SMW TV 8/14/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Willamsburg, KY

1.) Larry Santo & Chris Comet defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Bruise Brothers by disqualification
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champ Dirty White Boy defeated Chris Comet to retain
3.) WWA World Champion Chris Candido defeated Juicy Johnny
4.) Brian Armstrong defeated Killer Kyle

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed about their feud with the Bruise Brothers and they brag about pinning them last week. They want the tag titles back around their waist. Morton says a lot of dues are going to be paid in the Rage in the Cage!

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed. Fytch claims that Tracy Smothers is in love with her. Fytch says that all the woman in Kentucky are fat and don’t look like her at all. Brian Lee says that Smothers wants to look like him and wants the championship. He also thinks Smothers wants Fytch but he won’t be getting any of it. Lee is going to send Tracy back into the coals to dig. They are going in a champion and walking out a champion.

3.) Bobby Blaze attacks Dirty White Boy after White Boy’s match and is met with a big boot. White Boy has scissors and cuts some of Bobby’s hair off! Tracy Smothers gets in the ring along with Tim Horner to make the save.

4.) Down & Dirty this week is with Jim Cornette. Before the interview we get to hear from the Big Bossman again who is coming to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to get his hands on Kevin Sullivan and to be the special referee for Rage In The Cage. Cornette hypes up the cage and his match with Bob Armstrong. Cornette is freaking out because of Bob Armstrong and he is sick of it. Cornette says that Armstrong sticks his nose in when he has the Heavenly Bodies close to taking over SMW. Cornette says his boys will be ready for the Armstrong Army. Cornette continues to promote the Rage in the Cage and the special referee Big Bossman. Cornette hypes up their lumberjack with tennis racket match which has Armstrong putting up the money from the fans on the line if he is unable to send Cornette to the hospital. Cornette is upset that he will have to tell his dogs he won’t be coming home after August 20th. Cornette thinks he might have Big Bossman in his back pocket since they have history together. All he needs is ten minutes with the Bossman. Cornette isn’t convinced that Armstrong is going to kill him.

5.) Tim Horner comes out and attacks Candido after his match. Candido knocks Horner to the floor with an elbow strike and dives off the apron to dive onto Horner on the floor! Candido tries to use the baby bottle on Horner but Tim blocks the shot and kicks Candido. Horner chases after Candido with the bottle and they head backstage.

6.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed regarding his match with Brian Lee coming up. Smothers says he heard about Fytch saying he was jealous and wanted Fytch. Smothers says he has turned down better looking girls than Fytch. Tracy says he helped Lee get started and considers him a student. Smothers says that Fytch has the worth breath he has ever seen. Smothers says he has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Tracy is coming for a third reign as SMW Heavyweight Champion.

7.) Brian Armstrong makes his debut in SMW to talk with Bob Caudle. Armstrong says he spent six years in the Marines and is back. He has seen hard times but he is going to give 100% in this business. He risk his life for the fans here tonight. Brian gets cut off by Jim Cornette and Killer Kyle. Cornette asks if Brian came out to talk about his service or wrestling. Cornette rips on Brian’s hygiene. Brian says Bob Armstrong taught him to never back down from a challenge and will wrestle Kyle right now.

8.) Kyle works over Brian’s arm early on but gets met with a right hand. Kyle nails Brian with an elbow shot to the face but Brian takes Kyle over with an arm drag. Kyle drops Brian with a short arm clothesline. Kyle press slams Brian and follows up with a side slam for a near fall. Kyle hits a slingshot back suplex and taunts the fans. Brian hits a side Russian leg sweep out of nowhere and wins the match. After the match, Brian is attacked by Kyle and the Heavenly Bodies. Jim Cornette gets in the ring but here comes the rest of Armstrong’s Army. As you’d expect everyone in the cage match enters the ring and a massive brawl takes place. (*. It was fine for what it was, which was the debut of Brian and trying to get an upset win on television.)

Final Thoughts:
Well, I’m mostly looking forward to the Smothers/Lee and Rage in the Cage matches at Fire on the Mountain. The television hasn’t been overwhelmingly great or anything, but at least the two top matches have had some decent build to them.

Thanks for reading.

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