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SMW TV 8/7/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Willamsburg, KY

1.) Steve & Scott Armstrong defeated Juicy Johnny & Joe Cazana
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Chris Comet
3.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Bruise Brothers in a non-title match
4.) Tim Horner defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed. Tom Pritchard says he is amazed that Bob Armstrong still has everyone in his back pocket. Pritchard calls the Big Bossman a criminal who will be locked in a cage with them. Jim Cornette calls Bob Armstrong a psychopath who is out to kill him. Cornette has some paperwork and says various insults regarding Bob’s family. Cornette calls Bob a filthy redneck and hates everything about Bob and his family. At Fire on the Mountain his team will win the Rage in the Cage and he won’t let Bob put him in the hospital in their lumberjack match.

2.) Big Bossman sent in a video to cut a promo on the Rage in the Cage. Bossman plays it off like he is at a prison and hypes the cage match. Bossman says he can handle the madness and he will make sure everything is fair and square. He talks about Kevin Sullivan saying that his reign of terror is over with. Bossman says it is time that Sullivan pays for the crimes committed.

3.) WWA World Champion Chris Candido is interviewed regarding Tim Horner. Candido doesn’t like talking about diapers and baby bottles. This kind of thing would never happen in New Jersey. Candido agrees to the matches because he knows he won’t lose the matches.

4.) Down & Dirty this week is a video of the Armstrong Army training for the Rage in the Cage match. They say they are filming it in the woods in South Africa. It’s a rather corny video. Bob Armstrong is out for an interview with Dutch Mantel. Armstrong says he will refund the money if he isn’t able to put Cornette in the hospital and he will never wrestle again. Armstrong tells Cornette to be ready for the K-Town Showdown.

5.) The Bruise Brothers and Rock N’ Roll Express brawl with the Bruise Brothers having a miscommunication and the Express hit a double dropkick to get a three count on Don Harris. The match isn’t a title match, but they have proven they can beat the tag team.

6.) Jim Cornette and the Bruise Brothers are furious about what just happened but they are still the SMW Tag Team Champions. They are going to tear the Express apart when they their hands on them.

7.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed regarding his upcoming match with SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee at Fire On The Mountain. Smothers thinks Lee might lose the championship tonight against Tim Horner. Smothers is coming after both Lee and Fytch. Smothers is confident that he will regain the SMW Heavyweight Championship.

8.) Lee backs Horner against the ropes but doesn’t take advantage of that position. Horner shoulder blocks Lee and plays to the crowd while Lee complains to the referee. Lee attempts a press slam but Horner gets out and rolls Lee up for a near fall. Lee bails to the floor to regroup. Lee drops Horner with a short arm clothesline and chokes Horner on the mat. Lee continues his offense with a power slam and gets a two count. Horner avoids Lee in the corner and hammers away on the champ in the corner. Horner misses a middle rope cross body and takes the referee out on accident. Horner rolls Lee up but here comes Chris Candido to hit a boot from the top rope. Candido attacks Horner as Lee gets his black glove. Lee decks Horner with the loaded glove and the referee recovers but Tracy Smothers comes in and prevents the three count. The referee calls for the bell as Smothers dropkicks Lee! Smothers has the black glove on but here comes Tammy Fytch to spray hairspray into Smothers face! Lee puts the glove on again but Horner dropkicks Lee over the top to the floor from behind! (*1/4. Yet again this was just a match to give some more promotion to the Lee/Smothers and Horner/Candido feuds, which was expected. The aftermath was exciting, though.)

9.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed to end the program. Fytch says that Tracy Smothers is a woman beater for trying to hit her. Fytch can’t help that every guy wants her. Brian Lee says that Smothers is a woman beater. Lee thinks Smothers is a pervert. Tracy Smothers comes into the ring and wants Lee to get back in the ring. Smothers calls Fytch a tramp and the fans chant tramp towards Fytch. Lee makes his way to the ring as the show comes to an end.

Final Thoughts:
The Smothers/Lee feud is the only thing that is keeping my interest at the moment. The Bruise/Express segment only seemed to weaken the Bruise Brothers before they should have been weakened. I mean, they only should have lost when they plan on having the title change. For the most part, SMW television has been rather lackluster for the last month or so.

Thanks for reading.

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