SMW TV 6/5/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

: 6/5/1993
From: Harlan, KY

1.) Bobby Blaze defeated Paul Lee
2.) WWA World Champion Chris Candido defeated Gary Scott
3.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated Robbie Eagle & Mike Sampson
4.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Brian Lee defeated Dirty White Boy to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bobby Blaze is interviewed following his first victory in SMW. Blaze is quite happy about his win and says he is surprised and excited just like the fans are. Blaze notes the people he has wrestled against as they are the top talents in SMW. Blaze admits he as intimidated by the stars. A young fan helped made him realize he needed to put forth 100% and he did that tonight and it led to victory. Blaze is going to be blazing trails through Smoky Mountain!

2.) SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed about the mystery tag team that will be coming to take them out and the titles, thanks to Jim Cornette. Morton knows this weekend the mystery team will be revealed. Morton says they are fighting champions and says that nobody ever gave them anything in their careers. Morton says their father isn’t a promoter and titles aren’t given to them. Morton is proud to be in SMW and be the tag team champions.

3.) This is the in-ring debut for Chris Candido in SMW. Candido won the match following a top rope superplex and pinned his opponent with his pinky finger.

4.) Chris Candido is interviewed following his victory. Candido asks the hillbillies how it feels to have a real World Champion in their town. Candido tells SMW to get ready for his tour of the company.

5.) Down & Dirty this week is with Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies. Mantel gives Cornette credit for his attack on Bob Armstrong. Apparently, Cornette and Mantel no longer have an issue between each other. Cornette wants to hear from Bob Armstrong again as we get another video from Bullet Bob at his house. Armstrong has a wrestlers license where he can wrestle or manage in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Armstrong continues to say that his health is improving. Armstrong says he trained his boys in his gym and they can get the job done. Bob is going to get his licks back in against Cornette. Bullet Bob was most offended when Jim said that Brian was a deserter of the Marines. Brian will be coming back later this month. Bob is going to be back and take out Cornette. Back to the ring, Cornette is still not afraid of Armstrong and his sons. Cornette says Scott and Steve are ineffective and won’t be able to beat the Heavenly Bodies. Cornette rules SMW and that will continue.

Jimmy Del Ray comes over and is said to be the secret weapon that they knew they would need at some point. Scott Armstrong’s girlfriend wrote a letter to Jimmy Del Ray. Del Ray reads the letter which says that she calls Del Ray whenever Scott leaves the home but Jimmy never calls back. Jimmy hints that she is saying he is the best she’s ever had. That brings out Scott and Steve to chase the heels away from the ring. They grab the microphone and say that Bob Armstrong is getting better everyday and he will be back and badder than ever before. Steve Armstrong wants a piece of Jim Cornette.

6.) Footage from a recent live event that took place in Morristown is aired. The match was between Tim Horner and Jim Cornette. Dirty White Boy was at ringside to help Cornette while Tracy Smothers was there to help Horner, as well. Dirty White Boy got involved hitting Horner with a chain. Tracy Smothers tried to help out but White Boy plants Smothers with a DDT. Horner has recovered as Smothers has powder thrown into his face. Smothers can’t see and decks Horner and continues to pummel him thinking it is White Boy or Cornette. Horner gets on top and they begin to brawl on the canvas until the Rock N’ Roll Express come out to pull them off each other. The tension between Smothers and Horner is evident. Smothers realizes what he did and tries to apologize but Horner isn’t hearing it and is still angry. Tracy wants to shake Horner’s hand but they don’t.

7.) Tim Horner and Tracy Smothers are interviewed backstage with Horner saying that Smothers decked him and Smothers tries to defend himself saying he got powder thrown in his eyes and apologizes. Horner isn’t convinced that Smothers was really blinded. Horner thinks about it and thinks maybe Smothers is right.

8.) Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed about the bounty on Tracy Smothers, which nobody has attempted to collect. Ron hopes someone tries to take out Smothers, but if not, White Boy will get it himself anyway. Ron Wright talks about the injuries he has had in wrestling and says he has cashed in his life insurance to get Smothers taken out of the company. White Boy is going to win the main event and collect $1,000.

9.) Lee starts the main event with a power slam on White Boy and Ron Wright quickly checks on his man. White Boy hammers away on Lee backing him into a corner but Lee comes back with right hands in the corner. White Boy goes to the floor to get some advice from Wright. White Boy scoop slams Lee but misses an elbow drop. Lee hits a scoop slam of his own and stomps on White Boy. Brian misses a springboard top rope cross body and is sent to the floor. White Boy brings Lee into the ring with a suplex from the apron. White Boy misses a leg drop and Lee gets second wind. Lee big boots White Boy and hits a snap power slam. Lee dropkicks White Boy over the top to the floor. White Boy shoulder rams Lee from the apron and hits a splash with his feet on the ropes to win the title and $1,000. Wait a second, Tracy Smothers comes out and tells the referee what happened. The match is restarted and Lee gets the win with an inside cradle to retain the title. (*1/2. Alright, so SMW is really starting to fall in love with these fake finishes to get a pop out of the crowd. It’s a little over done by the company. The match was nothing special and it adds a little heat to the feud between Smothers and White Boy.)

10.) Tammy Fytch is with Robbie Eagle to close the show with an interview. Fytch has figured out what is wrong. Fytch says that if a woman comes along that is smarter makes a man feel inferior. Eagle has apparently agreed to help convince other guys to let her be their manager. Fytch agreed to go out on a date with Eagle for helping her. However, she will not be his manager after being asked by Bob Caudle.

Final Thoughts:
It was a fine episode this week as we have the debut of Chris Candido and the continued slow build for Tammy Fytch. The Down & Dirty segment was okay, but my interest in Scott and Steve just hasn’t been there. Smothers and White Boy feud is on its last legs at this point, too.

Thanks for reading.

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