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SMW TV 7/17/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Council, VA

1.) Brian Lee defeated Jimmy Jannetty
2.) Dirty White Boy defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bobby Blaze to win the title
3.) Bob, Scott & Steve Armstrong defeated Robbie Eagle, Mike Sampson & Jeff Daniels
4.) Tim Horner defeated WWA World Champion Chris Candido in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed following Lee’s victory. Lee tells Bob Caudle to not talk about Fytch unless he tells Bob to do so. Lee says he is going to the top of SMW with Tammy by his side. He reminds us that he was the first SMW Heavyweight Champion. Lee is going to collect the $20,000 and the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Tammy promises that Lee will get the biggest surprise yet if he wins the SMW Heavyweight Championship.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers is interviewed. Smothers says his vision has been altered since last week. Smothers insults Tammy Fytch for controlling his once best friend Brian Lee. Tracy is pissed that Tammy slapped him and he is going to make an exception for Fytch when it comes to putting his hands on a woman. Smothers says he is the hunter and he is hunting for Brian Lee.

3.) Rock N’ Roll Express is interviewed regarding their title loss last week to the Bruise Brothers. Morton says the Armstrong Army is going to take care of Cornette and his members. They are saving Cornette for Bob Armstrong. They are part of the Armstrong Army.

4.) Dutch Mantel was scheduled to wrestle Bobby Blaze but he withdrew and had a replacement for him. The Mighty Yankee comes out, which is the Dirty White Boy wearing a mask. Blaze takes White Boy over with an arm drag in the early moments of the match. Blaze hits a cross body out of the corner for a two count. White Boy drops Blaze with a clothesline and drops a knee. White Boy scoop slams Blaze to maintain control of the title match. White Boy continues his offense with a snap suplex and casually walks on the champ. Blaze avoids an elbow drop and begins to fight back with strikes. Blaze dropkicks White Boy and Ron Wright puts something in White Boy’s mask to load it up. White Boy head butts Blaze and wins the match. (*1/4. They weren’t trying to fool anyone with the disguise. The match isn’t anything memorable.)

5.) Bobby Blaze is interviewed and he knows that Dirty White Boy was the masked man. Blaze didn’t like being cheated out of the championship. Blaze says his spirit isn’t broken and he won’t quit.

6.) Down & Dirty this week is with Jim Cornette, Killer Kyle, The Heavenly Bodies and the SMW Tag Team Champions The Bruise Brothers. Cornette is of course talking about Bob Armstrong bringing in a baseball bat last week to attack them. Cornette says that Armstrong is related to garbage and criminals. Cornette tells Bob that he better open his eyes and listen. Cornette puts over his crew of guys as being a dominate force in SMW. He seems to want to be known as Cornette’s Criminals. Cornette says that the Bruise Brothers haven’t been allowed to hand over titles to the Heavenly Bodies but the Express will need to beat the Bruise Brothers in order to regain them.

7.) Kevin Sullivan has been indefinitely suspended from SMW and worldwide, apparently.

8.) After the Armstrong’s won their six man tag match, the Heavenly Bodies, Bruise Brothers and Killer Kyle enter the ring to attack the Armstrong’s! Bob seemingly refuses to go down as three guys punch him. Cornette uses his tennis racket on Bob several times but the Rock N’ Roll Express run into the ring to make the save.

9.) Candido and Horner start the match trading punches after Horner called Candido a crybaby. Horner backdrops Candido and clotheslines Candido over the top to the floor. Horner leaps through the middle rope to dive onto Candido on the floor. Horner continues his offense with a hip toss for a near fall. Candido battles back with strikes to get control of the match. Chris hits a spinning elbow shot to drop Horner. Horner arm drags Candido but is met with a clothesline from Candido for a near fall. Candido scoop slams Horner and heads to the top rope but Horner slams him off. Horner follows up with a clothesline but Candido holds onto the ropes. Candido holds onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick and stomps on Horner. Horner takes advantage of Candido taunting the fans and rolls Candido up for the three count. (*1/2. A continued theme of not too much going on and the match didn’t last all that long, either.) After the match, Candio has a temper tantrum.

10.) The Armstrong Army is interviewed to end the program with Bob Armstrong cutting a promo on Jim Cornette. Armstrong says that Cornette didn’t get the job done trying to injure him. Bob appreciates the Rock N’ Roll Express for having his back just moments ago. Bob is going to pay Cornette and his crew in full. Steve Armstrong chimes in and says that Jim Cornette is going down.

Final Thoughts:
The TV stuff has been really mediocre thus far in the summer. There isn’t really a feud that has my interest other than Brian Lee and Tracy Smothers. Dirty White Boy vs. Bobby Blaze isn’t entertaining thanks to Blaze basically saying he knows he sucks. SummerBlast highlights will be on the next show and hopefully the TV picks up after that.

Thanks for reading.

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