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SMW TV 7/24/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Council, VA

1.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Jeff Daniels & Jimmy Jannetty
2.) Robbie Eagle & Mike Sampson defeated SMW Tag Team Champions Bruise Brothers by disqualification
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Dirty White Boy wrestled Bobby Blaze to a draw.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Rock N’ Roll Express is interviewed following their victory. Robert Gibson actually speaks and puts over the double dropkick that they will hit on the Bruise Brothers and they will fall down. Morton says they want their belts back and they are going to get them back.

2.) We see highlights from Summer Blast which saw SMW Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers defend against Brian Lee. Smothers missed a splash in the corner and the referee got knocked down. Tammy Fytch entered the ring with the hairspray but Smothers blocked it. Lee saves Tammy from a spanking and nails Smothers with his loaded glove which gets the three count. Brian Lee is the new SMW Heavyweight Champion.

3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch were interviewed backstage. Fytch denies that Brian Lee used a black glove. Fytch has the championship and the greatest wrestler on the face on the earth. Tammy is going to bring changes to SMW. Brian Lee is overly happy and says he is standing tall. Lee says it is time to do some celebrating.

4.) More footage from SummerBlast is aired this time from the six man tag match involving the Armstrong Family and the team of Jim Cornette and Heavenly Bodies. The Bruise Brothers ran in and saved Jim Cornette from a Bob Armstrong beating. The Armstrong’s won the match by disqualification. Bob Armstrong avoided a tennis racket shot by kicking Cornette and taking the Bruise Brothers down. Rock N’ Roll Express ran into the ring to make the save. Scott and Steve Armstrong ran into the ring to make the save, as well. Bob Armstrong returned with a baseball bat and hit the heels with it to make the save.

5.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies cut a promo backstage as they were happy to have gotten their hands on the Armstrong Family. Cornette brags about beating Bob Armstrong in a wrestling match. Cornette doesn’t care who it is he will take them all on. Tom and Jimmy are proud to have Cornette as their manager.

6.) Bob, Scott and Steve Armstrong cut a promo with Bob Armstrong not happy about losing to Jim Cornette. Bob is going to find a way to get his hands on Cornette and spit him out. The Armstrong’s never die.

7.) Ron Wright is interviewed and he says that Brian Lee looks to be the guy to take out Tracy Smothers finally. Wright says that Dirty White Boy is going to retain his Beat the Champ TV Championship and make $1,000 this week.

8.) Tim Horner comes out and reveals that he has a pulled hamstring and isn’t going to be able to compete against Dirty White Boy. Instead, he found a replacement known as Underdog, which is clearly Bobby Blaze under a mask!

9.) White Boy wants to take off Blaze’s mask but Blaze is able to avoid having that yanked off. Blaze hits a hip toss early on and White Boy stalls in the corner to regroup. Blaze scoop slams White Boy and plays to the crowd. Blaze comes off the ropes but White Boy hits a side slam. White Boy takes Blaze over with a snap suplex to keep control of the contest. DWB drops Blaze throat first across the top rope. White Boy sends Blaze hard back first into the corner to keep control of the title match. White Boy backdrops Blaze and drops a forearm as well for a two count. White Boy misses a splash in the corner and Blaze hammers away on the champ. Blaze hits a high knee lift but misses a running attack falling through the middle rope to the floor. Blaze heads to the top rope and hits a cross body but the bell sounds thanks to Ron Wright ringing the bell. White Boy plants Blaze with a DDT two times and spits on the challenger. (*1/2. They didn’t get anywhere near the ten minute time limit. The match was alright, but nothing spectacular. Bobby Blaze isn’t all that good in the ring and doesn’t get me interested in his matches.)

10.) Tim Horner is interviewed to end the program talking about Chris Candido continuing to call him a crybaby. Candido comes over and says he fells sorry for Tim Horner. Candido says he was ready to stay in SMW and beat Horner Jersey style. However, he is getting sick and tired of being called a crybaby. Candido is going to take his belt and is going home. Horner turns his back and Candido whacks Horner with his championship. Candido has a baby bottle and squirts milk into Horner’s face to end the program. Horner gets up and Candido runs away.

Final Thoughts:
Brian Lee as the SMW Heavyweight Champion is perfectly fine with me. The closing segment didn’t get a pop out of the crowd so I’m not sure how well that went over. An average episode for SMW this week, I’d say.

Thanks for reading.

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