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SMW TV 5/29/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Harlan, KY

1.) Tracy Smothers defeated Robbie Eagle
2.) Steve & Scott Armstrong defeated Paul Lee & Mike Sampson
3.) Tim Horner defeated Gary Scott
4.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Brian Lee defeated Jimmy Golden by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed by Bob Caudle after his victory. Smothers puts over Robbie Eagle and says he will be a good professional wrestler. Smothers assures Caudle that himself and Tim Horner don’t have any issues because he understands what happened when Horner was beating on Don Wright with the flag. Tim Horner comes over to the scene and asks Smothers if there is a problem. Horner says that people are trying to wedge an issue between them. They shake hands and they remain strong friends. Smothers cuts his usual promo on White Boy saying he is going to regain the SMW Heavyweight Championship on June 11th.

2.) Bob Armstrong cut a promo from his backyard saying that his fist feels better and still has his ribs taped up. Armstrong continues to think about Jim Cornette with every breath he takes. Bob says that Jim Cornette will pay the ultimate price.

3.) Steve and Scott Armstrong are interviewed talking about growing up with their father being a pro wrestler to pay the bills. Scott Armstrong calls Cornette a fat boy and they are pissed for what Cornette did to their father. They are going to save Cornette for Bob Armstrong.

4.) Down & Dirty this week is with the new SMW Tag Team Champions The Rock N’ Roll Express. Morton says they must be moving up in the world for being on the talk segment. Morton is happy that Stan Lane is gone and hopes he never comes back. Dutch Mantel says that he has heard that a big team is coming to SMW to take out the champions. Morton knows they can do a lot to get the big team off of them. Morton says it took them seven years to get rid of the Heavenly Bodies. Here comes Tammy Fytch to join the segment. Fytch wants to recruit the champions to be their managers. Fytch says that rap is in and that rock and roll is dead. Fytch says she will take the champions to the top. Morton and Gibson bow down to her but they leave the ring and she is left without a client yet again.

5.) Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed regarding Tracy Smothers. Ron Wright says that Smothers won’t even make it to June 11th. Wright says that he is putting a bounty out on Tracy Smothers for $20,000. Dirty White Boy hopes that somebody collects the bounty and he wins the SMW Heavyweight Championship by forfeit.

6.) Chris Candido cuts a promo saying he is the real World Champion. He is the WWA World Champion and says the company has made him a new championship. Candidio will be defending the championship in SMW. He will competing in SMW next week against some stupid hillbilly, his words.

7.) Golden works over Lee to kick off the match delivering several strikes and kicks to the midsection. Lee quickly comes back with a clothesline to send Golden over the top to the floor. Golden stalls on the floor for a few moments until Lee sends Jimmy back into the ring and continues to work over Golden with strikes until Golden bails to the floor again. Golden works over Lee with a few right hands after returning to the ring. Lee hits a sunset flip for a two count and trades right hands with Golden. Lee power slams Golden as Dutch Mantel comes to ringside. Lee hip tosses Golden and hammers away on Golden in the corner. Dutch gives Golden a chain and Jimmy tries to hit Lee with it but the referee calls for the bell after seeing the chain. (DUD. This was hardly a match at all. An example of getting a feature match and not having to do much.)

8.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies end the program with an interview. Cornette isn’t afraid about the Armstrong’s being united. Cornette say the mystery team is coming for the Express next weekend and win the tag titles. Cornette insults Bob Armstrong saying he is washed up and is never coming back to Smoky Mountain. Tom Pritchard talks about Scott and Steve Armstrong’s girlfriends are calling them all the time for dates. Pritchard says the whole Armstrong Family walked to school because they were all in the same grade. Del Ray does his trademark wiggle to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
Not much really going on this week as the show came across like a filler week with a pretty bad feature match. I don’t have much interest in Scott and Steve Armstrong feuding with the Heavenly Bodies as it doesn’t really mean anything until Bob Armstrong comes back. Tammy Fytch continually getting rejected is kind of funny. I’m expecting a Tim Horner heel turn on Smothers at some point, as well. He could someone that associates with Fytch.

Thanks for reading.

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