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SMW Fire On The Mountain 1993 8/14/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Smoky Mountain Wrestling presents Fire On The Mountain
From: Johnson City, Tennessee

There was another match on the show, but it was not taped for the event. The match was Big Bossman taking on Kevin Sullivan. Bossman won the encounter.

Opening Contest: Steve Armstrong vs. Jimmy Del Ray: This is a match where the winner will allow his team to have the man advantage in the main event. They run the ropes a few times until Armstrong hits a standing dropkick and Del Ray bails to the floor to regroup. Jimmy returns to the ring and hammers away on Armstrong a few times but Armstrong hits a lifting side slam sending Del Ray to the floor again. Jimmy plants Armstrong with a float over DDT to get control of the contest. Jimmy continues with a super kick but only gets a two count on the cover attempt. Del Ray hits a sit down power bomb and heads to the top rope but misses a diving head butt! Armstrong pummels Del Ray in the corner with several kicks and a backdrop. Armstrong heads to the top and hits a leaping clothesline but Cornette puts Del Ray’s foot on the bottom rope to stop the cover. Cornette hits Armstrong with his tennis racket as the referee was out of position and Jimmy gets the win with his feet on the ropes. (**1/2. I thought this was an enjoyable contest as it kept a great pace and both men hit some impactful moves. This is probably the best opening match on a SMW super card thus far.)

Backstage, Dirty White Boy is interviewed regarding his match with the Stomper. White Boy says he talked to Ron Wright who knows Stomper very well. White Boy tells Stomper to bring it on.

Second Contest: The Mongolian Stomper vs. Dirty White Boy: They start the match off trading strikes with Stomper getting the better of the exchange. White Boy goes to the floor but gets hammered away on while standing on the apron. Stomper rams White Boy chest first into the guard railing and stomps on White Boy’s groin area. White Boy rams Stomper head first into the corner and chokes Stomper briefly. The announcers are acknowledging White Boy by his real name Tony Anthony, for some reason. White Boy pummels Stomper in the corner with strikes but Stomper comes back with strikes of his own. The referee is knocked down during the scuffle and this is thrown out for a double disqualification. (DUD. This wasn’t necessary at all. I mean, this wasn’t even promoted really on television for anyone to care about. I’d much rather have seen Bobby Blaze compete against White Boy since they actually have an issue to settle.)

Backstage, Tim Horner is interviewed regarding his match with Candido. Horner calls Candido a crybaby and says he is going beat Candido so he will drink from a baby bottle in front of everyone.

Backstage, Chris Candido is interviewed and says that Buddy Rogers would be ashamed to see that Candido is in a match where he would have to drink from a baby bottle. Candido knows that Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan wouldn’t have to do this kind of match and he can beat both of them!

Third Contest: Chris Candio vs. Tim Horner in a Baby Bottle Match: Candido scoop slams Horner and heads to the top but Horner gets up and slams Candido to the canvas followed by a clothesline over the top to the floor. Horner heads to the top and takes Candido out with a double axe handle on the floor! Candido decks Horner from the apron but Horner hits an Olympic slam for a near fall. Chris begins to deliver forearm shots to the lower back of Horner and sends Tim through the middle rope to the floor. Candido dives over the top to the floor to take Horner out. Candido brings Horner into the ring from the apron with a suplex. The match is clipped as Horner fights out of a sleeper hold but is met with another sleeper. Horner rams Candido face first into the corner but can’t follow up quickly. Tim does manage to get a sleeper hold on Candido but Chris backs Horner into a corner to break the hold.

Candido works over Horner with strikes in the corner and hits a snap power slam. Horner attempts a rollup out of the corner but Candido holds onto the ropes and catapults Horner chest first into the corner. Candido rams Horner face first into the turnbuckles and is whining because Horner is getting a second wind. Candido begs off but Horner charges the corner only to be met with a back elbow shot. Chris crotches Horner on the top rope and looks for a hurricanrana but Horner counters hitting a middle rope spine buster! Horner hammers away on Candido to get momentum in his favor. Horner hits a handspring back elbow and a springboard splash off the middle rope but Candido kicks out at two! Horner rolls Candido up but the referee gets knocked to the floor. Horner sidesteps a charging Candido, causing Chris to fly over the top to the floor. The referee recovers and gives Candido the match by disqualification due to Horner sending Candido over the top, but Chris had gone over by himself. (**1/2. This would have gotten a better grade if it wasn’t for the bad finish to the match. They had some good action and the crowd was totally into it. The finish just wasn’t a good result.) After the match, Candido ties Horner into the ropes. Candido tries to force feed the bottle down Horner’s throat, but isn’t having much luck. Candido tapes Horner to the middle rope and shoves the referee away. Candido gets the bottle into Horner’s mouth but Horner kicks Candido away. Horner goes after Chris, but Candido bails to the floor and Horner is left embarrassed.

