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Rebooking The WWF: Week 42, 1993

This week features a SNME special that includes a shocking announcement by Ted DiBiase. Mr. Perfect challenges WWF World Champion Lex Luger, as well. Plus, much more!

WWF RAW 10/18/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Crush defeated James Wilson in 2:18 with the Kona Vice.
2. Jerry Lawler Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Jerry Lawler. McMahon tells Lawler that he is disgusted by Lawler’s actions when he pile drove Strongbow following his match with Tatanka. Lawler is proud of his actions saying that Strongbow got what was coming to him for getting involved with his issues against Tatanka. Lawler believes that he has shut Strongbow up because he is laying in a hospital bed where he belongs! Lawler finishes off the promo saying that the war between himself and Tatanka is far from being over!
3. Yokozuna defeated Greg Thomas in 1:45 following the Bonsai Drop.
4. Razor Ramon Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Razor Ramon. Ross brings up how Michaels and his bodyguard Diesel have left Ramon laying in the ring the past several weeks which makes some believe that Ramon isn’t capable of overcoming the odds. Ramon laughs off the suggestion and tells Ross that no matter how many times he gets knocked down, he will get back up and this Saturday Nights Main Event on October 23rd, the Bad Guy will overcome the odds and win his first WWF championship, the WWF Intercontinental Championship and there isn’t anything Michaels or “Big Daddy Goof” can do about it!
5. The Quebecers defeated the Nasty Boys in 6:07 when Jacques pinned Knobbs following a hockey stick shot.
6. Lex Luger/Mr. Perfect Hype Video: A video highlighting the issues between Luger and Perfect dating back to WrestleMania is shown. The video heavily promotes whether or not Perfect can continue his redemption mission or will Luger continue to prove to the world that he is indeed the greatest wrestler alive.
7. Randy Savage fought Bam-Bam Bigelow to a no contest in 4:14 when they brawled on the floor and nailed each other with several weapons including chairs and trash cans. The referee was forced to throw out the contest as he was unable to gain control of the contest.

WWF Superstars 10/23/1993
1. IRS defeated Steve Smith in 2:33 following a lariat.
2. Doink the Clown Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the evil Doink the Clown. Ross mentions how next week here on Superstars, the Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit will be making his debut and he has heard that Doink the Clown has signed the contract to meet Benoit in his first match in the WWF! Doink says that he has sign the contract because he wants to treat Benoit like his personal balloon animal. He is going to tie Benoit into a pretzel and ruin his debut in the WWF. Doink finishes off the promo by squirting water out of a flower into Ross’s eye and rolls around on the floor laughing.
3. The Undertaker defeated Jim Powers in 2:16 following a tombstone.
4. Smoking Gunns/Heavenly Bodies Confrontation: Vince McMahon tried to conduct an interview with the Smoking Gunns but before they could really discuss anything, Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies made their way out. Cornette tells McMahon that he has been told by WWF officials that in order for the Heavenly Bodies to get a WWF World Tag Team Championship match they have to defeat some inferior tag teams. McMahon doesn’t believe the tag teams are inferior to Heavenly Bodies, but Cornette assures him that they are. Cornette says that the Heavenly Bodies are here to prove to the world that they are the best tag team in the world and they are going to start by taking out “these two silly looking cowboys.” As soon as he gets done saying that, Jimmy Del Ray and Tom Pritchard attack Billy and Bart Gunn until security comes out to break up the attack. Cornette is over heard saying that this is just the beginning!
5. Ted DiBiase defeated Joey Maggs in 3:06 with the Million Dollar Dream.
6. SNME Hype Video: Todd Pettengill narrates a video promoting the card for SNME later on in the day. The card is as follows; Ludvig Borgs and Yokozuna taking on Ron Simmons and Crush, Jim Neidhart squares off against Jeff Jarrett in a hair vs. hair match, WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defends against Razor Ramon and WWF World Champion Lex Luger defends against Mr. Perfect. Also scheduled is two surprises. First, Vince McMahon announced a few weeks ago that a special guest will appear on the program and Ted DiBiase has something huge in store for a certain WWF Superstar! Tune into WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event to find out what happens!
7. Bret Hart/Tatanka defeated Rick Martel/Jerry Lawler in 10:29 when Bret forced Martel to tap out to the Sharpshooter. During the bout , Tatanka brawled with Lawler throughout the crowd leaving Martel and Hart to battle in the ring.

