SMW TV 5/15/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Knoxville, TN

1.) Team Rock ’N Roll Express defeated Team Cornette in Rage In The Cage when Lane submitted.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This show provides matches from Volunteer Slam II, which wasn’t a VHS release like many of the other super card events. The announcers promote the Rage In The Cage match which will have handcuffs involved to the cage.

2.) We see footage from a live event which saw the Stud Stable competing against the SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies. The match was joined in progress. Cornette hits Fuller with his tennis racket to allow the Bodies to retain the titles. The place they are at appears to be filled up pretty well. After the match, Fuller put his leg lock on Stan Lane, which the announcers hype up as being a possible injury angle. Killer Kyle made his way out to the ring to make the save for his friends.

3.) Footage from the matches to see who will get the man advantage in Rage In The Cage are shown. Robert Gibson pinned Tazmaniac following a bulldog. Killer Kyle defeated Robert Fuller by disqualification as Fuller used brass knuckles and the referee saw them. Brian Lee pinned Stan Lane after Lane’s knee gave out on him on a scoop slam attempt. Kevin Sullivan defeated Jimmy Golden and Tom Pritchard pinned Ricky Morton, which gives Jim Cornette’s team the man advantage in the Rage in the Cage.

4.) The cage match is joined in progress, which sucks, but oh well. The heels are destroying the baby faces at the point the match is joined in. Tazmaniac is handcuffed to the cage as is Gibson, Golden and Fuller. Brian Lee enters the cage and cleans house as his teammates are in trouble. Lee sends a few guys into the cage but Sullivan low blows Lee. Morton and Lee are getting worked over as Kyle rams Lee face first into the cage. Morton appears to be busted wide open. Morton fights back with right hands on Sullivan, which gets the crowd to pop. Brian Lee manages to handcuff Kyle to the cage. Sullivan has been handcuffed to the cage, as well. Lee is handcuffed to the cage thanks the Bodies double teaming him, that seemed to kill the crowd. Morton and the Bodies are the last guys not handcuffed. Morton is sent into the cage while everyone tries to break free from their handcuffs. Lane accidentally decks Pritchard and Morton locks in the figure four on Lane, who is forced to give up. Bob Armstrong is the special referee and was more than happy to call for the bell there. The match went over twenty three minutes, but we probably saw less than ten minutes of actual action.

5.) Jim Cornette decides to hit Bob Armstrong with his tennis racket. Armstrong fights off the Heavenly Bodies with several strikes. The wrestlers are breaking free from the cage and attack Armstrong some more with Sullivan and Kyle getting in on the assault. Armstrong is being brutally beaten by the group of heels. Mark Curtis is trying to climb the cage, but isn’t strong enough to climb the cage. Armstrong is handcuffed to the cage as Tracy Smothers and Tim Horner try to come in but are not able to enter the cage. Cornette is slapping Armstrong. Cornette begins to repeatedly hit Armstrong on the ribs with his rackt. This is months of frustration that Cornette is letting out and it’s really enhancing the angle. The beating of Bob Armstrong is going on for an extended period of time at this point. Tim Horner and Tracy Smothers finally enter the cage and the six heels bail from the ring. Bob Armstrong is stretchered out to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a fine episode, I just wish the Rage In The Cage was fully shown to get a better appreciation for the match and the angle that was going on. The aftermath finally gave Cornette momentum as Armstrong seemingly one upped Cornette on television over the last several months. I’d imagine the Cornette/Armstrong feud is going to be going on for several more months as Armstrong will be out for revenge.

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