WWF House Show 2/3/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Montreal, Quebec

There were a few matches that were not taped from the house show. The matches were Aldo Montoya defeating Kwang and Adam Bomb pinning Henry Godwin. The person recording the show must have gotten annoyed with the slow start between Davey Boy Smith and Bob Backlund because that was cut as well. Smith won the match.

Opening Contest: WWF Women’s Champion Bull Nakano vs. Alundra Blayze: Blayze kicks Nakano but is splashed in the corner quickly. Blayze hits a springboard back elbow and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Nakano yanks Blayze down by her hair and tosses Blayze across the ring by her hair. Bull leg kicks the back of Blayze’s head and spikes her with a piledriver for a near fall as Blayze managed to get her foot on the bottom rope. Blayze fights back with a spin kick but a second attempt it blocked and Nakano locks in a modified ankle lock having Blayze’s foot nearly touching the back of her head. Nakano wraps Blayze’s legs around her knee and pulls the challenger up but isn’t able to get a submission. Nakano scoop slams Blayze for a near fall. Blayze comes off the ropes to drop Nakano by her hair several times for a two count. Blayze attempts a power bomb but Nakano counters with a back drop. Blayze drops Nakano throat first across the top rope but Nakano blocks a sunset flip with a sit down splash for a near fall. Nakano chokes Blayze in the corner and hits a bulldog off the middle rope for a two count. Blayze misses a middle rope cross body but takes Bull off the middle rope with a head scissors. Blayze misses a middle rope dropkick and Nakano hits an elevated DDT for the victory. (**1/2. They always worked well together and this was constant action. Nakano is one of the few female wrestlers that I don’t get bored watching, same with Blayze. A good addition to a house show that delivered an entertaining match.)

Second Contest: Pierre Oulette vs. Shawn Michaels: Pierre shoves Michaels down and sends Shawn backing into a corner but doesn’t follow up on the offense. Michaels works over Pierre in the corner with several strikes. Pierre sidesteps a leap frog to press slam Michaels and hits a splash in the corner. Michaels goes flying over the corner to the floor. Michaels pokes Oulette in the eyes and comes off the top but is met with a shot to the midsection and knee lift. Pierre clotheslines Michaels over the top to the floor and plays to the crowd. Pierre hits a snap power slam for a near fall. Michaels sends Pierre into the ropes who gets his head stuck in the ropes before knocking him to the floor. Michaels sends Pierre into the ring steps while the referee was distracted in the corner. Shawn jabs Pierre in the corner several times to maintain control of the bout. Michaels scoop slams Pierre and heads to the middle rope to hit an elbow drop for a two count.

Shawn chokes Pierre over the middle rope and went to jump on Pierre’s back but is met with a leaping forearm. Michaels regains control of the match working over Pierre and kicking him to the floor. Michaels begins to work over the lower back of Pierre driving his knee into Pierre’s back. Pierre blocks a dropkick and catapults Michaels face first into the corner and top of the ring post. Pierre backdrops Michaels and charges towards Shawn but is backdropped to the floor. Pierre comes off the top to hit a sunset flip for a near fall. Pierre drives Michaels down to the canvas with a side slam and hits a middle rope leg drop for a two count.

Michaels bails to the floor acting as if he has had enough of this but Pierre follows and slams Shawn on the floor. Pierre heads to the middle rope but misses a somersault dive hitting the floor! I was not expecting that. Michaels rolls Pierre into the ring and uses the ropes for leverage to get the victory. (***. I enjoyed the match as they kept a good pace and worked well together. Michaels going over wasn’t a surprise, but Pierre seems to always put on a decent effort when they are in Quebec. That somersault spot to the floor was nuts to see especially considering the time the match took place.) After the match, Michaels attacks Pierre for showing the referee that he used the ropes for leverage. Jacques Rougeau runs into the ring and clotheslines Michaels over the top to the floor and rips off his shirt. He sure was fired up.

Third Contest: Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart in a no holds barred match: Bret hammers away on Owen with right hands to start the match. Bret hits a side Russian leg sweep and a leg drop. Bret yanks Owen up by his hair sending his brother crashing to the mat. Bret chases Owen around ringside before returning to the ring where Bret continues to work over Owen. Bret sends Owen to the floor and scoop slams Owen on the concrete floor. Bret sends Owen shoulder first into the ring steps. Owen gets out of a back breaker attempt by raking Bret’s eyes. Owen continues to work over Bret with strikes and a kick to the side of Bret’s head. Owen places Bret in a tree of woe and stomps away on Bret. Bret atomic drops Owen and clotheslines Owen. Bret locks in the Sharpshooter to get the submission victory. (*1/2. Well, that was mostly a squash match for Bret. They should have had a competitive 15 minute match, but instead it goes less than six minutes and Owen got one offensive segment in the match. This is a disappointment.) After the match, Bret keeps the hold on Owen until several officials come in to make him release the hold. Bret grabs Owen and puts the hold on again.