Backstage, Tim Horner is interviewed saying that Candido is a joke and that he is going to take Candido out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Backstage, SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed. Fytch can’t believe this match is happening. Fyfch is confident that Tracy Smothers will not be able to try and harass her anymore let alone walk. Lee chimes in saying that he knows that Smothers wants what he has. Lee calls Smothers a pervert. Lee is going to knock Smothers out with the coal miners glove. It looks like Lee is growing the heel beard.

Backstage, Tracy Smothers is interviewed reminding us what Fytch and Lee have done to him over recent weeks. Smothers admits that he is a redneck and hillbilly. Smothers knows how to get the coal miners glove and promises to whip the butt of Fytch if he gets the chance to do so. Smothers is hoping to become the SMW Heavyweight Champion for the third time tonight.

Fourth Contest: SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee vs. Tracy Smothers in a coal miners glove match: Smothers goes for the glove but hits a cross body instead for a two count. Smothers hammers away on Lee to start the match sending Lee into a corner but Smothers runs into a big boot. Lee attempts to get the glove but Smothers stops Brian with strikes. Smothers tosses Lee to the floor and hits a baseball slide to stagger Lee on the floor. Tracy rams Lee face first into a steel chair on the floor and tosses a drink into Brian’s face. Fytch tries to distract Smothers but Tracy kicks Lee and sends him back into the ring. Tracy hits a top rope double axe handle. Smothers goes to the corner to try and get the glove, but Lee yanks Tracy down and works over Smothers with stomps and strikes. Smothers hammers away on Lee in the corner and soon ducks a clothesline to drop Lee with one of his own.

Smothers rams Lee head first into the top turnbuckle several times. Smothers just said “you ain’t so tough now you faggot, huh?” The announcers were shocked to hear that. Lee prevents Smothers from getting the glove in the corner. Lee clotheslines Tracy over the top to the floor to get some momentum going in his favor. On the floor, Smothers sends Lee face first into the ring post and nails Lee a few times with a steel chair. Smothers misses a leaping shoulder strike and hits the top turnbuckle. Lee begins to climb the corner but Tracy prevents Brian from getting the glove. Lee hits a snap power slam and taunts the fans. Lee plants Smothers with a power slam but doesn’t attempt a pin fall and instead goes for the coal miners glove. Smothers knocks Lee off the middle rope with strikes. Smothers attempts a big splash but Lee gets his knees up.

Lee keeps Smothers on the canvas with a sleeper hold and uses the ropes for the illegal advantage. Tracy gets out of it and hammers away on Lee. Smothers misses a dropkick but avoids an elbow drop attempt by Lee. Smothers hammers away on Lee some more and hits a leaping elbow strike. Lee decks Smothers and leaps off the top rope but misses a knee drop. Smothers gets on the top rope but misses a cross body and crashes to the canvas instead. Lee leaps onto Smothers on the back and Fytch slaps Smothers and is laughing about it. Lee misses a splash and hits the middle rope groin first. Smothers fights back with a backdrop and works over Lee in the corner with strikes. Tracy nails Lee with a leaping kick to the back of his head. Lee low blows Smothers as he tried to get the glove and Smothers crashes to the mat. Lee gets on the top but Tracy shakes the ropes to crotch Lee. Fytch trips Smothers as he is sent into the ropes and Lee grabs the glove!

Lee puts the glove on but Smothers super kicks Lee and puts the glove on! Tammy Fytch distracts the referee. Dirty White Boy enters and whacks Smothers with a chair. White Boy puts the glove on Lee’s hand and Brian pins Smothers to retain the title. (***. A good title match with a finish that protects Smothers. Honestly, Lee probably could have gone over clean as Smothers seems to be done as a main event act for the company. Not that I’d agree with him not being in the main event, it just seems like that. Anyway, I enjoyed the match and the fans were into it very much.) After the match, Smothers attacks White Boy, who was still at ringside. Smothers enters the ring and Tammy Fytch begs off in the corner. Smothers grabs Fytch and puts her over his knee. Tracy spanks Fytch a few times until Lee gets up and attacks Smothers. White Boy enters the ring as well and they double team Smothers. Lee locks in a figure four on Smothers as White Boy hits a big splash several times. The referee threatens the heels saying if they touch Smothers they will be fined or suspended.

