SMW TV 7/3/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Cumberland, KY

1.) Robbie Eagle & Jeff Daniels defeated The Bruise Brothers by disqualification
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers defeated Killer Kyle in a bounty match
3.) Tim Horner defeated WWA World Champion Chris Candido by disqualification
4.) Steve Armstrong wrestled Jimmy Del Ray to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bobby Blaze will not defend the championship this week due to the beating he took from Dirty White Boy last week. This is the first time the championship reign has been extended for someone.

2.) Ron and Don Harris, the Bruise Brothers, continued to dominate their enhancement talent opponents but lost again due to using weapons and excessive violence.

3.) Jim Cornette, Killer Kyle, Bruise Brothers and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed. Jimmy Del Ray says that Steve Armstrong’s girlfriend sent him a photo that would make an onion cry. Cornette hypes up Summer Blast beginning and the end of the Rock N’ Roll Express is coming thanks to the Bruise Brothers. Cornette knows that he is protected from Bob Armstrong in the six man tag team matches.

4.) Tammy Fytch is met with an interviewer at her house for an interview but she demands he goes through the back. Fytch is interviewed by the pool and Fytch says that her man has a few topics to discuss but won’t answer questions. Fytch says that she has been insulted but Hilary Clinton experienced the same thing. Fytch reveals that her client is none other than Brian Lee! Lee comes over and says that he is sick and tired of not getting anything handed to him. Lee says that when he was cheated out of the belt SMW didn’t hold the title up for him. Brian says that nobody was around when there was a bounty placed on him. We see footage from a few weeks ago where Lee claims that Tracy Smothers tried to steal Lee’s glory after pinning Dirty White Boy after the match was restarted. Lee thinks that Smothers is jealous of him after Smothers cut him off during his interview after ending undefeated as SMW Beat the Champ reign. We see footage of the Lee turning heel on Smothers. Brian says he is going to get the bounty and the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Lee signed with Fytch because of the perks of being with her. Fytch says “do a few favors for a man, and they will do whatever you want.” Fytch reveals herself in a bikini saying she doesn’t have trouble controlling any man.

5.) Smothers is attacked by Kyle from behind during his entrance. Kyle pummels the champ on the floor to have the early advantage. Tracy sends Kyle shoulder first into the post but Kyle no sells it. Kyle misses a clothesline hitting the ring post and Smothers sends Kyle into the railing a couple of times. Tracy heads to the top and hits a double axe handle for a near fall in the ring. Smothers slingshots from the apron to kick Kyle for a two count. Smothers drops Kyle with a kick to the back of his head and Kyle bails to the floor to regroup. Tracy slingshots Kyle into the ring but Kyle hits a back suplex for a two count. Smothers knee lifts Kyle and sends him into the corner to hammer away on Kyle several times. Kyle stops Tracy with an elbow strike. Kyle catches Tracy on a cross body to hit a slam but misses an elbow drop. Smothers ducks a punch and rolls Kyle up for the victory. (*1/4. Well, the brawling on the floor was fine, but the actual wrestling in the ring was not so good.)

6.) Bobby Blaze is bruised and taped up talking about winning his match last week against Dirty White Boy, which was the biggest victory of his career. Blaze says that if he wrestled White Boy one hundred he would lose ninety-nine times but he will never gibe up.

7.) Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed as they are excited to have the chance to beat up Bobby Blaze some more. White Boy doesn’t like getting cheated and that is what happened with Blaze. White Boy is going to beat Blaze so bad that he begs the referee to end the match.

8.) WWA World Champion Chris Candido is interviewed to talk about WWA saying they will have a pay per view event. Candido promotes a fake event which he says he will defending the title, but Tim Horner comes over and cuts Candido off. Horner is sick and tired of hearing Candido talk. Horner says if he wants a title he goes after one of the SMW championships. Candido isn’t afraid of Horner and will wrestle him anywhere. Horner suggests they wrestle right now. Candido gets nervous and agrees to put the championship on the line right now!

9.) Horner hammers away on Candido early on and hits a backdrop. Horner works over Candido with more strikes causing Candido to stumble into a corner but Horner hits a knee drop and a snap suplex. Horner shoulder blocks Candido for a two count and an atomic drop followed by a clothesline. Candido elbows Horner in the corner to get the advantage in his favor. Candido hits a snap suplex and pummels Horner some more on the canvas. Candido scoop slams Horner and drops a leg across Tim’s chest. Horner nearly pins Candido with an inside cradle for a two count. Candido chokes Horner on the mat to regain control of the bout. Candido places Horner on the top turnbuckle and signals for the end. Candido looks for a superplex but Horner blocks and drops Candido face first to the mat and hits a top rope cross body for a two count. Horner rams Candido head first into the turnbuckles but Candido grabs a chain to hit Horner and covers Horner for the cheap win. However, the referee sees the chain. The referee is literally chasing Candido with the chain, in a rather humorous moment. (*1/2. Not really an entertaining match as it didn’t come across like something outside of a moment setting up a feud between the two guys. Candido playing the cowardly heel was nicely done, though.)

10.) Kevin Sullivan cuts a promo on Kanemura saying he is the man with one arm. Sullivan is in Japan looking for him.

11.) Bob Armstrong sends in a video saying that the war begins this week and Jim Cornette is going to learn a lesson he should have learned a long time ago. Armstrong says that payback is going to be slow and painful for Cornette at Summer Blast.

12.) Steve and Scott Armstrong and the Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed. They are excited about the return of Bob Armstrong. Morton is ready for the Bruise Brothers at Summer Blast. They are going to stay the champions.

13.) Steve Armstrong wastes no time running into the ring and hammers away on Del Ray in the corner. Steve hits a running clothesline in the corner and continues to work over Jimmy with several kicks in the corner followed by a hip toss. Steve clotheslines Jimmy over the top to the floor. Steve slingshots Jimmy into the ring from the apron and hits a scoop slam followed by a knee drop. Del Ray plants Steve with a float over DDT. Steve is sent into the ropes and is met with a savant kick as Jimmy keeps control with a couple of knee drops. Steve nearly pins Del Ray with a rollup but Jimmy clotheslines Steve to regain control of the match. Cornette chokes Steve while the referee was distracted by Del Ray. Del Ray scoop slams Steve and heads to the top rope and hits a leg drop but Steve kicks out at two. Del Ray takes Armstrong over with a snap suplex and leaps off the top but misses a leg drop. Armstrong gets up and decks Jimmy with a punch and hits a backdrop. Steve clotheslines Jimmu and pays to the crowd. Armstrong heads to the top rope and this a cross body but Cornette enters to hit the referee with his tennis racket. Tom Pritchard enters the ring and attacks Armstrong as the bell is being rung. Cornette whacks Armstrong with the racket but here comes Scott Armstrong to make the save. All four men are brawling in the ring with the Armstrong’s getting the better of it until the Bruise Brothers enter and attack the Armstrong Brothers! Rock N’ Roll Express run into the ring to brawl with the Bruise Brothers as the show comes to an end. (*1/2. There was some decent action, but this was mainly just designed to hype the Summer Blast matches.)

Final Thoughts:
A rather boring episode this week as they were mainly promoting the Summer Blast matches. Brian Lee is a lot better as a heel and his association with Tammy Fytch gives him a good mouthpiece while quickly making her a credible manager in the company. Aside from that, this episode didn’t have much going for itself, but luckily Summer Blast is around the corner and we might see footage from those events.

Thanks for reading.

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