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SMW TV 5/22/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Knoxville, TN

1.) Dirty White Boy defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers in a coward waves the flag match to win the title
2.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies to win the titles in a loser of the fall leaves SMW match
3.) Heavenly Bodies defeated Bobby Blaze & Mike Sampson

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Smothers hits a top rope uppercut as the match is joined in progress. Don Wright attacks Horner on the floor with his flag and tries to get the flag from Horner. Horner is whacking Don over the back with the flag and the referee saw the flag waving, which gives Dirty White Boy the victory and title. Similar to his first title win, there are several fans who are thrilled about him winning the title. By the way, Don Wright is the brother of Ron Wright, who was not in the corner of DWB. Wait a second, the referee takes the belt away from Dirty White Boy and says we will use video footage to see what happened. The SMW Heavyweight Championship has been held up.

2.) Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed. Ron Wright says this is a shame and disgrace that the championship isn’t around White Boy’s waist. Ron says he was in a serious car accident and couldn’t make the match. Ron says that his man will win the belt on June 11th. Dirty White Boy says he is going to win the title in Knoxville.

3.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed as well about the match with Dirty White Boy on June 11th. Smothers knows that Tim Horner didn’t wave the flag. Smothers knows what happened and says he trained hard to be champion. Smothers says we are going to see who wants it worse between himself and Dirty White Boy. Tammy Fytch comes over and says she would like to manage whomever wins the SMW Heavyweight Championship. She says that Smothers is more her type. She tells Smothers to get his pen ready to join her stable as she leaves the scene. Tracy doesn’t confirm or deny the offer.

4.) The Last Tango In Tennessee is also joined in progress as the Express battled the Heavenly Bodies to continue their lengthy feud. Gibson enters the match and decks the champs with right hands to help out Morton, who had been beaten up for several moments. Morton has a sleeper hold on Lane but lets go to put one on Cornette, but Lane whacks Morton over the back with a tennis racket for a near fall. Gibson and Morton clothesline Lane and dropkick Pritchard but only gets a near fall. Morton nails Cornette with a right hand on the floor. The match appeared to end in a double count-out, but there must be a winner and the match is restarted. The Bodies are sent into each other and Gibson manages to pin Lane while having a leg lock on Lane! That means the Express have won the titles and Lane must leave SMW! The fans go nuts for the title win for Gibson and Morton.

5.) Jim Cornette is interviewed about being fined $10,000 who says that his mother paid his fine like it was nothing to him. Cornette says that Bob Armstrong has resigned from SMW and is no longer associated with the company. Cornette has some scores to settle and the first one is with the Rock N’ Roll Express. Cornette notes all the major venues and major networks that he has been on. Cornette has done a lot of stuff in wrestling and a lot of connections have been made. He says that two big time wrestlers will be coming to the company to take out the Rock N’ Roll Express. However, he will not tell us who the men are. Cornette and has a surprise for Scott and Steve Armstrong. He laughs after saying “blood is thicker than water.”

6.) This is the debut of the new Heavenly Bodies which is Tom Pritchard and Jimmy Del Ray. This is the debut of Jimmy Del Ray, who would team with Pritchard in the WWF as well.

7.) Bob Armstrong is in bed with Scott and Steve by his side for an update on his condition. Bob Armstrong says he never took a beating like he did. Armstrong is hurting as he has a rib injury but he will heal up and Cornette will get a taste of the Armstrong Army. Bob Armstrong says that Cornette’s mother can’t pay his way out of this one. Bob is going to have an application to be a wrestler in SMW, so he will be back as a wrestler in SMW!

8.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are laughing at that video. Cornette says that was pitiful of Bob Armstrong. Cornette considers himself a real man and got what he wanted with Bob resigning. Cornette has put together the ultimate combination and Pritchard is happy. Tom says that Jimmy Del Ray is his cousin and Del Ray has been training for four years to make his impact in pro wrestling. Pritchard thinks they are new and improved. Del Ray is happy to be in SMW with Cornette and Pritchard. Del Ray says that the line is to the right for the ladies.

Final Thoughts:
Well, this is mainly about the Cornette/Bodies vs. Express/Armstrong feuds and I’m not complaining about it. The debut of Jimmy Del Ray doesn’t keep the Heavenly Bodies strong since Stan Lane was a star and Del Ray is a virtual unknown. However, they are a good tag team that just lack star power, at this point. I’m interested to see the mystery tag team coming in to take out the Express and Bob Armstrong’s eventual revenge on Cornette. SMW is on a good run right now.

Thanks for reading.

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