Backstage, Tammy Fytch, Dirty White Boy and SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee are interviewed. Fytch calls Tracy Smothers a woman beater. Lee says he just got the $20,000 and Smothers is out of the company. Dirty White Boy tells Lee that he did the damage and got the $20,000. White Boy laughs off Lee saying that Fytch is his lady. It looks like Lee and White Boy aren’t getting along already.

Main Event: Rage In The Cage – Big Bossman special referee
Bob Armstrong, Scott Armstrong, Steve Armstrong and Rock N’ Roll Express vs. Jim Cornette, SMW Tag Team Champions The Bruise Brothers and the Heavenly Bodies:

Morton and Pritchard kick off the main event. Pritchard works over Morton to start the match but Morton comes back with a side Russian leg sweep. Pritchard plants Morton with a sit down power bomb and taunts the fans. Morton counters another power bomb attempt with a hurricanrana. Morton backdrops Pritchard and hammers away on Pritchard. Pritchard scoop slams Morton out of the corner and chokes Ricky. Morton atomic drops Pritchard to get control of the bout and rams Tom head first into the corner. Ricky monkey flips Prichard across the ring but Tom recovers and presses Ricky face first into the cage. Morton tries to handcuff Tom to the cage, but isn’t able to do so. Their five minute segment is coming to an end as the heels are going to have the advantage.

Don Harris enters the ring and goes after Morton but Morton avoids him at first but is double teamed rather quickly. Don rams Morton head first into the cage several times. Big Bossman confronts Don Harris, but nothing happens. Morton has been busted wide open. Morton continues to be worked over until…

Steve Armstrong enters the ring and hammers away on the heels to help Morton. Steve sends Pritchard into the cage and does the same for Don. Steve pummels Pritchard and goes back to Don to hammer away on him in the corner. Tom gets sent into the cage again as Morton is up and punches Don several times. Morton is busted wide open as is Pritchard.

Jimmy Del Ray is the next entrant into the match and quickly goes over Morton with several right hands in the corner. Morton fights out of the corner by striking both Pritchard and Del Ray, but his offense is short-lived. Pritchard tries to handcuff Morton to the cage but Ricky is able to fight Pritchard off.

Robert Gibson is next to enter the match and hammers away on the heels. Gibson sends Pritchard face first into the cage. Steve backdrops Del Ray and hammers away on Don Harris. Gibson sends Pritchard into the cage again while Don Harris is being punched by Steve and Gibson several times.

Ron Harris is the next guy to enter the ring and he does the same attacking everyone with right hands. The Bruise Brothers team up on Steve Armstrong and manage to get him handcuffed to the cage. Everyone is just brawling in the ring at this point as the ring is getting fairly full.

Scott Armstrong enters the ring and low blows every heel with the fans loving that. Scott pummels everyone in the ring with strikes to help his team. The Armstrong team manage to handcuff Ron Harris to the cage!

Jim Cornette is next to enter the cage, but he doesn’t want to enter the match, but does. Cornette decks the bloody Morton and taunts the fans while choking Morton over the top rope. Del Ray misses a super kick and hits Pritchard on accident. Steve hit a couple of super kicks of his own but was stopped by Don Harris with a clothesline.

Bob Armstrong is the final entrant for the match and Bob cleans house with strikes on the heels. Bob sees Cornette who is standing on the top rope and slams Cornette to the canvas. Jimmy Del Ray has been handcuffed to the cage as Del Ray rams Jim head first into the cage. Morton and Bob are not handcuffed while Cornette and Pritchard are not handcuffed for the heels. Pritchard is being held by the Armstrong brothers and Morton is held by Don Harris. Bob works over Cornette and has a spinning toe hold on Cornette to finish the match. (***. A good match, but not anything overly great. I guess Meltzer gave it four stars, but I don’t see it. I enjoyed the match, but once the ring got crowded the match suffered. Morton did very well in his role and so did Scott Armstrong. The finish felt kinda flat as Bob didn’t get a lot of revenge on Cornette.)

Chris Candido uses a key to free the heels from the handcuff but Big Bossman does the same for the good guys leading to another brawl. The good guys stand tall to end the event.

Final Thoughts:
This is the best super card that SMW has put together thus far in its history. The only downer was the Stomper/White Boy match, but everything else delivered some quality action.

Thanks for reading.

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