Fourth Contest: WWF World Champion Diesel vs. King Kong Bundy: Diesel starts working over Bundy with right hands. Bundy backs Diesel into a corner working over the champ with punches. Bundy clotheslines Diesel in the corner to get the upper hand. Bundy knee drops Diesel and keeps Diesel on the canvas with a sleeper hold. Diesel knocks Bundy down with a shoulder block but Bundy comes back with a back elbow strike. Bundy splashes Diesel in the corner. Diesel big boots Bundy in the corner and backs Bundy into the corner to deliver more strikes. Diesel hits a leaping shoulder block to drop Bundy. Diesel sets up for the power bomb but a couple of druids enter to attack Diesel. Diesel takes care of the small druids as he big boots one and power bombs the other. (*1/4. Well, that was uneventful. Bundy can’t do a clean job in Quebec for the champ? Bundy is a poor opponent for Diesel, honestly.)

Fifth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Razor Ramon: Ramon knocks Jarrett down several times with right hands with a clothesline. Ramon gets a near fall after decking Jarrett with a right hand. Roadie trips Ramon from the floor and Jarrett gets control following a couple of dropkicks and a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Roadie chokes Ramon over the middle rope and Jarrett does it as well. Jarrett distracts the referee to allow Roadie to get a few shots in. Jarrett misses a splash and hits the middle rope. Roadie drops Ramon throat first across the top rope and Jarrett gets a two count. Jarrett puts a sleeper hold on Ramon but doesn’t get a submission with it. Ramon gets out of the hold with a back suplex and both men are down. Ramon covers Jarrett and gets a two count. Ramon decks Jarrett with right hands several times and hits a fall away slam for a near fall. Ramon knocks Roadie off the apron and clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor. Jarrett gets Roadie and they leave the ring leading to a count-out to end the match. (*1/2. Well, if we had gotten more time and an actual match I’m sure it would have been better. Instead, we get about five minutes and a bullshit finish. For what they were doing, it was entertaining to watch.) After the match, Ramon grabs Roadie and hits the Razors Edge in the ring.

Sixth Contest: 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly vs. The Heavenly Bodies: Holly and Pritchard kick off the contest with Holly taking Pritchard over with an arm drag. Holly briefly has a head scissors on Pritchard, who claims of a hair pull. Holly blocks a hip toss to hit one of his own and dropkicks Tom to a corner. Holly fights out of the corner to avoid being double teamed. Del Ray tags in and mocks Holly by pretending to drive a car. Holly tags in Kid but Del Ray backs away. Kid goes to kick Del Ray, who stumbles into a corner to get away. Del Ray decks Kid but is kicked to the floor. Del Ray shoulder rams Kid from the apron but fails on a sunset flip attempt. Kid nails Del Ray with a spinning heel kick sending Del Ray to the floor. Del Ray backs Kid into a corner and begins to work over Kid with strikes. Kid backdrops Jimmy and backs him into a corner to yank Del Ray by his feet down to the canvas. Kid clotheslines Del Ray but is met with a power bomb by Jimmy.

Kid is held in the corner and worked over by the Heavenly Bodies while the referee was distracted. Pritchard enters and works over Kid’s back but isn’t able to get a submission. Kid gets control on Pritchard but Del Ray enters with the referee distracted to strike Kid. Pritchard hits a back breaker on Kid to maintain control of the match. Kid is yanked down to the canvas by the heels. Kid is dropped with a double clothesline while the referee was distracted by Holly. Del Ray runs over Kid with a clothesline. Kid gets a near fall with a sunset flip but Del Ray nails him with a super kick. Del Ray scoop slams Kid and heads to the top rope but misses a moonsault. Pritchard and Holly get the tags with Holly cleaning house with right hands. Holly is stopped by Pritchard. Holly spears Del Ray to save Kid from a double suplex. Kid hits a northern lights suplex on Pritchard and gets the win despite not being the legal man. (**1/4. An enjoyable match between these two. I’ve really been appreciating the efforts of the Heavenly Bodies the more I’ve watched them. An average tag match between these two lower tier tag teams.)

Main Event: Tatanka vs. Lex Luger: Tatanka works over Luger in the corner with several strikes. Tatanka begins to chop Luger who isn’t selling the shots and blocks being rammed head first into the corner. Luger starts working over Tatanka with right hands in the corner. Luger avoids an atomic drop and drops Tatanka with a clothesline. They go to the floor where Tatanka rams Luger into the apron face first. Tatanka kicks Luger in the ribs several times as they return to the ring. Tatanka chops Luger and gets a near fall. Luger shoulder rams Tatanka but continues to be beaten down by Tatanka. Tatanka hits a few elbow drops for a two count. Tatanka comes off the top rope to hit an overhand chop for a near fall. Luger nearly wins with a sunset flip but gets clotheslined. Tatanka begins to work over Lex again in the corner with strikes to the back.

Tatanka keeps control of Luger with a bear hug in the middle of the ring. Lex fights out of the hold and hits a back suplex. Tatanka goes back to chopping Luger but Luger begins to get a second wind. Tatanka runs into a big boot in the corner and Lex hammers away on Tatanka. Luger hits a bulldog and plays to the crowd. Luger runs over Tatanka with a series of clotheslines. Luger counters a backdrop attempt with an inside cradle for the win and he gets fireworks for the victory. (*1/2. A basic match that was rather predictable considering the amount of times these guys wrestled over the last six months. Luger seems to have a tendency of having over the top victories for not so big wins.)

Final Thoughts:
A couple of entertaining matches but the show featured a lot of average wrestling with nothing overly sticking out as awesome or anything. There has been plenty of house shows that are far worse than this one. This one was just average at best, though Pierre/Michaels was a good match.

Thanks for reading.

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