Nightstalker vs. Tim Horner: Horner is shoved by Nightstalker who is taunting the fans. Horner hammers away on Nightstalker but doesn’t continue for long. Nightstalker misses a strike in the corner and is decked by Horner again. Nightstalker uses his power to shoulder block Horner and taunts Tim. Horner punches Nightstalker after getting out of a wrist lock. Horner attempts a scoop slam but Nightstalker blocks it and scoop slams Horner. Nightstalker scoop slams Horner a second time and continues to taunt the fans. Horner dropkicks Nightstalker over the top to the floor. Nightstalker rips up a fans sign and enters the ring again where Horner hammers away on him. Nightstalker rams Horner face first into the corner to gain the advantage. Nightstalker drives Horner down to the canvas with a side slam. Nightstalker hits a standing dropkick to send Horner to the floor. Nightstalker hits a slingshot clothesline from the apron back into the ring for a two count. Nightstalker takes Horner over with a gut wrench slam for a near fall.

Nightstalker puts a bear hug on Horner looking for a submission but isn’t able to get one. Horner bites his way out of the hold but is met with a clothesline which gets Nightstalker a near fall. Nightstalker rams Horner head first into the corner head first and hammers away on Horner until Tim fights back. Horner hip tosses Nightstalker and hits a snap suplex. Horner locks in a sleeper hold but Nightstalker gets out of the hold quickly. Horner goes back to the sleeper hold but is rammed into the corner back first several times. Nightstalker plants Horner with a snap power slam and signals for the end but misses an elbow drop. Nightstalker dumps Horner over the top rope to the floor and that causes a disqualification. (*1/2. The match went a little too long for my liking, but Nightstalker had some fine offense and worked the crowd rather well. Horner doesn’t seem to work well with bigger opponents. Probably could have cut a few minutes from this one and it would have been a lot better and easier to watch.)

Third Contest: Kevin Sullivan vs. Brian Lee in a Singapore spike match: Nightstalker and Horner are handcuffed at ringside for the match. Lee goes after Sullivan to start the match hammering away on Kevin on the floor. Sullivan sends Lee face first into the table a couple of times at ringside. Sullivan uses a chair on Lee as well to keep control of the match. Lee prevents Sullivan from looking in the first box with several right hands. Sullivan big boots Lee in the corner and goes back to the box but Lee again prevents Kevin with right hands. Nightstalker holds Lee despite being handcuffed and Sullivan delivers a shot to the midsection. Lee punches Sullivan several times but is sent to the floor. Sullivan looks in one box but the spike isn’t in the box. Lee enters with a chair to whack Sullivan over the back but isn’t able find the spike in the second box. Sullivan again sends Lee to the floor and sends Lee face first into the table and delivers a shot with a hammer and ring bell. Kevin continues to work over Lee with a hammer on the floor.

They return to the ring where Sullivan is pressing the hammer into Lee’s groin. Sullivan looks in the third box but the spike isn’t in there, so it’s in the last box, of course. Lee low blows Kevin and he goes to the last box but is cut off by Lee. Sullivan works over Lee in the corner with overhand chops. Lee is starting to get a second wind. Lee drops Sullivan by the throat as Nightstalker is on the apron. Lee accidentally knocks the referee down following a cross body. Sullivan accidentally punches Nightstalker on the apron. Lee rolls Sullivan as he is distracted by Nightstalker and wins the match. Sadly, there wasn’t usage of the spike which was the main purpose of the match. (*1/2. A decent brawl between the two guys but it wasn’t all that entertaining. The lack of spike usage was a bummer as it needed to be settled in a bloody bout, really.) After the match, Sullivan is shoving Nightstalker not eh apron as the referee is having trouble getting the handcuff off. Nightstalker is tired of being shoved but can’t move from the apron and is beaten down by Sullivan with a chair. Nightstalker is free and goes after Sullivan who bails to the floor. The fans seem to be behind a babyface Nightstalker.

Fourth Contest: SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy vs. Tracy Smothers in a chain match: They have the chain locked to their left wrists and they start off with a tug of war until White Boy drops Smothers with a clothesline to get the early advantage. Smothers flips White Boy over with the chain between his leg and Tracy kicks White Boy to the floor. Smothers leaps off the apron to hit White Boy with the chain and sends the champ into the table at ringside. They are back in the ring where White Boy is backing off in the corner. Smothers rams White Boy into the corner head first several times. Smothers continues to ram White Boy into the turnbuckle several times. Smothers chokes White Boy with the chain as he begins to touch the corners. Tracy gets to three corners but White Boy ties himself up in the ropes to prevent Smothers from going any further. Smothers works over White Boy in the corner with right hands and drops White Boy with a leaping heel kick to the back of his head. Smothers begins to touch the corners again but White Boy stops Smothers from reaching all four.

Smothers decks White Boy to the floor where Smothers chokes White Boy before returning to the ring. Tracy rams White Boy head first into the corner several more times. Tracy tosses White Boy out of the corner and pulls the champ back into the ring from the floor. Smothers goes back to choking the champ with the chain and touches the corners but not all four. Tracy hammers away on White Boy to weaken the champ some more. Smothers begins to touch the corners again but is stopped after the third corner. White Boy continues to be choked as Smothers goes to leap off the top rope but is crotched after White Boy yanked on the chain. They are on the floor where White Boy gets control and Smothers has been busted wide open.

