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Reliving A Feud #29: Big Bossman Vs. Nailz In WWF ’92


The Big Bossman made his WWF debut in June 1988 as an evil prison guard who would often use his nightstick to beat down various heroes, most notably Hulk Hogan in 1989. Bossman would soon become a hero himself and start using his nightstick on various villains who deserved to serve nothing but hard time.

By the spring of 1992 someone from Bossman’s past made their debut in the World Wrestling Federation following a brutal attack on May 30th edition of WWF Superstars. The man wearing an orange jumpsuit was Nailz who came in through the crowd and destroyed Bossman with his nightstick. The attack would keep Bossman off television for several months.


Over the next several weeks, Nailz would tell fans that Bossman inflicted pain and embarrassment to him while in prison in Georgia and as a result he was looking to get payback in the WWF. With the Bossman not in the picture, Nailz would go on a rampage taking out various enhancement talents and even dominated Virgil at SummerSlam in August.

With Bossman on the shelf, Nailz would continually cut promos on Bossman as they didn’t have direct interaction. Nailz routinely beat various mid card acts on Superstars and PrimeTime Wrestling with one instance seeing Nailz finish off Sgt. Slaughter in quick fashion.

Bossman would recover in time to return to action for Survivor Series in November which saw Nailz and Bossman compete in a nightstick on a pole match. After a nearly six month feud with very limited interaction, Bossman won the feud when he pinned Nailz at the event to effectively end the feud.


The rather brief feud saw the end of Bossman in the WWF as a main act. Bossman would be used a jobber to get the likes of Razor Ramon, Bam-Bam Bigelow and soon to be WWF World Champion Yokozuna over in singles matches. Bossman would venture off to Smoky Mountain Wrestling for one match before jumping to WCW by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Nailz was setup for a feud with the Undertaker to take place in early ’93. There was even a WWF magazine cover promoting the feud. They had done very little promotion of the feud on television, but it was mentioned on a few occasions. The feud would never happen because Nailz got fired after assaulting Vince McMahon backstage due to an issue regarding pay. Nailz had one match in WCW and was quickly forgotten about.


What are your memories of the feud between Big Bossman and Nailz?

Thanks for reading.

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