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SMW TV 8/21/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Johnson City, TN

1.) Big Bossman defeated Kevin Sullivan

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The majority of the show is about the Fire on the Mountain event which highlights the Smothers/Lee match and the Del Ray/Armstrong match. The show also features the Horner/Candido match Luckily, the Bossman match is shown since it wasn’t on the actual supercard event release for some reason.

2.) Kevin Sullivan cut a promo regarding his match with Big Bossman. Sullivan asks if Bossman believes he is going to get him because he is a thief. Sullivan likes to be whipped and handcuffed. Sullivan says what he is going to do to Bossman will be criminal.

3.) Big Bossman is interviewed regarding his match with Kevin Sullivan. He was asked to come to SMW to enforce law and order against Kevin Sullivan. He agrees that Sullivan is criminally insane. Bossman says he is law, order and justice. Bossman is going to make sure that Sullivan serves nothing but hard time.

4.) Sullivan works over Bossman to start the match but Bossman nails Kevin with a knee strike and punches Sullivan to the floor. Sullivan pulls Bossman to the floor but is rammed face first into the ring post. Bossman rams Kevin groin first into the ring post. Bossman takes off his belt and begins to whip Sullivan before wrapping the belt around his fist to punch Sullivan. Bossman attempts a piledriver but Sullivan counters with a backdrop sending Bossman over the top to the floor. Kevin sends Bossman back first into the guard railing and comes back with right hands. Bossman sends Sullivan face first into the ring post. They begin to brawl in the crowd with Bossman sending Sullivan face first into the concrete wall! They are going towards the second level of the crowd but Sullivan backdrops Bossman off the second tier back to the first level, which isn’t that bad of a drop, really. Sullivan punches Bossman down stairs as they head back towards ringside. Kevin stops Bossman with a low blow and hits Bossman with some kind of bag.

Sullivan hits Bossman with a sandbag but only gets a near fall on the cover attempt. Sullivan sends Bossman to the floor and lands on top of a table, which collapses. Bossman rams Sullivan face first into the table a few times to keep control of the match. Bossman chokes Sullivan over the top rope but misses a splash in the corner. Sullivan grabs Bossman’s belt and begins to whip him but is stopped rather quickly. Bossman has the belt and hammers away on Sullivan in the corner. Bossman splashes Sullivan and jumps onto Kevin’s back as he was across the middle rope. Bossman slides under the bottom rope to uppercut Sullivan. Bossman hits a spine buster but can’t get a three count. Here comes the Bruise Brothers to distract Bossman alongside Jim Cornette. Cornette is trying to talk to Bossman and he whacks Sullivan with a tennis racket for the victory. (**. It was okay for what it was, which was mainly just a brawl. However, why bring someone in to beat one of the top heels in the company? Personally, Sullivan should probably have just lost by DQ for being too violent or something instead of losing to someone who never comes back to the company.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s mostly just a highlight show of the Fire on the Mountain, but it features the Bossman/Sullivan match that wasn’t on the supercard release for whatever reason. So, I felt like it was worth watching to see all the matches on the big event.

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