World Wrestling Federation presents Saturday Nights Main Event XXXV
From: Des Moines, Iowa
Arena: Veterans Memorial Auditorium
Announcers: Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan
Attendance: 11,411

Dark Matches:
WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers defeated the Quebecers to retain the titles
Bam-Bam Bigelow fought Randy Savage to a double disqualification
Ted DiBiase defeated Owen Hart

The opening video promoting Saturday Nights Main Event is aired. The video consists of brief promos by Luger, Perfect, Michaels and Ramon since those four men are involved in title matches.

Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan welcomes everyone to the thirty fifth installment of Saturday Nights Main Event. They hype up the WWF World Championship, which will be the opening contest for the show. Heenan says that Perfect quest for redemption will be stopped tonight. He mentions how Luger has defeated him two other times first at Mania and again at King of the Ring. Tonight will be no different when the greatest WWF World Champion comes out on top. McMahon sends it over to the Fink to introduce the championship match.

Opening Contest: Mr. Perfect defeated WWF World Champion Lex Luger by disqualification: Perfect goes right after Luger as soon as the bell rings delivering several right hands. Perfect backdrops Luger after he comes off the ropes and follows up with a rolling neck snap for a quick two count. Perfect charges towards a corner but Luger gets both boots up and nails Perfect with a series of running clotheslines. Luger taunts the fans while Perfect tries to quickly recover in the corner. Luger turns around and is met with a running cross body block by Perfect who delivers several right hands as well. Perfect continues his attack with a backbreaker and drives his knees into Luger’s back several times. Perfect pulls Luger up to connect with a back suplex with a bridge for a two count. Perfect nails Luger with a running knee lift sending Luger chest first into a corner. Perfect looks for a splash in the corner but Luger moves and Perfect hits the exposed turnbuckle chest first! It appears that Luger had removed the turnbuckle pad! Luger rams Perfect head first into the exposed turnbuckle several times disregarding the referee’s warnings and is disqualified. (6:05, *½)
After the match, Luger grabs his WWF World Championship and looks to hit a bloody Perfect with the championship but the referee yanks the championship away and runs out of the ring preventing further attack. Luger slides to the floor to get his championship back and is prevented from returning to the ring. A bloody, furious Perfect is left in the ring.

Backstage, Todd Pettengill interviews Jim Neidhart. Neidhart tells Pettengill that tonight is the night he has been waiting for ever since he was embarrassed by Double J when he trimmed his trademark beard. Neidhart is going to let all of his aggression out tonight on Jarrett’s face and cut off his precious golden locks tonight!

Backstage, Mean Gene interviews Jeff Jarrrett, who has Neidhart’s trimmed beard hair in a plastic bag. Jarrett says that tonight he is adding to his little baggy with more of Neidhart’s hair. Jarrett finishes off saying that his hair is going to stay intact but Neidhart will look like a hideous oaf later tonight!

