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SMW TV 7/10/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Council, VA

1.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bobby Blaze defeated Mike Sampson to retain title
2.) The Bruise Brothers defeated SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW will be holding a SMW Most Popular Wrestler contest. The wrestler will be announced on August 20th.

2.) Bobby Blaze is interviewed following his victory. Blaze is happy that he is the champion and is getting $1,000 check. Blaze admits it was a fluke to beat Dirty White Boy. However, Blaze says he will never quit.

3.) We see the same video from last week that saw Tammy Fytch introduce Brian Lee as her new client. We also saw footage from Morristown where Tracy Smothers defended against Tim Horner. The referee was knocked down and Brian Lee came to ringside with Tammy Fytch. Lee put a coal miners glove on and nailed Horner with it from the floor. Smothers recovered and covered Horner, but Smothers saw Brian Lee on the floor and begins to trade strikes with Lee on the floor! Smothers brings Lee into the ring and continues to hammer away on him until Lee decks Tracy with the coal miners glove to end the contest.

4.) Down & Dirty this week has SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers as the special guest. Smothers is blaming Tammy Fytch for having Brian Lee turning on his friends. Smothers says he was always on Lee’s side especially during his feud with Kevin Sullivan and calls Lee a punk. Here comes Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch to the ring to confront Smothers. Lee tells Smothers that Lee is coming for the $20,000 and the SMW Heavyweight Championship that Smothers holds. Tracy calls Lee a prima donna. Tammy Fytch says she is glad that Smothers didn’t join her because she would be embarrassed. Tracy and Lee brawl after Smothers insulted Tammy. Tammy sprays something in Tracy’s face and Lee gets control with a clothesline, stomps and strikes. Eventually, the Armstrong Brothers run down and make the save.

5.) It is announced that the Kevin Sullivan vs. Kanemura match will no longer be taking place at Summer Blast.

6.) Rock N’ Roll Express were scheduled to have a squash match against Robbie Eagle and Jimmy Jannetty, but instead the Bruise Brothers came out and attacked the jobbers demanding a title shot right now against the Rock N’ Roll Express. The challenge is accepted.

7.) Morton and Don start the match with Morton delivering a few strikes but it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact. Gibson drops Don with a kick to the head and Morton delivers a punch on the floor as the champs have the early advantage. Don catches Gibson but Morton hits a dropkick for a near fall. Don runs over Morton with a clothesline to get the advantage. Ron gets a few cheap shots in on the floor while the referee is distracted. Cornette whacks Morton over the back with his tennis racket to help his team out as if they really needed it. Ron tosses Morton back into the ring over the middle rope as Don taunts the fans. Don plants Morton with a power slam and delivers a few stomps. The offense of the Bruise Brothers is really slow and uninteresting. Ricky fights back in the corner with right hands but is knocked back down to the canvas. Gibson gets the hot tag and attacks both Bruise Brothers.

Morton enters and hits a hurricanrana on Don followed by a double dropkick on Don! Ron enters the ring and pretends to be Don! Gibson isn’t aware of it and is met with a clothesline but Gibson kicks out at two. Cornette hits Gibson with his tennis racket and that gives Ron the three count. (*. That was a very slow and boring match between these two teams. The change is good, I guess, but the Bruise Brothers are a bad team when it comes to controlling a match under standard rules. They weren’t able to showoff their ruthless brawling in this format.)

8.) Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions the Bruise Brothers are interviewed. Cornette puts over his team as having talent and ability that just beat a team that doesn’t have that. Jim believes this is the end of the Rock N’ Roll Express and up next is the Armstrong Family. Cornette believes he can take Bob Armstrong out again. Cornette says they are going to give the tag titles to the Heavenly Bodies and give the Bruise Brothers a big one day pay off. The Rock N’ Roll Express run over and they begin to brawl with the new champions. The Heavenly Bodies enter the ring and attack the Express to help the Bruise Brothers. Del Ray hits a top rope leg drop on Morton while he was in a Boston Crab. Scott and Steve Armstrong run into the ring and make the save. Killer Kyle comes into the ring and helps out as well while Cornette gets a tennis racket shot on Steve. Wait a second, Bob Armstrong comes out and has a baseball bat! Bob whacks the heels with the baseball bat to make the save!

9.) Bob Armstrong and his crew is interviewed. Bob says that his army are here to take care of Cornette’s criminals. Armstrong says that jackasses can’t run with race horses. Bob says that Cornette doesn’t have any fight in him. Bob is going to hit Cornette with his baseball bat. Ricky Morton says they are going to kick them in the ice hole.

10.) WWA World Champion Chris Candido is interviewed but is crying. Candido says that last week he beat Tim Horner fair and square. His decision last week has been reversed and he is angry about it. Horner tells Candido to stop crying but Candido blames that on allergies. Candido agrees to a match with Horner. Horner calls Candido a crybaby which makes Candido more upset.

Final Thoughts:
The Bruise Brothers suck as a tag team and their reign just isn’t going to keep my interest. I am digging Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch as a unit and Tracy Smothers is coming across more edgy and not so clean cut when addressing Fytch. Candido being a crybaby gimmick is humorous and he seems to work that fairly well. The return of Bob Armstrong got a good reaction and was effective.

Thanks for reading.

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