They return to the ring where White Boy hammers away on Smothers with the chain around his fist. White Boy has the chain wrapped around Smothers face. White Boy decks Smothers with a clothesline using the chain and goes back to choking Smothers. White Boy begins to touch the corners but Smothers prevents the fourth corner from being touched. A bloody Smothers fights back with strikes but White Boy backs Tracy into the corner. White Boy drops an elbow on Tracy and wraps the chain around his arm to elbow Smothers several times. Smothers is bleeding big time at this point, but it’s what the match needs.

White Boy hog ties Smothers and begins to touch the corners again. White Boy gets to three but Smothers monkey flips White Boy to stop his momentum. Smothers widely throws punches at White Boy but doesn’t connect as blood is in his eyes. White Boy beats on Smothers with stomps. White Boy slaps Smothers several times in the corner but Tracy fights back with strikes. White Boy gets to three corners when Smothers hammers away on the champ but misses a leaping shoulder block in the corner. White Boy chokes Smothers with the chain but can’t keep him down long enough. Smothers gets a second wind and chokes White Boy with the chain from behind! Smothers is stopped with a low blow from the champ.

Smothers is sent over the top with White Boy choking Tracy with the chain. Smothers pulls himself into the ring but is met with a clothesline. White Boy is yanked off the top rope by Smothers who begins to hammer away on White Boy with right hands. Smothers drops White Boy with a leaping back elbow and leaps off the apron to hit White Boy with the chain. Tracy whacks White Boy over the back with a chair as White Boy is busted wide open as well. Smothers leaps off the top to hit White Boy with the chain. Tracy chokes White Boy with the chain and begins to touch the turnbuckles. Smothers has White Boy on his shoulders and both men are touch the corners it looks like. Smothers collapses due to the grueling match this has been. Actually, Ron Wright tripped Smothers from the floor. White Boy is touching the corners as he chokes Smothers but isn’t aware that Smothers is touching the corners as well. White Boy yanks the chain over his shoulder and that allows Smothers to touch the last corner first and thus wins the title! (***1/4. Is it a classic? No, not really, but it is a really good chain match that featured the violence and brutality that was needed. I really enjoyed the match and the finish doesn’t hurt White Boy in the slightest as Smothers took advantage of a mistake by the champion. Plus, White Boy wasn’t pinned or submitted so it keeps rematches between the two men available and maintains interest in seeing them square off again. A fun match that got plenty of time.)

Main Event: SMW Beat The Champ TV Champ Bobby Eaton & SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies vs. Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, & Dutch Mantel vs. Arn Anderson & The Rock N’ Roll Express in an elimination street fight match: All nine men in the match go at it so it will be difficult to be specific with this review, but it will surely be wild and bloody I’d imagine. Mantel is giving Pritchard a wedgie while Lane whacks Morton with a trash can lid on the floor. Pritchard hits Fuller with a steel chair but is attacked by Golden from behind. Anderson his Eaton with a piece of wood and he hits Golden as well. Lane drops Anderson with a trash can lid shot. Mantel sends Pritchard back first into the ring post. Fuller whips Eaton and Mantel nails Pritchard with a trash can. Eaton gets a rope from Cornette and chokes Gibson and tosses Gibson over the top to choke Robert while Cornette gets a few tennis racket shots in. Anderson low blows Fuller followed by a knee drop to the groin.

Mantel puts a bucket over Fuller’s head and punches him. Pritchard is busted wide open as Mantel hammers away on Tom. Eaton had his pants pulled down as he was getting worked over during the match. Morton works over Fuller in the corner with right hands. Pritchard is choking Mantel in the corner while we see Eaton climbing onto the top of the basketball hoop. Dutch begins to choke Cornette until Pritchard hits Mantel over the back. Fuller gets a chair but Gibson blocks the chair shot. Morton has the chair and whacks Fuller over the head. Morton covers Fuller and gets the three count to eliminate the Stud Stable.

Gibson is worked over by the eliminated team on the apron for a period of time. Lane scoop slams Morton as Eaton comes off the top to hit the Rocket Launcher but Morton kicks out at two. Pritchard hits the Rocket Launcher as well but Morton still kicks out with help from Gibson. A fire extinguisher is used on Pritchard and Anderson plants Lane with a DDT! Anderson plants Pritchard with another DDT! Anderson takes out Eaton with a DDT as well. Anderson sends the heels into a table in the corner. Cornette is sent into the ring and Anderson tosses Cornette into the table. Gibson puts the figure four on Cornette but Pritchard comes off the top to hit Gibson with a loaded boot to the chest and pins Gibson to win the match! (**1/2. It was alright for what it was, but I kind of think they are over promoting the Heavenly Bodies over the good guys. This seemed like an instance where Arn Anderson, a major named being brought in, should have gotten the victory over Eaton or something like that protecting the regular talent. The brawling made the match go by quickly, but it was average wrestling at best.)

Final Thoughts:
This was probably the best super card event that I have reviewed to this point. The chain match delivered an entertaining match and the main event wasn’t all that bad despite the heels going over when they really didn’t need to. The bad stuff wasn’t on for too long making this a fine overall show.

Thanks for reading.

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