SMW TV 7/31/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Willamsburg, KY

1.) The Heavenly Bodies defeated Chris Comet & Larry Santo
2.) Tim Horner defeated Joe Cazana
3.) Tracy Smothers defeated Juicy Johnny
4.) Steve Armstrong defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champ Dirty White Boy by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed regarding the SummerBlast match with Jim Cornette, which he actually lost. Bob says he was embarrassed when Cornette pinned him, which hurt more than the beating he got at Rage In The Cage. There is going to be a Rage In The Cage in Johnson City. Bob will not be the referee but rather he will compete. There will be a special referee with the Big Bossman coming to SMW! The Armstrong Army takes on Cornette’s Army inside the Rage In The Cage. Bob will have Jim Cornette the following night in a lumberjack match with the lumberjacks having tennis rackets. Bob promises to refund the money if he doesn’t beat Cornette and send him to a hospital.

2.) Tim Horner is interviewed following his victory about Chris Candido. Horner says that Candido made the biggest mistake of his career. Horner has asked for a couple of special matches. One of the matches will be a baby bottle match with the loser having to drink from the bottle. The other match will be a loser wears a diaper match. Horner doesn’t plan on losing those matches.

3.) Down & Dirty this week is with the SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Dirty White Boy. They talk about White Boy’s recent issues with Bobby Blaze. White Boy can’t believe that Dutch would think that he underestimated Bobby Blaze. White Boy says that today is the lucky day for Blaze. White Boy is going to give Blaze $100 every minute for up to ten minutes. White Boy says if he wins before the ten minutes he will shave the head of Bobby Blaze. Bobby Blaze makes his way out and confronts White Boy. Blaze repeats the stipulation for the match and he accepts the match.

4.) Tracy Smothers was interviewed at a car dealership. SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch enter the scene to ruin the commercial. Lee taunts Smothers saying that he wondered what Smothers would get after beating him for the title. Smothers tells Fytch that she has been in enough backseats of a car. Lee tries to hit Smothers with a tire iron but misses and smashes the windshield.

5.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed regarding Tracy Smothers. Fytch can’t believe that Tracy Smothers attacked them the way he did. Fytch thinks that Smothers is jealous that he isn’t the champion and that Fytch isn’t his manager. Lee says his fist is so fast it looks black because it’s on fire smoking. They will be having a coal miners glove match for the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Lee is confident that he will retain the SMW Heavyweight Championship.

6.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed regarding Brian Lee. Smothers says that Tammy Fytch wears the pants in the relationship with Brian Lee. Smothers calls Fytch a tramp and says that Lee didn’t get the job done to take him out. Smothers has seen better bodies than Fytch. Smothers is going to get the coal miners glove and win the SMW Heavyweight Championship.

7.) White Boy is nearly pinned early on as Steve got a rollup on the champ for a two count. Steve backs White Boy into a corner but doesn’t take advantage. Steve gets control working on White Boy’s arm to maintain control of the bout. White Boy clotheslines Steve and gets control with several strikes. Steve backdrops White Boy and hits a dropkick followed by a scoop slam. Steve heads to the top rope but the Heavenly Bodies enter the ring and attack Steve to cost him the chance to win the title and $1,000. After the match, Jim Cornette enters the ring and hits Steve a few times with his tennis racket. Bob Armstrong and Scott Armstrong run down to make the save. (*. Simply more angle advancement for the Rage in the Cage match.)

8.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed to close the program. We see footage from a recent title match against the Bruise Brothers in Knoxville. The Bruise Brothers retained after hitting Morton with a boot to the head from the floor. Morton puts over the Bruise Brothers as a tough team but discredits the way they retained the titles. Morton wants a title match next week on television.

Final Thoughts:
I’m not sure how I feel about Rage In The Cage right after the first one at the last super card event. The only really entertaining feud continues to be Brian Lee vs. Tracy Smothers. The Jim Cornette/Bob Armstrong stuff is pretty good, too, but the secondary guys involved aren’t all that exciting.

Thanks for reading.

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