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SMW TV 6/12/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Harlan, KY

1.) WWA World Champion Chris Candido defeated Bobby Blaze
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Brian Lee defeated Paul Lee to retain the title
3.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated Steve & Scott Armstrong

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Blaze rolls on the canvas early on to avoid Candido, who gets frustrated. Blaze takes Candido over with a hip toss and dropkicks Candido to the floor. Candido complains on the floor. Blaze continues his offense with several arm drags to keep control of the contest. Candido attempts a scoop slam but Blaze rolls through to keep control of the arm. Candido counters a leapfrog by hitting a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Candido hits a vertical suplex but Blaze kicks out at two. They both go down following a shoulder strike. Blaze takes Candido over with a backdrop but Candido soon rolls through rollup and uses the tights for extra leverage to win the match. (*1/2. A rather quick match but there was some decent action throughout. If these guys were given more time to shine I think they would do more to impress.)

2.) Chris Candido comes over for an interview and says he didn’t cheat to beat Blaze just moments ago. Candido tells SMW that they better be ready for him because he is the World Champion.

3.) Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are out for an interview. Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are happy because they have someone who is going to collect the bounty they put on Tracy Smothers.

4.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed. They say that they are going to take out the Armstrong Brothers tonight on television. Cornette cuts a promo about finding an ancient tomb that had Bob Armstrong’s birth certificate in it. Pritchard chimes in and says he can see the lust in all the females eyes in the crowd. Tom continues to say that the girlfriends of the Armstrong’s continue to contact them. Cornette says that Bob Armstrong’s wife is also calling them.

5.) Footage from a recent live event is shown. Jim Cornette is running down the Rock N’ Roll Express about the mystery team that will be debuting at the show. They have their backs turned as the Bruise Brothers enter the ring from behind and attack the tag team champions. They came running in from the crowd, which was good camera angle for the attack. Ron and Don Harris destroy the champions using a chair as well. Tim Horner tried to enter the ring but was knocked off the apron quickly.

6.) Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton cut a promo from backstage with Morton busted open. Morton puts over the Bruise Brothers as being a punishing tag team. Morton doesn’t care what it takes because now they are going to take Cornette and the Bruise Brothers out.

7.) Down & Dirty this week has Tammy Fytch, Robbie Eagle and Tim Horner as the specie guests. Eagle begs Horner to do this for him because Tammy is really attractive. Horner wants to talk to Eagle and not Fytch. Horner tells Eagle that Eagle doesn’t need to go on a date with Tammy because “if you sleep with the dogs you will get fleas.” Tammy is rather offended by that statement and says she is not going on a date with Robbie. Tammy tells Eagle to call her when he becomes somebody. Eagle can’t believe it.

8.) Tracy Smothers comes out for an interview with Bob Caudle to talk about the $20,000 bounty that will apparently be collected today. Smothers has never had $20,000 bounty on himself before. He remembers when Brian Lee had a $10,000 bounty on him. Ron Wright taunts Smothers from ringside and wants Smothers to come to the ring. Of course, it is just two enhancement talents. Smothers tries to reason with the two enhancement talents but says they are overmatched. He turns his back and is attacked from behind. Smothers naturally overcomes the odds to take care of the two jobbers. Dirty White Boy enters the ring and plants Smothers with a DDT. White Boy puts a plastic blah over Smothers head just like Flair/Funk in ’89. Horner and the Rock N’ Roll Express run in to make the save.

9.) Bob Armstrong cuts a promo from his backyard saying that he is getting ready and is on his way. Armstrong says he is going to be the lion of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. He is going to spit Cornette out on pieces.

10.) Scott and Pritchard start the match with Scott hitting a backdrop and a couple of dropkicks on both Tom and Jimmy. Steve enters the match but Tom gets control only to accidentally knee lifts Del Ray on the apron and they are sent into each other. Tom is dropkicked to the floor by the Armstrong’s. Steve kicks Tom away and Tom bails to the floor to regroup. Steve nearly pins Pritchard with a rollup and tags in Scott to kick Tom on the chest. Del Ray is tagged in but doesn’t go into action quickly with Scott. Scott shoulder blocks Del Ray and hits a few arm drags to keep Jimmy on the canvas. Pritchard pulls Scott’s hair from the apron and Del Ray keeps control of the match. Del Ray hits a gut wrench slam for a near fall. The Bodies drop Steve with a back elbow and Pritchard is the legal man now.

Scott gets a near fall following a sunset flip but Tom holds Scott to allow Del Ray to hit a top rope knee strike to his back and the Bodies work over Scott with several strikes. Del Ray scoop slams Scott and heads to the top rope to hit a top rope leg drop for a two count. Jimmy scoop slams Scott and goes to the top and hits another top rope leg drop. Scott nearly rolls Del Ray up but is stopped with a quick clothesline. Pritchard works over Scott with several right hands in the corner. Scott takes Tom over with a vertical suplex to even the match. Del Ray and Steve get the tags with Steve cleaning house with right hands. Del Ray sends Steve over the top to floor and the Bodies double team Scott. Steve recovers and heads to the top rope to hit a cross body on both men for a two count. Del Ray holds Steve to allow Cornette to deliver a tennis racket shot and they get the three count. (**1/2. A good match with some solid action and the crowd seemed to be into it. Steve Armstrong seems to be the better worker than Scott, by the way.)

11.) Rock N’ Roll Express and the Armstrong Brothers are interviewed to end the program. Morton tells Cornette to remember that Bob Armstrong will be returning soon to lead the army. Steve calls Cornette a fat piece of crap. Steve is confident that they knock them down. Scott says he has brothers all over America. Ricky says that Armstrong’s and their father create nothing but stormy weather.

Final Thoughts:
It was a good show this week as the feature match was a solid encounter. The Bruise Brothers in SMW doesn’t overly interest me, but I can see why they were brought in as challengers to the Rock N’ Roll Express. SMW TV continues to be entertaining almost every week.

Thanks for reading.

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