Second Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated Jim Neidhart in a hair vs. hair match: Neidhart gets the early advantage with a series of right hands and clotheslines Jarrett after he comes off the ropes. Neidhart ducks a clothesline and takes Jarrett over with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Neidhart follows up with a Samoan Drop but Jarrett rolls to the floor. Neidhart comes off the ropes and baseball slides Jarrett chest first into the guard railing. Neidhart follows Jarrett to the floor and drops Jarrett chest first across the guard railing. Neidhart ends up crotching Jarrett on the railing and clotheslines Jarrett off to the floor. Neidhart rolls Jarrett back in and goes to step through the middle rope but Jarrett gets up and manages to kick the middle rope effectively low blowing Neidhart. Jarrett comes off the ropes to deliver a swinging neck breaker but only gets a two count on a cover attempt. Neidhart gets out of a sleeper hold with a jaw breaker and scoop slams Jarrett. Neidhart lifts Jarrett up to deliver a delayed vertical suplex but Jarrett kicks out at two. Neidhart tosses Jarrett into a corner and nails Jarrett with a running clothesline in the corner. Jarrett stumbles out of the corner and is press slammed by Neidhart for a two count as Jarrett manages to get his foot on the bottom rope. Neidhart attempts another military press slam but Jarrett rakes his eyes and plants Neidhart with a double under hook lifting face buster but Neidhart powers out at two. Jarrett comes off the ropes but is stopped by Neidhart who looks for a spine buster but Jarrett is able to counter the move with a double arm DDT! Jarrett quickly covers Neidhart and manages to pick up the three as Neidhart kicked out, but not in time! (8:47, **¼)
After the match, Neidhart goes after Jarrett until Rick Martel and Doink the Clown run down to the ring to help their friend. Martel put a sleeper on Neidhart and put Neidhart to sleep. Doink held Neidhart while Martel knocked Owen Hart off the apron as he tried to make the save. Martel ended up tossing Owen into the ring steps before returning to hold Neidhart while Jarrett buzzed Neidhart’s hair off! Jarrett puts the hair in his bag and taunts the fans before leaving extremely proud of himself.

Backstage, Mean Gene interviews the WWF World Champion Lex Luger but before he can get anything answered, Mr. Perfect spears Luger to the floor and hits Luger with a flurry of right hands. Perfect is pulled off of Luger by several officials and wrestlers allowing Luger to get to his feet and run away.

Vince McMahon stands up with a microphone and announces to the crowd that it is time to reveal the surprise he had talked about several weeks ago on RAW. McMahon says that tonight we are going to get a sneak preview to a special film that starred the greatest WWF World Champion and a hero for all WWF fans… Hulk Hogan! A two minute video of Hogan’s new movie, Mr. Nanny is promoted and after the video, Hogan appears via satellite which gets a pretty good reception from the fans! McMahon gives Hogan sometime to promote Mr. Nanny, which Hogan says he is proud of and hopes that his Hulkamaniacs will go out and see the Hulkster in a way they have never seen him before! McMahon manages to get a wrestling question in regarding a possible return to the ring and Hogan simply says “never say never” to close out the interview.

Third Contest: Yokozuna/Ludvig Borga defeated Ron Simmons/Crush: Before the bell, all four men have a stare down in the ring until Crush backs away and gives a thumbs up to Yoko and Borga before delivering a big boot to the back of Simmons head! Crush puts the Kona Vice on Simmons while Cornette looks on surprised to see what Crush is doing. Simmons tries to battle out of the hold but the hold was too strong. Crush forces Simmons to pass out to the hold and fist pumps Borga and Yoko before leaving the ring with trash being tossed at him. Borga drags Simmons to a corner and Yoko hit’s the Bonzai Drop to win the match once the bell is rung. (0:30. NR)
After the match, Yoko and Borga celebrate while Crush stands at the top of the aisle way saluting his new partners and Simmons is left laying in the corner.

