WCW Worldwide 2/20/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Columbus, GA

1.) Paul Orndorff defeated Johnny B. Badd
2.) Steve Regal defeated John Peterson
3.) WCW Tag Team Champion Shane Douglas defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
4.) Maxx Payne defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell in a WCW Television Title Tournament match
5.) Barry Windham defeated WCW World Tag Team Champion Ricky Steamboat
6.) TA McCoy defeated WCW World Champion Vader by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes
1.) Steve Austin and Brian Pillman cut a promo saying they will meet Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas in any venue to win the tag titles. Pillman says they are the team of the 1990s and this is a dawn on a new era.

2.) This is before Regal would develop his anti-American gimmick. Regal had some pre-tape comments saying that he has the greatest chance of his career to wrestle in WCW.

3.) Erik Watts is interviewed regarding the WCW Television Championship tournament. Watts puts over his STF saying he can put the hold on whenever he wants. He will be scouting the match between Payne and Bagwell taking place on the show.

4.) Windham works over Steamboat in the corner but Ricky hits an overhand chop off the middle rope. Barry knee lifts Steamboat and works over Ricky with more strikes. Steamboat fights back with a couple of chops to knock Windham into a corner. Steamboat backdrops Windham and hits a back suplex. Ricky puts a half Boston Crab on Windham but lets go to work over Windham with overhand chops. Steamboat knocks Windham down with more chops. Barry blocks being sent face first into the top turnbuckle and plants Steamboat with a DDT! Windham drops Ricky with a hard right hand and scoop slams the Dragon followed by an elbow drop. Barry hammers away on Steamboat in the corner. Barry takes Steamboat over with a gut wrench suplex. Windham continues to work over Steamboat with strikes and hits a standing dropkick for a near fall.

Steamboat shoves Windham away and Barry misses a splash in the corner. Steamboat with a strike to the gut and goes back on the attack with chops followed by a scoop slam. Steamboat drops Windham with a chop and heads to the top rope. Ricky hits a top rope overhand chop and plays to the crowd. Steamboat hits a vertical suplex and goes to the top again. Steamboat hits a top rope cross body, but Windham rolls through and pins Steamboat right in the middle of the ring! (***. Yet another enjoyable main event on Worldwide as they kept it going at a good pace and it was an easy watch. The victory for Windham makes him an even more credible heel moving forward. His victory is logical since Steamboat isn’t even on the pay per view on Sunday.)

5.) Vader brutally attacks his opponent with a strap causing the disqualification.

Final Thoughts:
Worldwide is really delivering some quality matches and overall television as of late. I wonder if it has to do with them not taping it at Center Stage?

Thanks for reading.

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