After a commercial break, Mean Gene is standing in the ring to introduce the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, who has a huge surprise for a certain WWF superstar. DiBiase enters the ring and is in a very joyful mood which leads Gene to ask why DiBiase is so proud and happy. DiBiase tells Gene that the surprise he has to reveal tonight is surely going to get him the proper attention and main event status that he so rightfully deserves. Gene wants to know what DiBiase is talking about, but DiBiase decides to not tell Gene but to rather show a video of what he is talking about. The video begins with DiBiase sitting in his luxurious limousine sipping on some champagne as he says he is in a celebrating kind of mood. DiBiase tells us that he has housing in several countries but one… Canada. DiBiase’s limo stops and DiBiase steps out and lets out a laugh as he stares out at what he has apparently bought. The camera turns around and it reveals that DiBiase has bought the Hart House! DiBiase turns around to the camera and the video ends when he says “welcome to my Canadian home!” Back to the arena, DiBiase is laughing uncontrollably while the fans jeer loudly. Gene asks DiBiase what he is doing and DiBiase regains composure saying that he is going to make his last singles run memorable and what better way to make it memorable then to buy the Hart House?! DiBiase finishes off saying “Gene, everyone has a price for the Million Dollar Man and I always, ALWAYS get my way!”

Main Event: Razor Ramon defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels to win the title: Ramon backs Michaels into a corner but Michaels pokes him in the eye after a clean break. Michaels jabs Ramon several times before sending Ramon into the ropes to deliver a boot to the gut and comes off the ropes hitting Ramon with a knee lift. Michaels hammers away on Ramon in a corner until Ramon brings Michaels out of the corner to deliver a an atomic drop. Ramon hits a discus clothesline for a near fall. Ramon continues to beat on Michaels with several right hands in the corner before sending Michaels into a corner where he flips upside and lands on the apron where Ramon clotheslines Michaels to the floor. Diesel checks on Michaels while Ramon plays to the crowd. Ramon grabs Michaels on the apron and connects with a vertical suplex back into the ring for a two count. Ramon crotches Michaels on the top rope but gets distracted by Diesel and knocks him off the apron with a right hand. Ramon turns around and Michaels leaps off the top to hit a cross body for a two count. Michaels quickly comes off the ropes and nails Ramon with a leaping forearm smash for a two count. Michaels heads to the top rope and leaps off looking for an elbow drop and hits it! Michaels covers but Ramon pops his shoulder up at two. Michaels looks to hit Ramon with the Razors Edge, but Ramon back drops Michaels and again knocks Diesel off the apron. Ramon turns around but blocks a super kick attempt. Ramon spins Michaels around, kicks him in the midsection and connects with the Razors Edge! Ramon covers Michaels and gets the three count before Diesel could get into the ring. (11:24, ***)
After the match, Ramon gets up and ducks a charging Diesel by back dropping Diesel to the floor. Ramon is awarded the championship while Michaels rolls to the floor. Ramon celebrates his championship win with the fans as McMahon goes nuts to close out the show. “The Bad Guys wins gold at Saturday Nights Main Event!”

WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/24/1993
1. Rick Martel defeated Brian Easton in 2:04 with a Boston Crab.
2. The Undertaker/Earthquake Confrontation: Vince McMahon called out the Undertaker and Paul Bearer for an interview segment where they discussed the possibilities of lifting Earthquake up for either a tombstone or choke slam. Bearer remains confident that his man, the Undertaker, would be able to put Earthquake to rest. Earthquake ended up coming out and marched down to the ring, no afraid of the Undertaker. Earthquake tells us that the Undertaker will be unable to lift him up due to his size. Earthquake tells Bearer that unlike Bigelow, he will crush the Undertaker and bury him once and for all. Undertaker steps forward and gets in Earthquake’s face until Bearer pulls Taker away shaking his head not right now to close the segment as Earthquake slowly leaves the ring.
3. WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers defeated Reno Riggins/Mike Bucci in 3:19 when Rick pinned Riggins following a top rope bulldog.
4. The Canadian Crippler Hype Video: The final video promoting the debut of the Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit is aired. Next week on WWF Superstars, Benoit makes his debut against Doink the Clown!
5. Diesel defeated Virgil in 3:26 following a power bomb.
6. The Headshrinkers defeated the Kamikaze Kid/Marty Jannetty in 8:39 when Fatu pinned Jannetty following a top rope big splash.


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